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Thesis on chalcogenide glasses

thesis on chalcogenide glasses

PhD thesis of Bhuvanesh can be accessed at: /en/2018REN1S036 (or) /tel-01974992, bhuvanesh did his first year of Master MaMaself. In modern era, the phase-change materials are widely utilized in optical information technologies (DVD, CD-ROM and so on) and all optical processing. University of Rennes 1 and his Master1 internship thesis on chalcogenide glasses was at ETH-Zurich, Switzerland. Bruno Bureau and. They are the most promising materials to enable novel optical properties.

Nucleation and crystal growth in chalcogenide amorphous

Chemie a technologie anorganickch materiál, univerzita Pardubice, ing. Samples were studied by X-ray diffraction (XRD) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM) to obtain comprehensive and consistent micro structural information. He has been awarded two major research projects. He has joined as Reader in Madan Mohan Malaviya University of Technology, Gorakhpur in 2009. Dwivedi has supervised five Doctoral thesis and 6 are in progress. Vieira e Silva,. Also, selenium-based glasses have advantage of low thermal conductivity, low melting point and exceptional stability, allowing for the formation of glasses while doping with various other elements.

Nuclei yesterday inaccessible to studies (quadrupolar, ) can now be used, some of which are of obvious interest to work in the field of chalcogenides: 125Te, 69Ga, 73Ge, 33S. Moreover, thesis on chalcogenide glasses sophisticated pulse sequences to study the correlations between nuclei in the material can be used on more and more powerful spectrometers. Keywords : XRD, DSC, glass transition; crystallization; activation energy, optical band gap. In January 2019, Bhuvanesh was nominated by cnrs for a jsps postdoctoral fellowship in Japan (nims, Tsukuba). The 6 team researchers, chemists and physicists, are involved in the synthesis and characterization of chalcogenide materials, crystallized or vitreous (most often solid or as thin films, whose applications cover many areas including ionic solid, infrared integrated optics and data storage. Obor kola, název práce doc. He has 150 publications in International Journals and Conferences to his credit. Now, efforts are focused on the structural characterization by NMR of Solid, which constitutes a growing field. As part of material characterizations, efforts have recently focused on the development of skills in the field of large instruments on the one hand and near field microscopy on the other one.

Chalcogenide fibers for infrared photonics

Bhunavesh's PhD defense at University of Rennes1, France - Christiane Cloarec. Thus, in the field of development, after having invested in a thermal co-evaporation set-up which allows the preparation of thick layers of perfectly controlled compositions, particularly useful for developing its project in infrared integrated optics, it recently invested. Bhuvanesh Srinivasan credits MaMaself for the exposure, platform and the opportunities that were provided during the master program. Due to annealing dependence of the optical constants, the chalcogenide glasses could be utilized for optical data storage. The information in these materials is stored as property contrast thesis on chalcogenide glasses between the crystalline and amorphous phase.

Gorakhpur University for nearly 8 years. Ltd., Queen Mary University of London. Fakulta chemicko-technologická, katedra polygrafie a fotofyziky (30470 vedouc head. It has been found that as prepared films are amorphous and their nature changes from amorphous to crystalline with increasing value of annealing temperature. He has organized four national level conferences. Materiálové inenrstv, univerzita Pardubice). His academic advisors were Prof. Catherine Boussard from cnrs, University of Rennes 1 and his industrial advisor was Prof. Research Activities The five main activities of the ChV team deal with chalcogenide materials : ChV team From left to right :. He has served as Lecturer in Physics,.D.U. Different composition of Se-rich nanoscale thin films with various dopants were deposited on glass substrate by thermal evaporation method under the vacuum of about 3x10-5 torr using vacuum coating unit with the deposition rate of 10 Å /sec. He has authored four books and one book is in press. Relying on the skills of the Institute she also addressed the synthesis of chalcogenides by a liquid route.

Japan from April, 2019. UV- VIS NIR Spectrometer is used to measure optical properties of thin films. 2006, anorganická chemie, univerzita Pardubice,. Abstract : Se-based chalcogenide glasses have high transparency in the broad middle and far IR regions as well as strong non-linear properties. The recent arrival in the team of a specialist researcher in Solid NMR allows to consider extensive characterizations by this technique (eg those based on the adaptation of latest methodologies developed for wide spectra). His PhD thesis was carried out in the framework of European Commissions Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under the Marie Skodowska-Curie ITN grant (CoACH-ETN program). He has contributed to 2 co-authored publications during his master thesis tenure at epfl.

Cerc - Canada Excellence Research Chair in enabling photonic

Thin films were annealed at temperature between Tg and and Tc to examine the effect of annealing on structural and optical properties of the prepared thin films. LMU, Munich for his second year of masters and he completed his mobility at epfl, Lausanne, where he did his master thesis on cement materials. This is due to the lower phonon energies of chalcogenides, which are also responsible for enhanced luminescence of rare-earth. Cerc - The Canada Excellence Research Chair in Enabling Photonic Innovations for Information and Communication chaired by Younès Messaddeq at l'Université Laval. The objectives of thesis include the development of optical elements based on nanomultilayers (NML) structures from ChG and AP as recording media; the development of digital and optical holographic technologies for creation diffractive. Pelin Tören Ultra high quality factor microtoroidal optical resonators in label-free biosensing applications with high sensitivity and selectivity, PhD. We have investigated the terahertz-induced third-order (Kerr) nonlinear optical properties of the amorphous chalcogenide glasses, as2S3 and As2Se3. Chalcogenide glasses are known for their high optical Kerr nonlinearities which can.