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Emma vs clueless essay

emma vs clueless essay

Cluelessness * Being clueless is evidently key theme in the film * Tai, when first seen by Cher, is referred to as adorably clueless a very negative attribute in such a status-aware group * Josh tells Cher. Wealth and status is of high importance emma vs clueless essay in Emma, determining which social class an individual belongs. Emma examines the congruent ideas of self-knowledge and social obligation. Managed to bring out a strong emotion to these formerly clueless people, making them to move and initiate changes in their. Emma AND clueless Transformation incorporates the adaptation of a text to a new medium, audience or time.

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Elton would ask for her emma vs clueless essay hand in marriage. Emma and, clueless, despite their different time periods. Harriet and Tai, nave as they are, were brainwashed by the protagonists, and have eventually developed a certain fondness for the upper-class men who they were being linked. Tai Harriet, emma makes a project of Harriet Smith, just like Cher makes a project of Tai. Emmas arrogance is first seen when she brags about her skill in matching couples.

Amy Heckerlings, 20th century American film, Clueless is a transformation of Jane Austens conservative Regency England, Emma. How has each composer produced a text that is reflective of different contexts? On the other hand social realists works most especially in films features very little. Emma and Cher instantly become infatuated with Frank and Christian. Amy Heckerling is able to sustain interest in the values represented in Austens Emma through transforming the medium of the text from novel to film and utilising various film techniques to appeal to modern audiences.

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Austen presents the women of Regency period as living within a patriarchal society where most women lack power and control. For those who havent read the book, the titular Emma is an overachiever who lives with her father; shes basically the alpha in her small town. Essay about Emma, Clueless, and the Taking of Likeness. Emma also displays high social power as she is described to have a comfortable home and a happy disposition. Emma and Cher are supposedly the epitome of perfection of their time frame and setting.

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Through the portrayal of different texts.e. Here are the major overlaps: Cher Emma, emma is well regarded by her family and her community, with manipulation as her major weakness, a flaw that comes more into light as the book progresses. Knightley rsquo;s declaration ldquo;she has sunk from the comfort she was born to rdquo; highlights this inevitable link between class and marriage. This is illustrated when the omniscient narrator says The real evils indeed of Emmas situation were the power of having rather too much her own way and a disposition to think a little too well of herself. Emma to allow the values represented to resonate with the modern audience of a materialistic era. She describes herself as having ldquo;none of the usual inducement of women to marry rdquo which further exemplifies marriage as being a tool for women to obtain wealth and position.

Christian, being the homosexual cake boy indicates the acceptance of homosexuals. How has the later text of Clueless drawn on the value system of the earlier text in order to express its ideas? She lives in wealth with her indulgent father after her mother dies. In clueless we see the values and themes of high culture literature combined with the modern context of teenage society in the 20th century. Images: Paramount, Giphy (6). It is clearly depicted in the" He must know that the Woodhouses had been settled for several generations at Hartfield and that the Eltons were nobody. Likewise, Cher exposes a sense of her pompousness when she and her best friend, Dionne, teach Tai how to be popular. Because of their wealth, the protagonists are spoiled, and they encompass a sense of vanity, arrogance, and social superiority. Chers father is a litigation lawyer a highly lucrative and immoral occupation, he is seen walking down the staircase as their maid runs off in fear indicating Chers distinguished social power through her fathers status. While both defer to the judgment of their mentors, they ultimately know whats best for themselves. These changes relate to our current society, the overt 90s culture.

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This is because 20thC LA is a place where what one wears determines wear they fit. Through jealously, Emma and Cher begin to realize their love for. There are four distinct areas of transformation from Emma to Clueless. Knightley, both Josh and Knightley start off as brother figures before becoming major love interests. Emma, Clueless, and the Taking of Likeness Clueless, an adaptation of Jane Austen's 1815 novel, Emma, is a 1995 American film by director, Amy Heckerling. In the end,. The leisurely lifestyle that they live foreshadows their ultimate downfall as they are. It is a humbling experience for the two protagonists because they have further realized that they can make wrong judgments about other people. Emma and Cher forced Harriet and Tai to rethink their initial judgment of the two lower-class men. With emma vs clueless essay Emma and Cher, being a little more open-minded about social issues, Harriet and Robert Martin reestablished their wandered love, and it was likewise for Travis and Tai. Emma and Clueless Essay.The film, clueless, written and directed by Amy Heckerling, a somewhat modern adaptation of Jane Austens novel. As we have lost the values of 19thC Highbury we have still gained the knowledge that many of the issues in Emma are still the same 180 years.

emma vs clueless essay

Clueless sustains interest in the patriarchal values and social stratum. Made better wives and mothers. As Clueless is most faithful to Emma in its recreation of the plot involving. However, Harriet and Tai seemed to have been interested in men of lower class- Robert and Travis. Expensive props and complicated special effects. 2 pages, 673 words, emma and Clueless, are two movies that illustrate Jane Austens novel entitled Emma. The transformation of Jane Austen's novel Emma to the 20th century film Clueless by Amy Heckerling allows for the same themes of social structure and personal growth to be universally conveyed in a modern situation. The change in values helps us gain the knowledge that values are the main influence over culture and changing values change aspects of culture. The main income came from landed property, not from trade. The dismissive, condescending tone illustrates the important role of status gained from staying in an area for many generations.

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Film techniques in Clueless * Amy Heckerling makes use of a number of inter-textual references to other movies * Scene xxviii Chers. The audience laughs at Cher when she realises her love for Josh. In both texts we see the significant role values such as social status, money and marriage play in both the leading characters lives and in their societies and throughout both texts we see the main characters Emma and Cher transform. Hence, along with the novels highly persuasive guidance and the twos so-called loose relation, various similarities as well as differences are inevitably present. Some fans of the iconic '90s high school movie forget that it was also reviving another classic. Austens satirical tone as the omniscient narrator alerts the responder to Emmas inability to understand her position in society. We see the protagonist in Clueless having an overt sexuality which is somewhat missing in Highbury. Emma lives in the large and populous village of Highbury whilst Cher lives in flashy, rich Beverly Hills, USA. Amy Heckerlings teen-pic Clueless transforms these dominant attitudes, changing and exploring them to fit the films high-school culture in the late 20th century context. Clueless (1995) directed by Amy Hecklering employs the materialistic world of LA to make a multi-layered social commentary about the patriarchal values and social strata elucidated in Jane Austens 19th Century novel, Emma. The stories take a new direction with the arrival of the characters Frank Churchill from Emma and Christian from Clueless.

Emma and Clueless Clueless begins as (opening scene) * Scene I- Chers House * Soundtrack over: Kids in America by The Muffs (A variety of shots of girls having fun- opening montage) * Chers voice-over- So OK, youre probably. Film and Novel, the themes will be presented and received differently. These symbols of society and social strata have been transformed to adapt to a modern society. Deception, social structure, self-discovery, the pursuit of love, pride, happiness from others failure/humiliation, the role of women in society and the tole of the paternal figure are all themes which have been maintained. The setting of Emma is in nineteenth century England, emma vs clueless essay while Clueless sets in Beverly Hills,.S.A. Literacy amongst the upper class (both women and men) was a symbol of status and respect.

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Elton rsquo;s emma vs clueless essay proposal towards herself, rather than Harriet is rich in dramatic irony as Emma expects Elton to ignore class while she is in disgust of the idea that a man like. Emma disregarded Robert Martin because he was a farmer who posed a threat in her mission to improve Harriet. Though Clueless seems to set forth on building its reputation on a completely new, distinct ground, it is not an entirely different work of art. The main characters, Emma and Cher are representational products of their society and parallels can be drawn in the opening scenes, particularly in relation to self-knowledge. The major difference between Emma and Clueless is the way situations in the plot of the story are illustrated, and the different time frames used in the context. Through the characterisation of the protagonists, Cher and. These are values, morals and ideals, themes, the narrator and literary techniques and devices. The use of different techniques and medium allow Emmas themes of personal growth, social structure and the role of women in society to be conveyed in a more appropriate form. " Clueless " is a Hollywood film centred in 20th Century America describing the fast-moving world of the wealthy teenagers of Beverly Hills, California. Living the life of luxury secluded from lower-class society due to their wealth. Thus, Emma, being already considered in the highest social status, believes she can be removed from the imperative of marriage.

The protagonists, Emma and Cher, are bound to transform from callow young adults to mentally and emotionally mature women, given their similar situations. Throughout Heckerlings transformation we see things like photography substituting for portraiture, convertibles for carriages, parties in the Valley for fancy dress balls, and also some less obvious details for example Emmas extreme care for Mr Woodhouses health undergo a contemporary. It makes more sense that Elton would want a painting by his love than a photo snapped by her, but either way, the guy sucks. Essay about Emma and Clueless Extracted.1. Emma live parallel lives to each other. Heckerling adopts the narrative and characterisation of the 19th century novel and transforms it to a contemporary film that satirises the consumer-driven world of 1990s Los Angeles, presenting it with a more blatant and slapstick humour to suit the changed values of society. Through this Austen depicts. I mean I get up, I brush my teeth, and I pick out my school clothes. But nothing would come of this infatuation because Frank Churchill is found out to be engaged with another woman, and Christian is a homosexual. And the update feels, in my mind, much truer than the other, emma adaptation starring Gwyneth Paltrow that came out a year later.