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Musician analysis essays

musician analysis essays

However, to my opinion, this short story includes many small but important themes. Volume 2 is based upon the second cycle and the later chorale cantatas. Oxford Composer Companions :.S. Does the work have its own particular narrative? (For a more comprehensive introduction to this project, see below). Kottman (New musician analysis essays York: Fordham University Press: 2017 140-69. Sonny became an adult with his own feelings and dreams, and it was difficult for his brother to understand. Flexible pricing, use our high-quality service for the most affordable papers prices!

The Young, musician, background GradeSaver

A careful analysis of the relation between music and words, and between music and the visual arts, will bring to the fore the importance of the imaginative experience in music. He even liked him, and it aroused the desire to cry. However, he reused so much of his own material that it is very possible that the Obituary overestimated the number of original works. How does Bach differentiate between individual and communal expressions of faith? For contextual reasons I have, where possible, presented the cantatas in the order in which they musician analysis essays are believed to have been performed at Leipzig, as set out by Dürr and Wolff. Moreover, he realizes that they became even more different. News about Sonnys arrest strikes his brother strongly. She is co-editor of the essay-collection. The author also shows how the main characters relations with other people change. They do not understand him playing piano all day long.

No adherence to any particular form of religious belief is necessary for one to enter into this unique world. Sonnys desire becomes a large musician analysis essays surprise for his brother; he does not consider Sonny serious. Waarom Chopin de regen niet wilde horen (Letterwerk 2017). There are about 1,100 musical illustrations provided in the essays and they can be both seen and heard. An editor will review the submission and either publish your submission or provide feedback. The traditional BWV numbering of the cantatas relates to the order of publication of the extant works in the nineteenth century and does not reflect their chronology. (See also the brief bibliography at the end of each volume on this web site). Even though he is a penniless orphan, he holds onto his violin, using it to earn a living in the world. All Art Constantly Aspires to the Condition of MusicExcept the Art of Music: Reviewing the Contest of the Sister Arts. Robertsons and Whittakers scholarly and detailed volumes contain much of interest but are now somewhat out of date. . But he transcended them and subsequent scholars owe him a great debt. One can only wonder at the problems Schweitzer must have faced in hearing performances at that time. My primary objective is to illuminate each cantata with a mixture of analysis, description, interpretation, secondary source opinion and historical detail, aiming to assist the reader/listener in becoming more aware of what it is about, how it is constructed.

An analysis of the lifestyle of a professional musician

How is the work relevant to listeners in the 21st century? Immediate access to both full scores and piano reductions, translations, lists of recordings and other information is available through the link at the end of each essay. His dreams and inner world are contrasted with the thoughts of his brother and relatives. How is the music built? She is the author. How did Bach obtain and develop his ideas? Additionally, there will be found personal interpretations which are aimed at stimulating listeners, not only to understand and appreciate the works better, but also to develop their own ideas of what they might mean to them personally. Conversely, the essays in these volumes offer comment upon every movement of every cantata. At that time Schweitzer was not in a position to know many of the facts about Bachs compositional schedules and methods that have emerged from later scholarship. I did not think this could be truly said of any other composer. Musicians can always refer to scores; the complete Bärenreiter Urtext edition is recommended. Baldwin shows that Sonny learns music very assiduously.

musician analysis essays

Sonny even does not go to school music is of the highest importance to him. He became completely other person. For example, it is quite probable that CPE Bach counted the Weimar cantatas and the first Leipzig as separate cycles, unaware that so many of the former were recast for the latter. The notions of the developing form and function of the eighteenth century cantata and how Bach developed it are addressed there). I think that such set of small themes helps readers understand and feel the main theme better. Sonny did not only look another way; his inner world changed, too. The Young Musician is a novel written by, horatio Alger. The more serious student and musician will wish to consult Alfred Dürrs most scholarly work, now available in English translation. Sonnys world is quite strange to others. The main theme of "Sonny's Blues" by James Baldwin is Sonnys desire to be a jazz musician. There followed a decade of listening, reading, analysis, playing through and performing these works, a labour of love in itself and one which brought forth the idea for these volumes. With the text assembled and approved, the main composition must often have taken place in a few days, allowing sufficient time for parts to be copied and for the musicians to master music which was frequently far more. But his work stands as a landmark of scholarship and insight and it rewards readers even today, over a century later.

Bach Christmas on BBC Radio 3 (December 2005) reached a wide and possibly new audience. . Even those who loved the Brandenburg Concerti and the popular violin, organ and keyboard works tended to find this repertoire specialist, esoteric and ultimately forbidding. They do not understand Sonny because they are more practical in their lives. It is assumed that most people will have access to them with their CD recordings and they are available from the internet and the links to be found at the end of the essays. Such an output is not uncommon amongst baroque composers but what distinguishes Bach's work is the consistently high quality and complexity of the music, its unparalleled range, its exquisite reflection of the text and its diversity of invention.

musician analysis essays

Literary, analysis on Sonny's Blues by James Baldwin

Henry Taylor and persuades him not to go west and chase a romantic and unrealistic dream. Thus he takes us on a journey that is uniquely illuminative of both our individual inner souls and the wider human condition. As I became aware of the multitudinous and continuously creative ways in which Bach derived and developed his musical ideas, I came to the conclusion that there were certain images which he would clearly have expected his cultivated audiences and congregations to recognise and appreciate. Problems of translation are touched upon, for example, in the essay on C 176, chapter 50 of volume. Performances of most of the cantatas can be found on the internet. The conclusion I reached was that my friends judgement was shrewd and sound; no two cantatas are alike, each having its own particular character and beauty. The latter not only amasses a wealth of fascinating information about Bachs career and music; it also brings the man fully to life, dispelling many of the Nineteenth century myths which have distorted our view of this fascinating composer, his character and working methods. The essay and its chapter heading should appear: click on it and that takes you directly to the essay. . I was sitting in the living room in the dark, by myself, and I suddenly thought of Sonny. He wants Sonny to have a good job and study.

I read it, and I couldn't believe it, and I read it again. These three volumes can be read through from start to finish and that will, undoubtedly, provide the best overview of the canon. The first great thinker to address this problem in an orderly way was Albert Schweitzer in his monumental two-volume work.S. But there is, I believe, a place for an updated, straightforward guide which the music lover or student can pick up, quickly locate a particular cantata, and seek to discover answers to the kinds of questions listed above. A number of cantatas remain from cycle 3 but little thereafter. It is a sense of his life, even though others do not support his dreams.

Nica Masterclass Thursday 29 November, 9:30-11:30 Universiteitsbibliotheek Amsterdam, Singel 425, Vondelzaal. In the story, Sonny is shown as a bit strange and romantic person. Mention must also be made of Richard Jones and his epic translation of the work from German into English. Eight Ways of Looking at an Ekphrasis. For information about the dating of these works, Dürr's work remains seminal. It is reasonable to believe that Bach assembled four or five annual cycles, largely by himself but increasingly using cantatas by others, which he repeated over the period of his tenure at Leipzig. This is, surely, one of the greatest canons of western music and it fully deserves the increasing attention now being paid. British Journal of Aesthetics 50,. Maybe, work and family took his consideration. What was Bachs religious response to specific texts? Muziek ervaren (Damon 2014) and recently published the book. It attempts to address such musician analysis essays questions as: What might I listen for? They underpin the analysis of the works and, although some technical language is essential for purposes of illustration, it should not put off the non-musician.

Textual analysis sample essays

Cycles 1 and 2 remain virtually intact. What is evoked in him, then, is of another order, more terrible because it has no words, and triumphant, too, for that same reason (Baldwin, 1957). S/he can simply enter any cantata number in the search box on the home page (using upper case letters) and hit 'enter'. Comprehensive cross-referencing provides links between many of the works. These themes disclose relations between people, their thoughts and dreams, feelings, psychological states. My own interest came about in the 1990s through a chance conversation with a musician friend. Marlies De Munck studied at the Institute of Philosophy in Leuven. How might it relate to other cantatas?

There gradually evolved the idea of producing a guide to the cantatas aimed at helping music lovers, students and even professional musicians preparing performances to find their way through the two hundred-plus existing works. How to Register, to register, please send to a note to nica ( in which you supply us with your name, affiliation (the masters programme or research school you are associated with and a brief motivation. Two Views of (Musical) Ekphrasis. "The Young Musician Background". Sonnys brother seems to have forgotten about Sonnys troubles. The focus here is upon the composers range, inventiveness and originality. A convention has been adopted whereby a series of four short dashes indicates where a paraphrased section from a verse is inserted directly into the main text. Frequently he comments only upon an individual movement or a single image without attempting a thorough survey of each cantata and its component parts. Frequently texts are set out, line by line, in German and English musician analysis essays making them quite easy to follow. This site is dedicated to the memory of the great Bach scholar Alfred Dürr who died, in his 94th year, in April 2011. Preparation, participants of this seminar are asked to prepare a five-minute statement about a video, painting, picture, literary passage or other representation of an (imaginary) musician or musical work.

Guide to Case, analysis

The site contains musician analysis essays essays on each of Bach's cantatas. These notes were contributed by members of the GradeSaver community. Volume I deals with the first cycle followed by the early cantatas and secular works. He is a teacher. When analysing the individual cantatas I have often found it useful to re-read what Schweitzer had said about them and, when it seemed relevant or illuminating, to include his comments. She regularly gives lectures on themes in the philosophy of music and published articles on various topics in aesthetics and philosophy of art, such as literature, film and painting. They are also preoccupied with universal aspects of the human condition; notions of unflinching faith, loyalty, transgression, suffering, bereavement, death, punishment and pride. Even Haydn and Mozart produced a number of broadly similar works, with movements readily interchangeable. Background, structure, intentions, imagery, the creation and development of ideas and, hopefully some insight into the character of these compositions are areas which have preoccupied the author for over two two decades. 4 (October 2010 389410. I read about it in the paper, in the subway, on my way to work. The Insistence of Art: Aesthetic Philosophy After Early Modernity, edited by Paul.

Her current book is titled. Improvising, impromptu, Or, What to Do with a Broken String. The same is true of the five piano concerti, the sixteen string quartets and, perhaps most amazingly, every one of the thirty-two piano sonatas. Throughout, great importance is attached to Bachs sensitivity to the texts and the relationships between them and the consequent musical inventions. Through what processes did Bach arrive at his immense range of original and largely unrepeated musical ideas? Bach edited by Malcolm Boyd and John Butt but at the time of writing, sadly, out of print. He seems to be born a musician: the author even calls him a music god and monster. The twentieth century saw the rise of an industry of literature purporting to examine and encourage the individual to delve into various aspects of the human psyche. The strategy used in this book is to provide the reader with a short, paraphrased version within the essay to avoid the need for continual reference to a second volume. In this respect these essays differ from more conventional, objective scholarship.

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There is room for 20 participants in total. The cantatas form only a part of his volumes which also cover Bachs life and the remainder of his vast musical output. In all, about two hundred religious cantatas survive from a possible canon of around three hundred. With Lydia Goehr (Columbia University, New York) and Marlies de Munck (University of Antwerp / Royal Conservatory of Ghent). On Music and Words (1871) excerpt. Increasingly, and around the world, people are exploring and enjoying this great collection of works: over eighty hours of music, an estimated 1500 movements and scarcely a weak or tentative moment. The Young Musician is a novel that features the protagonist. Only assiduous analysis of the scores, not available to Bachs congregations, can disclose the hidden messages intended, presumably, only for God albeit acting as a spur to Bach's own imagination.

NB Readers may be interested to know that, in addition to the well known statues of Bach displayed on the home page and drop downs, there are photographs of his grave, St Thomas's Church, the organ upon which he played at Sangerhausen. There is also a short, but illuminating section on each work in the. An important aspect of the analysis of movements and motives relates to the ways in which Bach created his initial ideas from textural images and then developed them according musician analysis essays to artistic, stylistic, grammatical, structural and traditional constraints. Classical Philology 102,. James Baldwin writes in a good manner about Sonnys brother feelings and relations with people, which helps the readers to understand the story better. Which musical structural details (of melody, rhythm, harmony, instrumentation) will lead me towards a better understanding and appreciation of individual movements? Her research interests are in German aesthetic theory and in particular in the relationship between philosophy, politics, history, and music. (Those who wish to seek out more specific background information should go directly to the detailed introductions to each of the three volumes. A comprehensive glossary has been provided for readers lacking knowledge of essential technical terms (see dropdown). The essays combine brief musical analysis, with contextual information aimed at appealing to both students of music and the wider listening public. These and many other books are excellent for a detailed study of the development of the German cantata before and under Bach, the history of the texts, the religious and social backgrounds and the structure of the Lutheran church year. He knows about his uncle-musicians tragic death.