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Bio diesel pros and cons essays

bio diesel pros and cons essays

Compared with other sources of biofuels, such as corn, algae can produce about 80 times more oil per acre. The gel point is a function of the feedstock and the mixture of biodiesel to diesel. It is the fuel used by several fleets of federal and public organizations in the United States, such as the.S. And when human use the biomass to produce biofuels, the organisms and natural habitats are to be threatened. Air Force and Army, the.S. It is common to see gaskets and seals degrade over time when using biodiesel fuel. Lets move on to a larger scale, plant biomass waste provides small wildlife habitat.

Biodiesel: Pros Cons

This means it will be a big inconvenience to get a refill. New studies address the use of waste water and recycling of used algae water for a more efficient production of algae biodiesel. Another major hurdle for widespread adoption of biofuels is the challenge of growing enough crops to meet demand, something skeptics say might well require converting just about all of the worlds remaining forests and open spaces over to agricultural land. It is environmentally friendly. The numbers might look quite different, though, for biofuel derived from agriculture waste products which would otherwise end up in a landfill. Studies are underway to develop efficient recycling methods that will return phosphorus and nitrogen from used or left over algae biomass back into the growth media bio diesel pros and cons essays for new algae growth. Sciencing Video Vault, efficient Land Use, algae can grow in almost any climate as long as there is sufficient sunlight. About the Author of this Blog Post Crystal Ayres is a proud veteran, wife and mother.

Oil for transportation, according to a study, published in Water Resources in 2011. We Have More Great Sciencing Articles! Does Producing Biofuels Use More Energy than They Can Generate? It can damage pipes and filters. Sometimes, you even need to get directly in touch with a supplier or distributor who can deliver to you. The opinion surrounding biodiesel is split with each proponent focusing on the advantages and disadvantages. Biodiesel acts as a solvent, helping to loosen deposits and other gunk inside the engine. Department of Energy, and even nasa.

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On the other hand, deforestation should not be employed, because it will totally affect the biodiversity, not only the biodiversity, but also soil. It has reduced fuel efficiency. The world supply of oil is decreasing but the oil demands in the United States are increasing. Every day, oil is a topic that will make its way in the news, water dispenser chit-chat, and even family dinner conversations. A Renewable Resource, unlike coal, natural gas and petroleum, oil derived from algae is a renewable resource. Indeed, conservation is probably the largest single alternative fuel available to us). For the world, there is the potential for expanded ethanol production to replace 10 of the worlds gasoline with enthanol that is 25 to 30 billion gallons (Charles., 2007). Transportation fuel, algae growers would need 6 to 15 million metric tons of nitrogen and 1 to 2 million metric tons of phosphorus, which is about 50 percent of what is currently used.S. For the transport vehicle, Use of bio - diesel and bio -petrol do not require any change in the vehicle engine (Times internet limit, 2008). The initial biofuels programme took about 4 billion US dollars, and nowadays 100 billion US dollars are saved because of the programme (Raswant., 2008). And unlike other forms of renewable energy (like hydrogen, solar or wind biofuels are easy for people and businesses to transition to without special apparatus or a change in vehicle or home heating infrastructureyou can just bio diesel pros and cons essays fill your. It can affect the food supply. Impact on water resources.

Nowadays, as the problem of greenhouse gases emissions is getting more serious, Carbon-negative biofuels represent the first potentially huge assault on the problem, in ways that are already technically feasible and practicable (Mathews, 2008). As a result, it prevents clogs and prolongs the working life of an engine. Should we advocate harder for the government to invest more in this biofuel? Such as Amazon basin, scientist predicted deforestation will escalate, with growing amounts of virgin rainforest being cleared for farmland, thus greater soil degradation are going to ensue (Charles et al). Read also Advantages And Disadvantages Of Diversification In Agriculture Environmental Sciences Essay. High Cost of Algae Biodiesel, the production cost of algae biodiesel is high and the technology is new and still developing. Energy security and saving money, an opportunity of developing countries to enhance national energy security has been provided by biofuels, by reducing expenditures and dependence on fluctuated price of oil. Scientists are having their research on how to ease or solve these problems.

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Maintaining a high enough temperature for efficient algae growth causes water to evaporate. This deforestation is therefore contributes to un-sustainable global warming atmospheric greenhouse gas levels, loss of habitat, and a reduction of valuable biodiversity (Julian Rubin, 2008). High Fertilizer Use, growing algae, a plant-like material, requires large quantities of fertilizer. It is not as accessible and affordable as other fuel types. Disadvantages, soil degradation, the more alternative energy sources, for example biofuels, the greater the demand of agricultural land. If you would like to reach out to contact Crystal, then go here to send her a message. Gasoline is such is an essential part of peoples daily comings and goings that it is difficult not to be affected by the increase of petrol prices, the fear of exhausting fuel reserves, and the effects petroleum has on the planet. Carbon-negative, biofuels is carbon negative fuel because it can remove carbon that in the atmosphere and the theory is: biofuels can draws carbon by photosynthesis (growing of biomass). Soil erosion, deforestation and loss of biodiversity.

It is used in diesel engines, and it was in fact used by Rudolf. After factoring in the energy needed to grow crops and then convert them into biofuels, Cornell University researcher David Pimental concludes that the numbers just dont add. In my opinion, the research on biofuels should keep going and it would be great if more generations of biofuel appear, then the uses of biofuel can be apply and spread more widely. Forests don't have to be cut down and algae facilities can use land that is not useful for agriculture. It is biodegradable, so even if a biodiesel spill happens, it has less damage on the environment and the cleanup would be easier. The following is the explanation of the difference between carbon positive, carbon neutral and carbon negative fuels. On a small scale, as the carbon compounds in waste biomass are consumed by other microorganism, they break down the biomass in the soil to produce valuable nutrients that are necessary for crops. But sometimes it is mixed with standard diesel fuels. Agriculture, according to a 2012 report by the National Research Council.

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Diesel as a fuel source for his engine during a demonstration in 1900. Strains of algae that grow well and produce high amounts of oil can produce sufficient biodiesel to replace an estimated 48 percent of imported.S. Convenience, biofuels is convenience because it does not require changes to switch to use compare with the other renewable energy, for example, solar energy and wind energy. Thinkstock Images/Comstock/Getty Images, dependency on foreign oil, high oil prices and environmental concerns have intensified the search for an alternative fuel. In addition, it can also cause clogged filters and damaged pipes. This could lead to a shortage of food supply and an increase in prices of produce for consumption. Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student. The topic of biofuels is being more popular in the recent years because it has the most potential to be a significant source of energy. Recommendation From the advantages and disadvantages which has discussed above, yes, it does help ease the problems of global warming from reducing carbon or provides benefit, but biofuel still have lot of hurdles to tackle.

Firstly, carbon positive fuel, it provides negative effect to climate because the fuels are drawn from fossil fuel deposits, and burned thus releasing carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. Get help with your essay today, from our professional essay writers! It is ready to use. Another issue is biodiesel breaks down rubber components, so fuel line and fuel pump seals made of rubber or with rubber-like composition tends to break. The introduction of biofuels can help bring modern energy services to rural areas particularly. If power plants capture their carbon dioxide, nearby built algae biofuel facilities could readily use the carbon dioxide and avoid transportation costs and accompanying greenhouse gas emissions. If it would be used during cold climates, the tanks would require heating. And as public awareness grows, biodiesel can be a solution that will win more positive support. Biodiesel is known to gel in colder temperatures. All this concern over oil has brought out more interest in alternative fuels, including biodiesel. Alternative fuel sources will be a necessity in the near future. He found similarly troubling numbers in the process used to make biodiesel from soybeans. This means it is less likely to accidentally combust because it burns at a higher temperature, thus, it makes storage and transportation easier and safer.

On the other hand, biofuels industry can also create new job opportunities in rural areas and a major new source of income for farmers can also be provided. There is just no energy benefit to using plant biomass for liquid fuel, Pimentel says. Growing energy crops is more likely to attract the kind of foreign investment that can modernize their agricultural practices as well as increase their food production (Energy Future Coalition, 2007). Biodiesel is one of the major biofuels, fuels made from biological ingredients rather than fossil fuels. Get help with your essay today from our professional essay writers! Algae use photosynthesis to produce lipids, or oils, in a process that uses up carbon dioxide.

For the deforestation, lets have an example, Amazon rainforest, in order to produce sugar cane for ethanol fuel in Brazil, an areas have been cleared by burning and slashing techniques, large scale of deforestation was conducted, the major. And the most important advantages are, using biofuels can definitely ease the problem of carbon emission. Problems caused to car engine Nowadays, Biodiesel is using in order to replace petrol diesel in car engine, and biodiesel is made from vegetable oils, some problems occur when using biodiesel, such as, coking and trumpet formation on the injectors. In fact, cooking oil or grease can be turned into biodiesel. This is definitely a carbon-neutral cycle. For example, Brazil, she started the biofuels programme when the oil prices increase in 1970. From the advantages and disadvantages which has discussed above, yes, it does help ease the problems of global warming from reducing carbon or provides benefit, but biofuel still have lot of hurdles to tackle. Freshwater algae, or pond scum, promises to be an efficient, environmentally friendly source of biodiesel. Algae grow rapidly, doubling their biomass within hours.

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There is bio diesel pros and cons essays no one quick-fix for weaning ourselves off of fossil fuels and the future will likely see a combination of sources-from wind and ocean currents to hydrogen, solar and, yes, some use of biofuels-powering our energy needs. (Want to know it, 2010). Finally, carbon negative fuels, these fuels will also absorb carbon dioxide when they grow as well as carbon neutral fuels, but the difference is when carbon negative fuels burn and used as fuel, not the same amount of carbon. Advantages of biofuels, safety, biofuels are safe to handle and transport because they are biodegradable, much less toxic than even table salt (ten times and have high flashpoints of about 300oF compared to gasoline and petroleum. Science, Tech, Math, social Sciences, dave Reede/All Canada Photos/Getty Images, there are many environmental benefits to replacing oil with plant-based biofuels like ethanol and biodiesel. Related Sciencing Articles, by Marie-Luise Blue; Updated April 25, 2017. The technical means of turning biofuels carbon negative are already available. Table Source: Kralova and Sjoblom, 2010.

Replacing only five percent of the nations diesel consumption with biodiesel would require diverting approximately 60 percent of todays soy crops to biodiesel production, says Matthew Brown, an energy consultant and former energy program director at the National Conference of State Legislatures. Conclusion, to conclusion, biofuels have advantages and disadvantages, for the advantages, biofuels is safe because it has high flesh point, enhance national energy security and help countries saving money from import oil. His 2005 study found that producing ethanol from corn required 29 percent more energy than the end product itself is capable of generating. This bio diesel pros and cons essays is not an example of the work produced by our. You can view samples of our professional work here. Another dark cloud looming over biofuels is whether producing them actually requires more energy than they can generate. Biofuels Are Easy to Use, but Not Always Easy to Find. To produce 39 billion liters of algae biodiesel, which would replace about 5 percent of total.S. Large amounts of water are needed to grow algae in open ponds or closed bioreactors. Aside from that, biodiesel is more expensive because it can be costly to produce and the supply is still low. The elephant in the living room that is often ignored when considering energy options, however, is the hard reality that we must reduce our consumption, not just replace it with something else. Postal Service, the.S. List of, cons of Biodiesel.

Biomass is providing a surprisingly large amount of the worlds energy 10 of total global primary energy consumption (Energy Future Coalition, 2007). Of course, soy is now much more likely to be grown as an industrial commodity than as an ingredient for tofu! And more water resources will be used. It does not produce any hazardous emissions. Algae biodiesel production uses more water than other biofuel sources. Conclusion To conclusion, biofuels have advantages and disadvantages, for the advantages, biofuels is safe because it has high flesh point, enhance national energy security and help countries saving money from import oil. It contributes to the ease of movement of an engine, also known as lubricity. For Soil erosion, when cellulosic ethanol is produced from feedstock like switchgrass and saw grass, the nutrients that required to grow the lignocellulose are removed and cannot be processed by microorganisms to replenish the soil nutrients, then the soil is of poorer quality.

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Also, some of the nutrients in the fertilizer are made from petroleum sources. It is estimated that a biodiesel blend of just 1 can increase fuel lubricity by as much. Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views. In addition to that, it is also renewable. For one, since such fuels are derived from agricultural crops, they are inherently renewableand our own farmers typically produce them domestically, reducing our dependence on unstable foreign sources of oil. Increase the use of biofuels will definitely increase the use of water resources, such as: water will be used for the irrigation of crops used as feedstock for biodiesel production and water is used for boiling and cooling in the. It helps extend the working life of engines. Because of its safety, the number of incidence of severe vehicle fires can be reduced, and its safety making it to be one of the safest of all alternative fuels. Currently, biodiesel is the only biofuel to have successfully completed emissions testing in accordance with the Clean Air Act. Algae biodiesel is net carbon neutral, because the carbon dioxide produced by burning algae biodiesel is the same amount of carbon dioxide that the algae took up to grow and produce the oil. Many manufacturers have included biodiesel in their warranties, however there is still a chance problems will exist. Research shows that it is even ten times less toxic than table salt. Biodiesel can be used in diesel engines right away with little or no modification required.

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