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Paul Denton and Victor Johnson from The Rules of Attraction are both mentioned; on seeing Paul, Patrick wonders if "maybe he was on that cruise a long time ago…

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Basic essay of your philosophy of nursing pdf

basic essay of your philosophy of nursing pdf

It is promoted and maintained by the nurse in a holistic manner. Conclusion As nursing progresses into the 21st century there is some suggestion that survival and advancement of the discipline requires increase engagement of practicing nurses in utilizing and developing specifically nursing knowledge (Cody, 2006; Fawcett, 2006; Silva, 2006). It is essential to me to be a patient advocate, provider, teacher, manager, and leader because I think that we as nurses should deliver the highest quality nursing care in order to accomplish excellence in patients outcomes. Nursing, art and science: Revisiting the Two Cultures International Journal of Nursing Practice. Masters defined nursing as, the attention to the full range of human experiences and response to health and illness without restriction to a problem-focused orientation, integration of objective data with an understanding of the subjective experience of the patient, application. I believe we should be our patient advocate, especially in the intensive care unit where the patients are very vulnerable, and unable to speak because they are sedated, unconscious, or intubated. As a nurse in a long term acute care hospital (ltac). Environmental factors have a great influence in a patients health statue. Perhaps a beginning point may be developing a personal nursing philosophy that focuses on areas distinct to nursing as this enables reflection on understanding relationships between personal philosophical thought as related to current issues in the field (DeKeyser Medoff-Cooper, 2009; Schlotfeldt, 2006). Teachers and mentors established a base for nursing philosophy ; however, my experiences, both good and bad, have helped shaped my own. Because circumstances vary greatly from patient to patient and case to case, we can never assume an outcome based solely on previous situations. Therefore, providing quality nursing care with the use of scientific and evidence base practice results to a better patient outcome, shorter hospitalization period which subsequently reduces healthcare cost, increased patient referral, as well as increase chances for returning.

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We need to concentrate on wellness of the population, instead of being treatment orientated as a health care system. First of all, I believe that the profession of nursing basic essay of your philosophy of nursing pdf is all about people. To do this, I make a commitment on my part to keep myself up to date with new technologies, evidence-based research, and new protocols, and, to trust in my moral philosophy and beliefs in order to put these tools to best use. We will write a custom essay on, my, philosophy of, nursing specifically for you for only.38.90/page, order now, how do we define nursing as a practice? It adds diversity to known ideals which, in turn, increases the collective knowledge pool and improves nursing as a whole. Secondly, the nursing diagnosis is the nurses clinical judgment about the clients response to actual or potential health conditions or needs. The nurse should have knowledge in biology, chemistry, pathology and current guidelines for pharmacological therapy.

(20 points) Writing Conventions No more than 3 grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors in the entire paper. (25 points) Writing Conventions Professional grammar, spelling, and punctuation; paragraphs of at least 3, well-written sentences (10 points) Title Page (Use College of Nursing Title Page) Errors in APA format (4 points) Headings and References Cites 1 reference and includes headings in APA format. Benners Novice to Expert model explains the science behind skill acquisition. Third, based on the assessment and diagnosis, the nurse sets measurable and achievable short- and long-range goals for this patient that might include moving from bed to chair at least three times per day; maintaining adequate nutrition by eating smaller, more. In her book Novice to Expert Benner states, One way to separate the instrumental and expressive aspects of nursing is to regulate caring as the art of nursing (Benner, 1984, 170). I believe my philosophy of nursing clarifies the requirements in knowledge, human values, and technical skills so they can be organized, analyzed and evaluated. A person is a sick patient in the hospital in need of nursing care to promote healing and maintain health. Fortunately, my beliefs will not change in that stand point. I found that these patients, once you build a rapport and trust, are the more humble and neat patients to work with.

Your paper will define how you interact with patients, family members, other nurses, and other health care professionals. I will then discuss how this philosophy relates to me, how my morals and ethics are shaped by not only knowledge, but belief as well. Strengths and Limitations No individual is perfect in this world; however, God has blessed everyone with unique strengths that can be used effectively to avoid drawbacks of weaknesses, and live a successful life. It is in these experiences where common theories are shaped into our personal philosophies. For example, a fairly independent patient that is unable to reach the call bell slid on a wet floor and breaks his hip. Responsibility drives me to be ever improving and learning so that I can be assured of providing the best possible care. This basic essay of your philosophy of nursing pdf concept, I believe, is to strip an idea down to its fundamental basis or theory, analyzing cause rather than effect, then through investigation and exercise, begin to find understanding.

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Trust has been related to better healthcare outcome. This is a systematic and dynamic way to collect and analyze data about the patient. These philosophical ideas are related to Virginia Henderson in that she viewed a nurses role as stated Assisting the individual, sick or well, in the performance of those activities contributing to health or its recovery (or to a peaceful. When it comes to my professional responsibilities, my patients come first. It is basically continuity of care; same nurses are assigned patients from their admission to their discharge. This has been proven to increased discharges, reduced length of stay and of cause reduced cost and readmission. Philadelphia, PA: Wolters Kluwer/Lippencott, Williams Wilkins. The Nursing Process The nursing process uses a holistic, patient-focused care and problem solving approach in relationship with patients and their families. 1747 Words Jul 20th, 2016 7 Pages. For example, I work in a telemetry and med surgical floor where sometimes I take care of chronically ill patients, and there are a lot of complicated emotional issues that need to be recognized and addressed by the health care professional. Those who look at nursing from the outside, however, tend to view nursing more of a science; practice through systematized knowledge and exercise. First, lets address nursing as an art. The pioneers theorists such as Florence Nightingale are referenced as practicing the art of nursing as it pertains to compassion, feelings, trust, and performing tasks with skills.

This also means that we are consummate advocates for the patient and willing to speak up when we do not feel the environment is as safe as it can. My personal philosophy began with attempting to answer some questions, such as, what does nursing mean to me, and what is guiding my practice. I have always believed that that family needs to be incorporated into our care of patients. The fact that nurses will always be available to provide care to their patients as long as humans exist; I have made a decision to extend my nursing knowledge in advance to become an advance practice nurse. Care must be planned according to each person or persons involved, which is why we use the nursing process. I have been practicing nursing for one year, and cherished dealing with different patients. Nursing care is implemented according to the care plan, so continuity of care for the patient during hospitalization and in preparation for discharge needs to be assured. We can provide direct care to our patients, and use indirect care for families and communities. Personal experience is a very important influence in developing ones philosophy of nursing. Advance in Nursing Science. I believed in maintaining my professional commitment as a nurse to care for patients of all kind in reflection to the below statement from the Code of Ethics for Nurses; The nurse respects the worth, dignity and rights. I sat down with them to explained what withdrawal of treatment meant.

basic essay of your philosophy of nursing pdf

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Butts and Rich.(pg, 394, 2011). Mercer, who is known for her Maternal Role Attainment theory, states that the three major foci for nursing are, health promotion and prevention of illness, providing care for those who need professional assistance to achieve their optimal level of health. As important as the art is, however, it relies on the science to guide it; as a hand guides a brush to canvass. In order to succeed at these applications, there must be a balance between practice and concern. In order to define my personal philosophy of nursing, I will address some of the key concepts of my theory, the four meta-paradigms of nursing, the nursing process, the application of my philosophy to my present nursing practice, research, administrations. When this concept is applied to an existing practice, all parties benefit from an equal and larger pool of knowledge. And finally, we have responsibility. The diagnosis reflects not only that the patient is in pain, but that the pain has caused other problems such as anxiety, poor nutrition, and conflict within the family, or has the potential to cause complications-for example, respiratory infection. It gave the nurse an opportunity to participate with the multidiscipline team about the patients care, and incorporate the family.