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Julians perspective essay wonderland

julians perspective essay wonderland

"I'm afraid I ca'n't put it more clearly Alice replied, very politely, "For I ca'n't understand it myself to begin with; and being so many different sizes in a day is very confusing." Carroll 35 With the pun on "yourself". "I dare say you never even spoke to Time!" "Perhaps not Alice cautiously replied; "but I know I have to beat time when I learn music." "Ah! The importance of Tenniel and Carroll's collaboration becomes especially apparent in these scenes: visual fantasy by means of the grotesque and changing perspectives enlarges the verbal fantasy of nonsensical puns and riddles. Perhaps the person anyone sees in the mirror is different from the person others see. The off-kilter crown of straw that the March Hare wears, however, may be a reminder of the animal's potential for frenzied behavior in fields. While the King is powerless to make the Cheshire-Cat stop looking at him, the Queen exerts her power in a dogmatic manner that solves nothing. Oxford University Press, 2004. Carroll pushes the reversal of man and animal to even greater degree when Alice meets the hookah-smoking Caterpillar in Chapter.

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But is there more to the organizational structure than that? Note: Students who feel ready to try it might create more than two voices.). ( Note: Encourage students to use"tions from each book to support their points of comparison.). (Consider characters, voice, organization, appeal to certain readers, themes, etc.) Are the books different in any important ways that you notice? What do the two books have in common? Tenniel inverts mutually exclusive conceptions of animal and man, but he also bridges that divide visually in order to create a point of departure for fantasy within the everyday world with which the reader is familiar. In a recent workshop, a teacher raised a very important question: If we are not going to cover students writing with corrections, but we DO want to teach conventions, how exactly do we go about that? The true field of freedom is in consideration of what is not, what might be, what we think. Alice discovers that Wonderland changes the nature of language and ordinary, verbal communication becomes as unreliable as Alice's growth cycles.

He uses fantastic reversals from word to object and from verbal punning to visual punning to test the limits of language's applicability to the object-world. What character traits define him or her? Carroll uses the White Rabbit, instead of the dream, to introduce Alice and the reader to the fantastical nature of Wonderland. You started very young, in theatre how does that compare to television? Auden describes: "In Wonderland, Alice has to adjust herself to a life without laws. New York: The Vanguard Press, 1971: 175 -197. Tenniel combines compression and expansion of space in one drawing and thereby demonstrates Wonderland's propensity to juxtapose opposite states of being with no explanation. You may wish to spend some time discussing exclusion and inclusion in our societyparticularly within julians perspective essay wonderland school environments. John Ruskin, the emminent Victorian art critic, commends artists of fantasy for combing realistic detail with fanciful intent in his comments about the illustrations of Kate Greenway: It is true that the combination or composition of things is not what you can see every day. In the illustration for this scene, Tenniel emphasizes the characteristics that Alice and the Mouse share.

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It is not the commands and prohibitions, as such, which adults impose that the child resents, but rather that he cannot perceive any law linking one command to another in a consistent pattern. With appearances in the likes of British horror. Some of its characters are unlikeableand not all undergo magical last-minute transformations, either. "Anything you like said the Footman, and began whistling. Then open the topic to class discussion. Have you or your students ever been deeply disappointed by an endingand if so, when and why? Youve been cast in a lot of darker roles why do you think this is? Some students may wish to perform their scenes with partners. I don't believe there's an atom of meaning." Carroll 95 Alice's repudiation of the trial shows that the validity of aboveground systems of thought has begun to return. How difficult is it to not go along with exclusion if ones friends are engaging in this kind of behavior? In addition to Lewis Carroll's verbal conception of the fantastical, his illustrator John Tenniel enlarges Wonderland with visual portrayals of fantastic inversion and alterations of perspective and relative size. As Donald Rackin claims, Alice here "is becoming just as subversive towards Wonderland as Wonderland has been towards her and her aboveground principles" (413).

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Wonderland presents her with a myriad of shifting categories; boundaries such as those between animal and human, decorum and rudeness, order and chaos are continually violated. The adult reader can extrapolate from Carroll's writing that Alice has fallen asleep and begun to dream when the White Rabbit appears, but Carroll does not explicitly describe this process (he only hints at it by mentioning Alice's sleepy state and reclined position). Use"tions from the book to prove your point. Alice fails to track her progression into Wonderland in both geographical and semantic terms. The Caterpillar begins the conversation with a rude question that Alice answers politely (again inverting the relationship between decorum and indecorum, since previously the Mouse was polite while Alice was rude "Who are you?" said the Caterpillar. Brian Stableford shows how the fantastic aligns with wordplay and mutable geography: Language, as a map of the world, is mutable in all sorts of ways which introduce happy absurdities and discontinuities into its work of reference. One can accept it, reject it, work to change it, or try to ignore it, but what is,.

Lewis Carroll demonstrates the lawless nature of Wonderland through fantastical inversions of logic, like having to walk away from a destination in order to achieve it, and of nature, like a rabbit which can talk and wear a waistcoat. Summary, i think the only person in the world who realizes how ordinary I am. Tenniel's illustration establishes a hierarchical relationship between Alice and the Caterpillar. At the beginning of the book, Auggies parents (particularly his mother) are urging him to take the big step of enrolling in a private school. Take time to notice the drawings that open each part of the book. Carroll here points to one of the key tenets of fantasy-writing that it investigates the problems of individual thinking according to Eric Rabkin: What is known is known, and there is no use worrying about. Because it necessarily reflects the real world from which it departs, the genre offers valid commentary about the nature of that real world. Does the opening set up the story in a way that draws us in and helps define the situation and the main character, August? 405-406 A time that is constantly shifting takes away one of the most basic ground rules for Alice's navigation of reality.

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In particular, consider the chapter titled Letters, Emails, Facebook, Texts (page 160ff). Following your research on the topic of bullying, invite students to write an argument on the best way(s) to stop or prevent bullying at school. Again, Wonderland's boundary-crossing changes jeopardize Alice's predefined sense of self without her julians perspective essay wonderland fully knowing. The appearance of the White Rabbit, both in picture and in prose, shows how the author and the illustrator ease Alice (and her surrogate explorer, the reader) into Wonderland. Tenniel dramatically inverts the usual difference in sizes between a child and a door and emphasizes Carroll's irony: Alice has a key (the only thing that is usually required for successfully entering a door in the real world). The two footmen also depart from the more naturalistic fantasy of the White Rabbit by means of their grotesque features: their bow-ties are exaggerated to a ridiculous degree, their feet form a perfect third position in ballet and their bodies. "I shall sit here he said, "on and off, for days and days." But what am I to do?" said Alice. What response is the author hoping for?

So what initially made you want to get into acting? Ronald Reichertz tracks the pun's multiple levels of significance: Alice gives a textbook definition of "antipodes" here but mispronounces the word as "antipathies which is precisely what the antipodes introduce in Wonderland, physical antipathies (opposites) that both amuse and confuse. Carroll presses this similarity between Mouse and girl further towards inversion by giving the Mouse a fuller understanding of human decorum than Alice. " Carroll 56 The Mad Hatter here personifies time into an actual human being (similarly to the animals, Carroll shows this personification stylistically by capitalizing time when the Hatter refers to it, but not when Alice does). " Are you to get in at all?" said the Footman. "Oh there's no use in talking to him said Alice desperately: "he's perfectly idiotic!" And she opened the door and went. The similarity and the reason Im so grateful for the experience julians perspective essay wonderland is that the company teaches you to be a team player. Finally, notice the chapter headings; this writer uses words, not numbers, to define the chapters. The Hatter's hat aptly demonstrates the essence of the his madness: the identifying card for a hat of that size still clings to it, showing that the Hatter likely has mercury poisoning from making felt hats to be sold. Tenniel establishes the fantastic nature of the scene in the first illustration more immediately than Carroll does in his first mention of it: "There was a table set out under a tree in front of a house. In the text, the Frog-Footman's incomprehensible manner causes Alice to enter further into Wonderland's logic. Is it exacerbated by social media, which can sometimes make the tormenting of another person more public? The Cat's head, however, floats above the crowd of cards, much larger than it appeared before in Chapter VI, and defies the aboveground constraints of gravity.

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She has to learn for example to walk away from a place in order to reach. (left and right) Jacket gucci (centre) Top blood brother, trousers louis vuitton. Characters in this book show kindness in a number of different ways. I love the alchemy of words, pictures and sound in film. This time she found a little bottle on it which certainly was not here before said Alice and tied around the neck of the bottle was a paper label, with the words "drink ME" beautifully printed on it in large letters. Do your students have a favorite?

Carroll establishes Wonderland's hold over Alice when it takes control of her body and interactions with the environment. The interaction between the Mouse and Alice proceeds to include linguistic reversals as well as behavioral. Wonder also makes an outstanding choice for a smaller-group after-school book club. "You're nothing but a pack of cards!" At this time the whole pack rose up into the air, and came flying down upon her; she gave a little scream, half of fright and half of anger, and tried. Why do some people reject or avoid socializing with others? The Cat's smile, in fact, comes to represent him fully as evidenced by the pun on julians perspective essay wonderland "look the King does not like the look the Cat has on its face and therefore does not like the looks of it in general.

After writing, you may wish to discuss the topic of bullying further (see items 15 and 16 below). One of the puns Carroll presents in "A Mad Tea-Party" contains another example of the reversal that characterizes Wonderland's fantasy. She ate a little bit, and said anxiously to herself, "Which way? As a class or in small writing groups, do some research on the subject of bullying. I would say its behind me for now. Harry Levin points out that "her shrinkages have taught her to look at matters from the other side, from the animals' vantage point but only with a concern for maintaining proper decorum (184). Which way?" she reminds us of the theme of change and development, but that theme is suddenly reversed. " Wonderland Revisited." Aspects of Alice. Even the rulers of Wonderland are unable to secure control of their subjects, as seen in the appearance of the Cheshire-Cat's head in Chapter viii "The Queen's Croquet Ground." Alice greets the cat with considerable relief Now. Is she justified in feeling this way, or is it wrong of her? Don't let me hear the name again!" Carroll 18-19.

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Remember, for the best workshops blending traits, common core, workshop, and writing process, call. Alice replied, rather shyly, "I I hardly know, Sir, at present at least I know who I was when I got up this morning, but I think I must have changed several times since then." "What do you mean by that?" said the Caterpillar, sternly. "Don't be impertinent said the King, "and don't look at me like that!" He got behind Alice as he spoke. Why might she want to wait? Alice thinks she has discovered the logic behind eating or drinking and its corresponding growth, but Carroll once again pulls the rug out from under her: Soon her eye fell on a little glass box that was lying. It was immediately familiar and made for some lovely weekends catching up with family and old friends. When Alice names these characters with their aboveground name, "a pack of cards she inverts the fantastical into the real and thus shatters Wonderland's hold over her as a member of its chaos. Every second.

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By means of Alice's diminishments in size, she becomes similar to the Mouse she encounters swimming in the pool of tears. Alice, due to her previous experiences with this chaos, recognizes it as such: "That's the most important piece of evidence we've heard yet said the King, rubbing his hands: "so now let the jury " "If anyone. She invokes the British monetary system and physics and, though both occur in idiomatic expressions, they hold true to the situation: none of the cards can explain the evidence and it does not contain even an atom of meaning. At the end of the book,. Carroll, however, gives an indication of the confusion between word and object that Alice will soon experience: just because a julians perspective essay wonderland jar is labeled "Orange Marmalade" does not mean that it actually is a jar full of orange marmalade. (left and right) Shirt louis vuitton (centre) Top blood brother, trousers louis vuitton. It's enough to drive one crazy!".

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This action points to Alice's internalization of adult worries about children's potentially destructive and irresponsible acts. Alice, conversely, stands below the Caterpillar on tip-toe. Tenniel gives the March Hare clothes, an addition that fantastically contradicts the reason behind his name hares are supposedly mad in March because that is their breeding season. The failure of the "Eat Me" cake to take immediate effect over Alice's body shows the difference between the fantasy of Alice in Wonderland and that of the traditional fairy tale. Tenniel demonstrates Alice's false sense of control by presenting the tense position Alice often occupies in Wonderland: in both illustrations, she is pictured right before her grasp of the environment and its ground rules fails. holding her hand on top of her head to feel which way it was growing; and she was quite surprised to find that she remained the same julians perspective essay wonderland size. Is that too much to ask?