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Oder Schwellenl?ndern des S?dens. Southeast Asia - The influence of economic and cultural. University of Applied Sciences zhaw W?denswil, Hasanuddin University and the Makassar School of Tourism. This School Is…

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Newspaper terms crosshead

newspaper terms crosshead

The documentation in the journal includes descriptions of the problem, possible solutions that have been attempted, and the steps taken to repair the problem. Retrieved via Google Books. Wire cutters: Used to strip and cut wires. "New steam carriage Scientific American, new series, vol. Features which are not strongly connected to hard news events are often called soft features. A, b C, d E, f G, h I, j K,. Deadline: The time the editor or producer sets by which the reporter must submit a finished story. Interview : A formal, usually structured conversation between a journalist and a source to get information for a story. It is not a measure of the actual number of people watching, listening or reading a program, publication or website. Permalinks are often rendered simply, to be easy for people to type and remember. Sometimes called fully justified or set full.

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Periodical Publishers Association ( PPA An organisation representing British magazine publishers. Back to the top M magazine : (1) A publication produced on a regular basis, containing a variety of articles, often with illustrations. Similar to a shotlist. Multimeter A loopback adapter, also called a loopback plug, tests the basic functionality of computer ports. They float over the presenters voice to illustrate aspects of what the presenter or guest is talking about. Key points : Important facts or pieces of information which must be included in a news story. It is approximately.35. Features may grow from a current news event or simply be examining a timeless issue. Freedom of Information ( FOI Laws which require a government body to release information to the public on request or to state why requested information will not be released. Sometimes called a dummy.

Donut : newspaper terms crosshead A television interview in which the studio presenter hands over to a journalist on location who interviews guests before handing back to the presenter in the studio. Put to bed : When journalists have finished their work on preparing a newspaper and it is sent to the presses for printing. Pay TV : A television service which viewers pay to receive, usually by subscription or pay-per-view. Term used mainly by the BBC. Keyboards Clean a desktop keyboard with compressed air and then use a handheld vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment to remove the loose dust. Point of view ( POV (1) An event filmed as if through the eyes of a participant. Continuity : Announcements between radio or television programs, often back announcing the previous program or looking forward to forthcoming programs.

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Compare with hard copy, where they are printed on paper soft news : Stories about topics which are interesting and new but which have little or no material effect on peoples lives. Self-grounding is done by touching a newspaper terms crosshead bare metal part of a computer case. For example, having shares in a company could make a finance reporter say uncritically good things to boost that company. Personal Reference Tools Personal reference tools include troubleshooting guides, manufacturer manuals, quick reference guides, and repair journals. Fuel was bulky and had to be put on the vehicle by hand, using a shovel. Hook : See angle above. Tube, Train, Tram, and Car or Up-to-date Locomotion.

(2) A regular feature often on a specific topic, written by a person known newspaper terms crosshead as a columnist. Talk radio is usually more information oriented, often with news and current affairs services and talkback programs. It can also describe other factors such as local content, sports coverage, talkback etc. Chief reporter : The most senior reporter in a newsroom. Copyright : The legal right to control the use of a literary, musical, dramatic or artistic work, more specifically by making or using copies of that work. In television, information superimposed over a picture, usually at the top or bottom of the screen, describing what is being shown. Thirty : The number "30" was once typed at the end of copy in the United States to signify the end of the article. The toner generates a tone that travels the length of the cable.

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Review : A description of an event with a critical assessment of how well it was done. Literal : See typo. Blog: Short for web newspaper terms crosshead log, an online commentary or diary often written by individuals about their specialist interests, hobbies, family, politics etc. Back to the top W WAV : A format for recording, storing and playing digital audio files. The editorial decisions are made by a producer.

Sub judice : A legal term meaning under judgment to describe matters actively being dealt with by the legal system. Mainly used as a way of presenting dialogue from a foreign language as text in the language of broadcast. Run to time : A program or segment which is the correct length to fit into its time slot. In the 1960s the air pollution problems in California gave rise to a brief period of interest in developing and studying steam powered vehicles as a possible means of reducing the pollution. Level : The loudness or volume of a sound. Retrieved External links edit. Indirect speech : See reported speech. In addition, every village would require a local road repair crew.

It is seldom used today, the word "end" or now being preferred. Cable tester : A device that checks for wiring shorts or faults, such as wires connected to the wrong pin. Presenter: A person who presents a radio or television program on air. Also called participatory journalism and networked journalism. Proof reader : A person who checks typeset proofs and/or computer printouts to detect errors before the final printing of a publication. Luke Hebert: The Engineer's and Mechanic's Encyclopædia, Vol. Conflicts of interest can be real or perceived. A strong opponent of high pressure steam was. It was capable of 15 miles per hour on the streets of Adelaide, South Australia. Print room : See press room. Back to the top J jargon : Specialised language concerned with a particular subject, culture or profession.

Also called a copy reader. The Illustrated war news. They are available individually or as part of a computer repair toolkit. Compare with hard news. Scoopt : A media agency created to help members of the public sell photographs and videos of newsworthy events to the media. Broken link : A hyperlink which, when clicked, does not connect to a web page, instead showing an error message such as 404. Also called a promo. Paywall : Restricting access to content on a website to people who have paid a subscription. Credits are titles which list the names and jobs of the people involved in the production. Ofcom : British Broadcasting industry regulator. Kepala atau bunga kruis of munt? Contrast to system software, which is used to run the computer. Keyword : A word that can be used by a search engine to find all references containing.