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Describe a journey that you really enjoyed essay

describe a journey that you really enjoyed essay

Though you need no fuel and there are some health benefits of a bicycle, you cannot ride more than two people together and it takes times to reach places riding a bicycle. Robert assigned a native driver who was familiar with the road networks of Kolkata and New Delhi. Describe a long journey you have had. Describe a tour you really enjoyed. A journey when something unusual happened. Describe a tour you had when you were a teenager. Definitely, travel can bring a positive change in the economy of a country. It was a large four-seated sedan car. My parents were quite excited and they planned to visit the newborn and my sister on the following day. I looked at the full describe a journey that you really enjoyed essay moon and it appeared that I am floating on the heaven with a great speed.

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The bar and club scene in Shanghai were incredible. There were endless things to see and do in this amazing city. You know, we are often too busy to meet regularly, so chances like this are really valuable. Do you think a society can benefit if its members have experience of travelling to other countries? I am very fond of train journey as it gives me the freedom to walk in different compartments of the train, read books pleasantly, enjoy the meal in the train cafeteria, buy books and magazines, use the lavatory. (Focus on the journey, not the city.) describe a journey that you really enjoyed essay A journey you made with your friends. I immediately returned home from my university to give this wonderful and happy news to my parents. I had three travelling companions in the car with me, who were three of my close friends and we had agreed on gathering at my house at 5am, which was our point of departure. I did not have the idea about the distance and when I came to know about that, I bought few thrillers from the books stalls in the airport. It is also responsible for the law violation competition among the public vehicle drivers, pedestrians crossing the roads etc. Alternative Answer 2: Well, the journey I still remember very vividly is the one I took to Nha Trang, a coastal resort city in southern Vietnam, where my sister lives with her husband. The journey from Kolkata to New Delhi will stay in my mind for longer days.

But not only the service holders, people of all strata in a society needs to travel for many other purposes. Nearly all of the times the male drivers run their cars roughly, while women are not seen to be mad like them. Your preparation for this Cue card will help you to answer the following Cue card topics as well: Describe a journey that took you a long time. But the journey was comfortable for me as Robert arranged a car for me that carried me to New Delhi. Yes, many of the families have their own private cars in our country. The destination describe a journey that you really enjoyed essay was 1462 kilometres away from Kolkata. I proposed Robert that I should catch a train but he did not allow and arranged for the car.

He never crossed the speed limit despite having the chances. You can make some notes to help you if you wish. I went to join at the marriage ceremony of one of my intimate friends who has passed his childhood days with. Sometimes they prefer boosters on the cars to run like a crazy bull. Why do people need to travel every day? But a majority of the women are against this view and they drive their cars so smoothly so that the cars should not get any spot on the body. I have just completed a semester and the classes for the new semester was yet to begin. An experience when you visited one of your relatives. At 5am tranquillity calm, peaceful and quiet sip on to drink slowly reflect on to think about mates friends refresh my mind to be mentally relaxed hitting describe a journey that you really enjoyed essay the open road going for a drive somewhere out.

Paragraph on describe a journey that you particularly enjoyed

Public transportation is also required in a city. Safety is not ensured for any of the modes but if you are careful, you can stay safe. When online presence is required for a formal meeting, someone does not need to be physically present there. How to buy private cars in your country? It was a moonlit night when the train started and my seat was just beside the window. Buying automobile in Greece or in Europe is not a troublesome issue. A society could be benefited if the travelling experiences are used in a proper manner. I was accompanied by three other people including Jimmy. You have one minute to think about what you 're going to say. What are the differences between using bicycles and private cars? Some people say that daily journeys like these will not be so common in the future. I started from Austin for Dallas which was 195 miles away.

Fourteen of our childhood friends planned to reach the village marking the marriage and accordingly we bought fourteen train tickets for the purpose. Following are some of the ideas that you can borrow and match with your own to properly answer the questions. After landing in Kolkata, it took about over 30 hours for me to reach the destination. It was so dynamic. It was highly enjoyable to me due to the nature of the journey. He left Greece to New Delhi about ten years ago aiming to establish himself as a renowned film director. They need to shop, need to visit relatives, friends or others for important matters, need to go for learning at schools or educational institutions and many other issues.

The deep emotions that I felt on the night journey are inexpressible. Ielts Cue Card Question 12 With Model Answer: You should say: where you went how you travelled why you went on the journey and explain why you remember this journey well. The travellers may establish a profitable model that they have seen in their foreign trips and that could employ people or the models could be used for the benefits of the society. An expedition or a tour you took while you were in school. I specifically remember the journey because my parents were with me and they also enjoyed being out of home after a long. I also assumed that the journey would be interesting as two of our best friends were going too. We were expecting the baby a few days later but that was indeed a very good news as this was the first baby in our family and both the mother and child were doing fine as my brother-in-law informed. So, life was boring and I could not focus on other entertaining activities. Jimmy was surprised with the car that his father had sent for him and was delivered at night. Describe an exciting journey or tour you remember well. I will answer it in brief. I agreed with him for some reasons.

Describe a journey that you particularly enjoyed essay

Accordingly, he shifted the venue in New Delhi. He was my best friend and thus he asked me to comment on his plan to visit his parents on his birthday. If you work digitally, you always do not need to be at your workplace and there is no travel required. Bicycles and private cars have differences. When travellers are on a foreign trip, they try to get information about the culture and customs of the specific geographical location. Dallas is around 195 miles from Austin but the distance is a bit reduced lower from the area of our university from where we started for. Ielts Cue Card Question 135 with Model Answer: Describe a long car journey you went. I had to attend the ceremony as describe a journey that you really enjoyed essay he insisted and sent me tickets for the travel. They mainly use the cars for the purposes of travelling long distances such as visiting relatives living in the other cities or when going on vacations together etc. I was not the only man who went to New Delhi, there were some other invited guests also had to move to New Delhi but the hours were not the same.

The journey was a very pleasant one and I finished a book that I took with. It mostly happens when the traffic rules are violated, vehicles are parked on here and there on the roads, non-motorized vehicles occupy the important streets, and mostly the narrow roads where the traffic is large. Describe a public transportation you often use. It was probably early February 2014 when I got a call from my brother-in-law that my sister has given birth to a beautiful baby girl. A journey to a remote area of your country.

As a result, the traffic congestion has been reduced to many extents. These are the common problems and the regular commuters are to adjust to the situation. Sometimes, the buses are jam-packed and you might not have the chance to ride. Air terminals will be set in different parts for the flying cars. My friends and his family members had started for the village earlier before our journey. This car trip also helped me to refresh my mind by just hitting the open road describe a journey that you really enjoyed essay and leaving all my worries behind. The area where the friend is getting married is at the farthest part of the country and requires trains to reach there. I think the idea of getting a private car for everyone is not wise. Your experience of visiting a new city.

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We went to the local train station and luckily got three first-class seats on the train. He planned to thank his dad for driving the car to his home in Dallas. But interestingly the train was half an hour late due to an accident on its way to the railway station. So, I think everyone should not own a private car. The drivers company was enjoyable indeed. This time I went to Shanghai, I spotted something new. But it was an enjoyable journey. He has been trying to establish himself as a good director in India and has made a couple of short films in the beginning before starting a large-scale movie. So, I think the popularity of private cars is on the increase. Describe a journey you made by bus or train.

Do many families own private cars in your country? Some of the other journey types that you can talk about as an answer to this Cue Card topic: A journey you took to visit a famous tourist spot in your country. Women try to colour the body after their preferred colour but the men are different in this case. A journey that took unusually long time. Benefits of international travel. What didnt appeal to me about Shanghai was that the streets in the city were so cramped and tough to identify compared with the ones in Beijing which are mostly wide and straight.

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A private car can accommodate maximum six to ten passengers at a time while the public transports like buses or trains could hold passengers ten times more than the private car. Describe a journey you enjoyed. What fascinated me most was the rich collection of buildings with various architectural styles. While answering the cue card topic, always focus on the accompanying questions. But the necessity of cars has increased to a great extent and at the same time, the prices are affordable. To begin with, it was a great chance for me to see my country from a very different angle, a road trip with my mates. By, ielts Practice Online, you should say: what it was when and where it happened who was involved, and explain if you enjoyed it or not. He also forbade us not to take any alcoholic beverages during the ride. Accordingly, I reached Kolkata by a flight from Greece. He planned for the trip with his own car that he received from his father marking his 19th birthday. Describe a time when you were with your friends. Talk about a journey that was too long. It took over a day and night for me to reach New Delhi.

I am obliged with his cordiality, indeed. But due to some unavoidable reasons, he shifted the venue to The Majestic Court in New Delhi. They can provide you with the car ranging from the1950s to the current days. It was also considered as a symbol of status and nobility among the people. If the tourists start buying the miniatures, its demand is on the rise, then its production will also go up and the production requires employment, while the employed people will have a decent living with the wages. Later, I came to know that he shifted the venue to New Delhi in the same date as the venue in Kolkata was not fully prepared to hold the event. Men want to have heavy duty tire with a power steering wheel.

Model Answer 2: Last week, I had a great car journey from Austin to Dallas. This is not a speedy mode of transport while the cars are speedier than a car. He always tries to be perfect and also desires that everyone should be the same with him. Humans have done things which were unimaginable before those were done and someday this idea may also be materialised if everything goes well in the world. So, when the other childhood mates made the plan, I was the only one of them who jumped out of joy.