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Dengue essay in english

An ancient Chinese medical encyclopedia from the Jin Dynasty (which existed from 265 to 420 AD) talked about a person who probably had dengue. 20 While warning signs…

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Essay on teacher and student relationship

Saracho and Dayton discuss the relationship between teacher and student cognitive styles and their effectiveness in education. Thus the teacher - student relationship is formed and it must be…

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Vriksha ka mahatva in hindi essay

links category browse. Add a translation, hindi, vriksha ka mahatva in hindi essay english, info essay vriksha ka mahatva, an essay on the importance of trees essay vriksha ka…

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College research paper proposals

college research paper proposals

Occasional Paper n 20 - January 2007 Deactivating War: How Societies Demobilise after Armed Conflict By Natalia springeroccasional Paper n s/n - December 2006 S?curit? et stabilit? dans le Sahel Occasional Paper n 20 - January 2007 Deactivating War: How Societies Demobilise after Armed Conflict By Natalia springeroccasional Paper n s/n - December 2006 Sécurité et stabilité dans le Sahel africain By Mehdi tajeoccasional Paper n 19 - December 2006 The Frozen Conflict In Western Sahara: Who Benefits? Where Do We Stand? By Andrea gillindc Policy Brief n 4-19 - February 2019. By Heidi reisingerresearch Report n - April 2012 Smart Defense: A Critical Appraisal By Jakob henius; Jacopo leone macdonald; Forum Paper n 21 - March 2012 Six Strategic Lessons learned from Libya: nato's Operation Unified Protector By Florence gaubresearch Report n - March 2012 Flattering to deceive? Yostresearch Paper n 34 - January 2008 Report on the MD-ICI Research Workshop By Pierre razouxconference Report n 23 - December 2007 The nato Summit in Bucharest: The Alliance at the Crossroads Le sommet de lotan? Bucarest: lAlliance? la crois?e. By Andrew monaghanresearch Paper n 29 - November 2006 Russia's Quest for Strategic Identity By Stanislav secrieruoccasional Paper n 18 - November 2006 Defense Reform and the Russian Navy By Yuri krupnovoccasional Paper n 17 - October 2006 nato and the European. Coops; Peter faber; Research Paper n 19 - May 2005 Capacités et complémentarités entre lotan et les forces de la pesd pour la gestion de crise nato Response Force and Battle Groups: Competition or Complementarity? Holtsmark and Brooke. Backing up the research with relevant college research paper proposals academic sources. Que penser de la crise politique que traversent lAfrique du Nord et le Moyen-Orient?

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Order Paper, comprehensive, custom writing services for students at any level and for any type of research project. Moscow's proposals for strategic reform By Andrew monaghanresearch Report n - June 2009 nato and 21st Century Deterrence By Research Division NDC Edited by Karl-Heinz kamp and David. Russia at the Resumption of nato-Russia Relations By Andrew monaghanresearch Report n - January 2009 Cooperation rather than confrontation: Security in the High North By Sven. Fundamentals of the state policy of the Russian Federation in the field of naval college research paper proposals activities for the period until 2030. Smith-windsorresearch Paper n 137 - March 2017 Protecting Falsehoods With a Bodyguard of Lies: Putin's Use of Information Warfare By Deborah yarsike ballresearch Paper n 136 - February 2017 When Sanctions Bite: Global Export Leadership in a Competitive World and Russia's Energy. Smith-windsor; Conference Report n 02/15 - March 2015 Missile Defense: State of Play and Future Evolution - Summary, Analysis, and Future Research Questions By Ari kattanconference Report n 01/15 - March 2015 nato and the Security Challenges of the Sahel - Sahara. Yostconference Report n - June 2011 Towards a Comprehensive Approach: Strategic and Operational Challenges. Yostconference Report n - December 2011 nato's Chicago Summit: A Thorny Agenda By Karl-Heinz kampresearch Paper n 70 - November 2011 The Three Ds: Development, Diversion and Diversification. Research papers are compact and succinct soures of information on a topic. Sloanresearch Report n 16 - October 2008 Politics Without Strategy? Purely Political Relations Are Not Enough in Operational Times By Heidi reisingerresearch Report n - February 2014 From the Gulf of Aden to the Gulf of Guinea: A New Maritime Mission for nato? Smith-windsor; Stéfanie VON hlatky; Tsuneo Nabe watanabe; Mark webber; nato Defense College Forum Paper n 25 - March 2016Foreword by Rear Admiral Allan du Toit, Royal Australian Navy, Australian Military Representative to nato, Edited by Alexander Moens and Brooke. The Internet allows us to do recruiting globally across the English speaking countries.

By Pierre razouxresearch Report n - February 2011 The attack on Domodedovo By Andrew monaghanresearch Report n - January 2011 How to revitalize the dialogue between nato and the Maghreb countries Comment redynamiser le Dialogue méditerranéen de lotan avec les pays du Maghreb? A feasibility study lotan en Terre sainte pour une mission de maintien de la paix? Schnaubeltresearch Paper n 51 - September 2009 Arguing Afghanistan: what the detractors of nato's mission get wrong By Patrick kellerresearch Paper n 50 - September 2009 securing THE commons: Towards natos New Maritime Strategy By Brooke. The Costs, Benefits and Future of natos Operation Ocean Shield By James Marcus bridgerresearch Paper n 95 - September 2013 The Curious Case of the Egyptian Armed Forces: What was at stake when the Egyptian Military intervened against President Morsi? Bartlesrussian Studies n 03/18 - October 2018 Projecting stability in practice? Coopsresearch Paper n 39 - September 2008 The Russo-Georgian Conflict By Andrew monaghanresearch Report n 15 - August 2008 Hasten Slowly: nato's Effects Based and Comprehensive Approach to Operations HÂTEZ-vous lentement: Lapproche des opérations basées sur les effets et lapproche globale de lotan By Brooke. Renforcer lotan gr?ce aux forces de r?serve By Guillaume lasconjariasresearch Paper n 99 - November 2013 Not only "Containerspotting" - natos Redeployment from Landlocked Afghanistan By Heidi reisingerresearch Paper n 98 - October 2013 The strategic dimensions of the shale college research paper proposals gas. Paper Masters Understands Research Papers! Smith-windsor; Research Report n - March 2014 The Ties that Bind? Ruiz palmer; Jean-Loup samaan; Polina sinovets; Brooke.

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By Stefano marcuzzindc Policy Brief n 7-18 - January 2019. Smith-windsorresearch Paper n 90 - March 2013 AU-nato Collaboration: Implications and Prospects By Adesoji adeniyi; Bola. college papers, book reports, moview reviews, article critiques, applications and admission essays, speeches, grant proposals, theses and dissertations. Research Paper Writing Levels, undergraduate Term Papers - Our basic services, which include all types of term papers: Term Papers, research Papers. Although he has published poems and occasionally served as screenwriter for the Hollywood,. Schnaubelt; Philip shetler-jones; Brooke. Smith-windsor; José Francisco pavia; Research Paper n 100 - January 2014 Send the Reserve!

By Ann-Sofie dahlresearch Paper n 101 - May 2014 Cold War Déjà Vu? Shola omotola; José Francisco pavia; Jimmy peterson; Kai schaefer; Brooke. By Richard connollyrussian Studies n 02/19 - January 2019. What is it all about? By Ioanna-Nikoletta zygaresearch Paper n 85 - November 2012 Conference report: "nato partnerships in a shifting strategic landscape" By wilton park - ndcconference Report n - November 2012Wilton Park - NDC Conference nato's Deterrence and Defense Posture After the Chicago. Projecting Stability: Elixir or Snake Oil? Guaranteed authenticity, like any industry, writing and research require serious quality control college research paper proposals measures and we consider that our biggest task.

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By Michael RÜhlendc Policy Brief n 2-19 - January 2019. Ruiz palmer; Karl kaiser; John ikenberry; Wallace. You can place your order during the night and will still have it done on time. We will never reject a rewrite request and will never charge for revisions. Nato at 70: modernising for the future. The Maritime Doctrine of the Russian Federation and the Modernisation of Russian Naval Capabilities By Richard connollyrussian Studies n 02/17 - June 2017 Deterrence through Resilience - nato, the Nations and the Challenges of Being Prepared By Guillaume lasconjariaseisenhower. That is the beauty of the Internet environment. Hunter; Karl-Heinz kamp; Mark.

By Claudia bernasconiresearch Paper n 66 - April 2011 nato in Libya: The Alliance between emergency help and nation building By Florence gaub; Sandy guptill; Richard. Davis II; Peter dombrowski; Ilay. A research paper requires a clear thesis, a well thought-out structure, and most importantly, valid academic sources. There are several mechanism that we have adopted over the years that help us meet all our guarantees on quality and deadlines. Kosals; Editorial Lionel ponsard Research Paper n 1 - March 2004 Public Affairs Office nato Defense College Via Giorgio Pelosi 1, 00143, Rome - Italy E-mail: Back To Top. A qui profite le gel du conflit du Sahara Occidental? Pilat and David. Hooker; Karl-Heinz kamp; Pierre razoux; Rolf schwarz; Research Report n - March 2011 The Arab Explosion: Questions and Options for nato Face? lembrasement du monde arabe : Questions et options pour lotan By Florence gaub; Sandy guptill; Karl-Heinz kamp; Pierre. In addition to that we boast having developed an award-winning project-allocation system that allows us to manage hundreds of independed writers and researchers and provides them with instant access to your project seconds after you order. Complete Research Papers - Custom Written For You! Akinterinwa; James Marcus bridger; Christopher coker; Christopher.

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Holtsmarkresearch Report n 1 - January 2009 Can nato enhance energy cooperation in the Caspian region? By Sten rynningndc Research Paper n 2 - March 2019. Yet, the most effective tool is the thorough examination that every one of our writers had to go through at the hiring stage. Schnaubelt Forum Paper n 14 - July 2010 The Moscow metro bombings and terrorism in Russia By Andrew monaghanresearch Paper n 59 - June 2010 The debate about Article 5 and its credibility. By Zviad adzinbaiaresearch Paper n 141 - November 2017 Rethinking Deterrence and Assurance - Western Deterrence Strategies: at an Inflection Point? Smith-Windsor IN troubled waters: nato'S NEW maritime activity IN THE aegean By Andreas jacobsresearch Report n 01/16 - March 2016 How to Respond to Anti-Access/Area Denial (A2/AD)? By Dave johnsonrussian Studies n 04/19 - March 2019. By Laure borgomano-loupforum Paper n 2 - March 2007 nato-EU Cooperation in Operations esdp and nato Capability Generation: The Latest Case of Mirror Imaging? By Jean dufourcq; Lionel ponsard; Editorial Cees coops Research Paper n 2 - April 2004 Influencing Russian Public Opinion in order to Improve Russian Military Reform La r?glementation juridique de la solde du personnel militaire sous contrat en Russie: particularit?s, probl?mes et perspectives.

Money-back guarantee, using our service is easy and totally secure because with our clear and simple 100 satisfaction guarantee you have absolutely nothing to lose. Kline; Johan norberg; Spyridon plakoudas; Diego. By Fran?ois G?R?; Carlo masala; Research Paper n college research paper proposals 18 - April 2005 A Road Map for Ukraine By Lionel ponsardresearch Paper n 17 - April 2005 Looking to the Future: Common Security Interests and Challenges in the Mediterranean and the Middle. Nato is doing fine, but the Atlantic Alliance is in trouble. By Keir gilesrussian Studies n - September 2010 Understanding the Georgia Conflict, Two Years On Reviews and Commentaries - Part 2: "Making Sense in Russia and the West" By Keir gilesrussian Studies n - September 2010 Missile Defense: Challenges and Opportunities. Daniels; Solomon Ayele dersso; Kumbirai hodzi; Sally Khalifa isaac; Christian kabati; Markus kaim; Mehari Taddele maru; Kay mathews; Alexander moens;. Harsch; Forum Paper n 17 - May 2011Edited by Brooke. By Gheorghe ciascairesearch Paper n 14 - December 2004 lotan et les Balkans: pistes pour une question qui se rappelle? nous nato in Afghanistan: The Challenges of political Reconstruction By Eric chevallier; Ahmed samina; Research Paper n 13 - November 2004. Smith-windsor; Élie tenenbaum; nato Defense College Forum Paper n 24 - December 2015Edited by Guillaume Lasconjarias and Jeffrey. NDC Policy Brief n 5-19 - March 2019. Breedlove; MajGen Janusz bojarski; Jeffrey A larsen; Jan abts; Inessa baban; Stefanie babst; Hall gardner; Keir giles; Aleksandr golts; Julijus grubliauskas; Andreas jacobs; Dave johnson; Karl-Heinz kamp; Guillaume lasconjarias; Roger mcdermott; Henrik praks; Heidi reisinger; Bettina renz; Michael RÜHLE; Diego.

Top 115 Proposal Essay Topics Examples for College Students

Quel avenir pour la Géorgie? Smith-Windsor Understanding the Malian Crisis from a Euro-Atlantic Perspective By Guillaume lasconjariasresearch Report n - January 2013 The Broader Context of nato's Nuclear Policy and Posture college research paper proposals By Michael R?hleresearch Paper n 89 - January 2013 The NRF: from a Key Driver. Economics as a Dimension of Russian Security and the National Security Strategy of the Russian Federation to 2020 By Richard connollyrussian Studies n 01/16 - July 2016 A"Substantial Combat Forces" in the Context of nato-Russia Relations By William alberqueresearch. By Pierre razouxresearch Report n - February 2011 From Lisbon to Munich: Russian views of nato-Russia relations By Andrew monaghanresearch Report n - February 2011 What to think of the political crisis in North Africa and the Middle East? Brief overview of projects that. By Sara Bjerg mollerndc Policy Brief n 11-19 - May 2019. By Celine touboulforum Paper n 19 - October 2011Edited by Pierre Razoux. Each Research Paper Includes: Delivered as a Microsoft Word Document (.doc). In sum, a research paper is: Making yourself an expert on a topic. Natos coming existential challenge, by Karl-Heinz kampndc Policy Brief n 6-19 - March 2019. By Ian hope; Benedetta berti; Ruben-Erik diaz-plaja; Jeffrey A larsen; Kevin koehler; Guillaume lasconjarias; Jean-Loup samaan; Edited by Ian Hope NDC Research Paper n 1 - December 2018. By Karl-Heinz kamp; Heidi reisinger; Research Paper n 92 - May 2013 nato and Japan as Multifaceted Partners By Michito tsuruokaresearch Paper n 91 - April 2013 nato's Maritime Strategy and the Libya Crisis as Seen from the Sea La strat?gie. The key element in defining a good research paper is the use of relevant source material that backs up an excellent presentation of ideas and information.

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Wirtz; Amr yossef; Christopher. Meet our writers: 100 American and British University graduates. Ruiz palmerfellowship Monograph n 12 - May 2018 Russian Weapons in the Syrian Conflict By Douglas barrie; Howard gethin; Russian Studies n 02/18 - May 2018 The Russian State Armament Programme, By Julian cooperrussian Studies n 01/18 - May 2018 Military Exercises: Political. Nato at 70: enter the technological age. Smith-windsor; Alexis vahlas; Michael. Smith-windsor; Oliver stuenkel; Forum Paper n 23 - February 2015Edited by Brooke. Smith-Windsor nato and Middle East and North Africa (mena) Security: Prospects for Burden Sharing By Sally Khalifa isaacforum Paper n 16 - April 2011 Building a new military? Étude de faisabilité By Florence gaubresearch Paper n 57 - March 2010 Piracy threat or nuisance? By Pierre razouxresearch Paper n 64 - December 2010 Built on shaky ground: the Comprehensive Approach in practice By Philipp rotmannresearch Paper n 63 - December 2010 Cyber war and cyber power. By Jan abtsresearch Paper n 109 - February 2015 What mid-term future for Putin's Russia? Schnaubelt Forum Paper n 11 - November 2009 An assessment of crime related risks in the Sahel?valuation des risques li?s? la criminalit? dans larc sahelien By Laurence ammourresearch Paper n 53 - November 2009 Review of Natan Dubovitsky's " Okolonolia. Friendly, Helpful Customer Service, what Your Research Paper Includes, our writers make certain your custom college research paper proposals research paper conforms exactly to your thesis. Smith-windsor; Forum Paper n 22 - February 2013Edited by Brooke.

Graduate/Master's - Post-undergraduate writing services: Literature Reviews Graduate Research Papers Seminar Papers Master's Proposals Master's Theses.many other types of research papers. By college research paper proposals Karl-Heinz kamp; Brooke. Jones, usmc, Retired, Supreme Allied Commander Europe (saceur By David. Natos nuclear deterrence: more important, yet more contested. The information we have access to (the contact details and project details) will never be shared with any third party, guaranteed. By Vincent joubertresearch Paper n 76 - May 2012 Conference Report: "The Impact of the Arab Crisis on Security Institutions in North Africa and the Middle East" By Pierre razouxconference Report n - April 2012 Beyond Afghanistan, nato's Global Partnerships in the Asia-Pacific. If you place your order with m, you can rest assured that your project will be done and will be done on time.

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We do not employ foreign writers because most of the time they cannot pass our rigorous entrance examination. There are currently four series published by the NDC Research Division:, and. Quel avenir pour lInitiative de Coopération dIstanbul de lotan? Ruiz palmerresearch Paper n 132 - July 2016 Towards Self Sufficiency? By Tomá VALÁekndc Policy Brief n 10-19 - April 2019 70 years of nato: the strength of the past, looking into the future. Sweden and nato post-Libya By Ann-Sofie dahlresearch Paper n 82 - September 2012 nato Enlargement Reloaded By Karl-Heinz kampresearch Paper n 81 - September 2012 Conference Report: "The nato Mission in Afghanistan Post-2014: The Transformation Decade" By Research Division ndcconference Report. Essays, book Reports, admissions Essays, case Studies, literature Reviews.and more. State, was an American novelist. By Rose gottemoeller nato Deputy Secretary General. By Sari kouvoforum Paper n 6 - March 2009 Towards cooperation or confrontation? Ruiz palmer; Erwin.

By Battiss samirfellowship Monograph n 8 - September 2016 The Framework Nations' Concept and nato: Game-Changer for a New Strategic Era or Missed Opportunity? Trauguttresearch Report n 07/16 - June 2016 Turkish-Israeli Rapprochement with nato By Hasan aygunresearch Report n 06/16 - June 2016 Deterring a Nuclear Russia in the 21st Century Theory and Practice By Andy corbettresearch Report n 05/16 - June 2016 How natos. Yostforum Paper n 3 - September 2007 Loperation Active Endeavour et son impact sur le Dialogue m?diterran?en de lotan By Rachid EL houdagui Edited by Jean dufourch and Carlo finizio Occasional Paper n 22 - June 2007 nato and the Future of the. Guaranteed delivery, having over 200 employees who work distantly through our network makes it easy to complete any project any time of day. By Keir gilesresearch Paper n 74 - March 2012 nato - India: Prospects of a Partnership By Robert helbigresearch Paper n 73 - February 2012 The Transatlantic Bargain By Robert. New Ways to Support nato through Reserve Forces En avant la réserve! Courier New Font with 1" margins. X, nDC - ResearchNDC Web site Research Research Publications. Reviewing Russia's Energy Strategy to 2030 By Nazrin mehdiyevarussian Studies n - November 2011 Russia's strategies in Afghanistan and their consequences for nato By Marlène laruelleresearch Paper n 69 - November 2011 Planning Ahead college research paper proposals for a Peacekeeping Mission on the Golan Heights: a Role for nato? Quel avenir pour la Libye post-Kadhafi? Development Strategy of State Corporation Rosatom to 2030. Smith-windsorresearch Paper n 49 - September 2009 "Muddling down the economic crisis in Russia and its political impact. Far more complex than a simple essay, a research paper requires a clear thesis, a well thought-out structure, and most importantly, valid academic sources to back up the thesis of the research.

Yost Forum Paper n 8 - May 2009 Security prospects in the High North: geostrategic thaw or freeze? Johnson; Karl-Heinz kamp; Nadia schadlow; Christopher. French; John gill; Beatrice heuser; Tormod heier; Guillaume lasconjarias; Jeffrey A larsen; Denis mercier; Jeffrey. We find real gems that could not be college research paper proposals accessed otherwise. By Marc ozawandc Policy Brief n 1-19 - January 2019.

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Schnaubelt; Forum Paper n 15 - April 2011Edited by Christopher. Johnson; Andrew monaghan; Christopher. Schnaubelt; Jan techau; Rick waddell; Forum Paper n 18 - May 2011Edited by Christopher. Issues for nato doctrine By Jeffrey hunkerresearch Paper n 62 - November 2010 nato's Nuclear Weapons in Europe: Beyond "Yes" or "No" By Karl-Heinz kampresearch Paper n 61 - September 2010 Understanding the Georgia Conflict, Two Years On Reviews and Commentaries. Currently, we have well over 100 writers registered with our network and over 80 of them work regularly monitoring the system at all times of day. Security in the High North By Sven. Ruiz palmerresearch Paper n 120 - October 2015 Rethinking Deterrence and Assurance By Paul bernsteinconference Report n 04/15 - October 2015 Threat Perception in Central Asia in Response to Russia-Ukraine: Kazakhstan Will Not Be Next By Zhulduz baizakova; Roger mcdermott; Research. Yost; Andrew monaghan; Cees. By Laurence ammourresearch Paper n 30 - November 2006 Energy Security - What Role for nato? Building the airplane while flying: adapting natos force structure in an era of uncertainty. By Ahmed drissresearch Fellows Executive Summary, October 2007 nato and International Organizations By David. By Leo michel; Andrea grazioso; Research Paper n 31 - February 2007 Divergences entre Isral et les pays européensde lotan sur la sécurité durable de lEtat dIsral By Ilan greilsammer Editor: Jean dufourch.

By Kori schake; Erica pepe; NDC Policy Brief n 9-19 - April 2019. Preparing for nato-mation: the Atlantic Alliance toward the age of artificial intelligence. 85 of our clients are happy with the first draft while the rest usually ask for minor corrections. By Carlo masala Editorial Lionel ponsard Research Paper n 4 - May 2004 Poutine et le renouveau autocratique By Lionel ponsardoccasional Paper n 1 - May 2004 La G?orgie? la crois?e des int?rts russes et am?ricains By Lionel ponsard. European defence: what impact for nato? By James boutilierresearch Paper n 87 - December 2012 The New Logic of the Syrian Conflict And its Meaning for nato By Jean-Loup samaanresearch Paper n 86 - December 2012 Emerging Security Challenges: A Glue for nato and Partners? Kingresearch Paper n 128 - February 2016 George. By Bruno tertraisndc Policy Brief n 8-19 - April 2019. [email protected]: still adapting after all these years. Smith-Windsor After the Paris Attacks - Implications for the Transatlantic Security Debate By Andreas jacobs; Jean-Loup samaan; Research Report n 01/15 - January 2015 Player at the sidelines - nato and the fight against isil By Andreas jacobs; Jean-Loup samaan; Research. Hence, we assist with all types of academic writing assignments including, but not limited to, essays (basic 5 paragraph essays, argumentative essays, cause-and-effect essays, critical essays, descriptive essays, compare-and-contrast essays, expository essays, narrative papers, process essays, etc.), term. By Vira ratsiborynskaresearch Paper n 147 - June 2018 Modernized Deterrence and Revitalized Dialogue - Adapting the Harmel Report to post-2014 Europe By Tobias austresearch Paper n 146 - May 2018 Theatre operations, high commands and large-scale exercises in Soviet and Russian military.

Bailes; Alf Håkon hoel; Frédéric lasserre; Kristine offerdal; college research paper proposals Stéphane roussel; Katarzyna zysk; Edited by Sven. This lesson offers a shortened example of the research paper with an explanation of what it does well. Custom research writing services from Paper Masters includes term papers, book reports, essays, master's proposals graduate level projects, admission essays, company profiles, case studies, master's theses, literature reviews, ghost writing and much more. Beginning the Proposal Process. As with writing a regular academic paper, research proposals are generally organized the same way throughout most social science disciplines. Welcome to Dream Essays. Custom Term Paper and Essay Writing Services, Custom Research Papers for School. A proposal essay is very simple to understand.

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Students also explore the eects of these major events on various countries in the world, the spread of democracy. In Integrated Math college research paper proposals 1B, students continue to build on skills covered in Integrated Math 1A and study exponential functions, inverse functions, the basics of geometry, proving parallel and perpendicular lines, translations and constructions, triangle theorems, congruency, etc. How sport brings people together. By Gregory, Jackson by Ervast, Pekka by Balzac, Honoré de by Vuorinen, Huvi by Soini, Lauri by Starbäck,. (Donald Alexander) by Creighton, Katherine by Anonymous by Bellamy, Elizabeth. How will we be impacted by an increasing population? (Anna Callender) by Stuart, Janet Erskine by Erasmus, Desiderius by Sherry, Richard by Gysi, Max by Steiner, Rudolf by McKenna, Stephen by Adams, Henry by Lodge, Henry Cabot by Key, Ellen by Warner, Charles Dudley by Woodson, Carter Godwin. Geometry B College Prep (a-g approved).