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Plato vs aristotle essays

plato vs aristotle essays

APA, mLA, chicago, aristotle. He believes people should live their lives in such a way that, when they die, they will have good souls, even if they were not happy while they were alive. Platos idea of justice is his strong point in his arguments. Remove Ads, advertisement, advertise Here, he was an exceptional student, graduated early, and was awarded a position on the faculty teaching rhetoric and dialogue. . Although he was not widely read in the west after the fall of Rome, his works were appreciated in the east where Muslim scholars drew inspiration and understanding from his works. Pleasure involves appetite and the objects and /or actions we desire. To Aristotle, this made more sense than the realm of Forms. Society is made of many different parts and people and everyone works together to form a good society. Although a person is not self-sufficient, a composition of peoplea statesatisfies the needs of all its members. Besides differing with todays standards, each philosopher is in his own way distinct. Aristotle writes: In regard to pleasures and painsthe mean is self-control and the excess is self-indulgence. He believes experience is occasional, and that we start with goodness, which eventually leads to experiences.

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Aristotle writes: Honor seems to depend on those who confer it rather than on him who receives it, whereas our guess is that the good is a mans own possession which cannot easily be taken away from him. In a social system like this one, it can only be as strong as it weakest link. The point is to create a harmonious unity amongst the three classes which will lead to the greater good of the community and, consequently, each individual. His Nichomachean Ethics (written for his son, Nichomachus, as a guide to good living) is still consulted as a philosophical touchstone in the study of ethics. Courage works as a great example because it is virtuous. Aristotle combines elements of democracy with elements of aristocracy, again to balance opposing claims. Aristotles Poetics introduced concepts such as mimesis (imitation of reality in art) and catharsis (a purging of strong emotion) to literary criticism as well as the creative arts. Both Plato and Aristotle seem to agree that some people are not capable of practicing an active role in political life.

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For example, a horse was not beautiful just because one admired how it looked; it was beautiful objectively through participation in the Form of Beauty. To claim that a horse is beautiful because of some unseen and plato vs aristotle essays unproveable realm of Perfect Beauty was untenable to Aristotle because any claim should require proof in order to be accepted. Furthermore, members can specialize on their natural fortitudes and become more productive members of society. The virtue a human exhibited in life was the result of that person deciding to behave a certain way and practicing virtuous habits for their own sake, not for reputation or praise from others. He believes justice is a natural part of goodness, and is an intrinsic characteristic humans possess. Plato sees nothing wrong with people having to make unfortunate sacrifices, the way Socrates did when he was sentenced to death. The separation of classes is understood by everybody Self-interest, which could be a negative factor in the scheme of things, is eliminated through a very moral oriented education system. The excessive vise is recklessness and the deficient vice is cowardice. Whereas Platos The Republic is a text whose goal is to define Justice and in doing so uses the polis, Aristotles The Politicss sole function is to define itselfdefine politics. 428-348 BCE) was a student of Socrates (l.

plato vs aristotle essays

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Instead of seeing the job as an obstacle to happiness, one should look at it as the means by which one is able to buy groceries, clothes, take trips, and enjoy hobbies. Having these individual rights is a necessity for todays citizens. Justice comes from the production of this happiness. Aristotle came to the conclusion that it is far better to be honorable than honored. People pick and choose what they will remember, and how they will remember it, based on the emotional narrative they are telling themselves and others. There are four qualities associated with happiness: 1) Pleasure 2) Wealth 3) Honor 4) Excellence. When talking about plato vs aristotle essays happiness and goodness, there must be an important quality present. According to Plato, good is so fundamentally compelling that, when it enters a persons mind, it is impossible to turn away from good, and a person will in fact, do good. Many scholars, philosophers, and thinkers over the past two thousand years have argued with, dismissed, ignored, questioned, and even debunked Aristotles theories but none have argued that his influence was vast and deeply penetrating, establishing schools of thought and. Achieving this middle ground, or mean, translates into being virtuous in Aristotles mind.

Remove Ads Advertisement Advertise Here Aristotle, who held a low opinion of non-Greek barbarians generally and Persians specifically, encouraged Alexanders conquest of their empire. In all cases, Platos argument is more accepted and supported throughout the world. The main way to institutionalize rules is through government and in the form of laws. 469/470-399 BCE) and Aristotle studied under Plato. This question has no answer, since what is right in one persons opinion may not be right in another persons. Balance is a main word in discussing Aristotle because he believes it is the necessary element to creating a stable government. Alexander's habit of carrying books with him on campaign and his wide reading have been attributed plato vs aristotle essays to Aristotle's influence as has Alexander's appreciation for art and culture.

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He was hired by Philip II, King of Macedon (r. What does this definition really mean though? Conclusion After the death of Alexander the Great in 323 BCE, when the tide of Athenian popular opinion turned against Macedon, Aristotle was charged with impiety owing to his earlier association with Alexander and the Macedonian Court. It is good to be honored and respected in life. Thus, it is better to allow the Philosophers, who do have this knowledge, to lead them. The three classes are a product of different aptitude levels for certain tasks amid various individuals. Through Alexander, Aristotles works were spread throughout the known world of the time, influencing other philosophies and providing a foundation for the development of Jewish, Christian, and Muslim theology. If virtue is present, so is its opposite vise. As the hierarchy increases, each form includes the one below. States are going to form, whether purposefully or coincidentally. He feels he must address the impracticality of Platos theory, however, and encourages Platonists to abandon it, writing : In the interest of truth, one should perhaps think a man, especially if he is a philosopher, had better. Aristotle and Plato each have their own ways of explaining and understanding what true goodness is, and each have their own supportive arguments, such as Platos argument of justice.

For every virtue, there are two vices. According to Plato and Aristotle, a Bill of Rights is not necessary because it does not improve the good of the community. Only those who love knowledge and contemplate on the reality of things will achieve understanding of the forms. Plato, who also dealt with first causes and final purposes, considered them more idealistically and believed they could be known through apprehension of a higher, invisible, plane of truth he called the Realm of Forms'. The lower class does not partake in plato vs aristotle essays politics because they are not mentally able. Plato Essay specifically for you for only.38.9/page, order now, in Aristotles quest to understand virtue, he works rationally trying to rationalize the irrational. They do not have to work to achieve justice, but it comes along with their goodness. There are many layers to the answer of this question. In his work On the Soul, Aristotle addresses the issue of memory-as-fact, claiming that ones memories are impressions but not reliable records of what really happened. His argument says that there are different classes in society, but they are naturally defined.

m, ml (accessed May 27, 2019). For example, today it is believed that certain people are born with certain capacities. The three types form a hierarchy. The second is animal and involves perception and locomotion along with the plato vs aristotle essays vegetable characteristics. This is one of the weakest points in Platos arguments. Both perspective views are and will continue to puzzle students for years to come.

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This brings up the final quality of happiness, excellence. Remove Ads Advertisement Plato developed his Theory of Forms in an effort to refute Protagoras and provide his Pythagorean-infused idealism with a rational basis by which he could establish the existence of objective truth. Aristotle believed that the ultimate goal in life is happiness, and people should live their lives in order to be happy. The existence of the Prime plato vs aristotle essays Mover could be proven, at least theoretically, because some force had to have set life in motion at some point in the past and this force whatever it consisted of he designated the Unmoved Mover or Prime Mover. Read: Virgils effect on Dante Essay. This self-control was exemplified by his concept of the Golden Mean. Intelligence has been attributed to genetics. This fact is very cleverly illustrated by Raphaels School of Athens (1510-11; Stanza della Segnatura, Vatican where Plato is portrayed looking up to the higher forms; and Aristotle is pointing down because he supports the natural sciences. Plato believes the opposite is true. Although Plato is a lot less discriminatory, he also believes women are the sub-species. The Republic starts with a discussion of Justice which leads to the creation of the ideal state. Aristotle's writings, like Plato's, have influenced virtually every avenue of human knowledge for the past two thousand years.

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The question that arises is, Why do you need ideal states which will have philosophers as rulers? Some scholars have claimed, in fact, that what exists today of Aristotles work was never written to be published but was only lecture notes for classes which Theophrastus and others admired a great deal and so had copied and distributed. Platos philosophy was deeply rooted in the mysticism of the Pythagorean School, founded by the Pre-Socratic philosopher and mystic Pythagoras (l. Aristotle probably spent time with the tutors at the Macedonian court, as the son and nephew of palace staff, but this not known with certainty. Aristotle's writings, like Plato's, have influenced virtually every avenue of human knowledge pursued in the west the east. Plato believes virtue is seen in a reflective form, not directly.

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There can be no objective truth in any given situation, Protagoras argued, because all observable phenomenon or emotional or psychological experiences are subject to an individuals interpretation. He literally plato vs aristotle essays invented the concept of metaphysics single-handedly when he (or one of his scribes) placed his book on abstract philosophical speculation after his book on physics (metaphysics literally means after physics) and standardized in learning how information is collected, assimilated. Pythagoras emphasized the immortality of the soul and the importance of virtuous living, recognizing there are essential, indisputable truths in life which one must recognize and adhere to in order to live a good life. He understood that there were many chores and responsibilities one would meet in a day which one would rather not do but suggested one consider these apparent annoyances as opportunities and avenues to happiness. Aristotle was a Teleologist, an individual who believes in end causes' and final purposes in life, and believed that everything and everyone in the world had a purpose for existing and, further, these final purposes could be ascertained from observation of the known world. Inferno where the author did not need to even identify Aristotle by name for him to be recognized. 384-322 BCE) was. In Platos opinion, good is the good, itself.

For example, he devotes a lot of plato vs aristotle essays time to an explanation of the naturalness of slaves and their role in society. Is this argument right? There are three types of soul, according to Aristotle. Virtue is thought to be an innate concept, and it illuminates that which we take to be virtuous. One of the questions that commonly arise when talking about virtue is, What is good? Defining virtue may seem to be an easy taste, but to truly understand the arguments behind the definition can prove to be very challenging.

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To Aristotle, experience is the originating source of our sense of good; we start with experience, and eventually find goodness. All these provisions are generated to maintain unity of the state. And looking at how Plato goes about answering. As with most if not all - Greeks, Aristotle would have been brought up hearing stories of the Battle of Marathon of 490 BCE, the Persian Invasion of 480 BCE, and the Greek triumph over the Persian forces at Salamis and Plataea. He died of natural causes a year later in 322 BCE. His Politics addresses the concerns of the state which Aristotle sees as an organic development natural to any community of human beings. His answer is that the state is the culmination of natural associations that start with the joining of man and woman (pair which have a family plato vs aristotle essays and form a household; households unite and form villages; villages unite and form the state.

plato vs aristotle essays

Aristotle (Politics) - Fact / Myth

Aristotle would build upon Platos theories to advance his own original thought and, although he rejected Platos Theory of Forms, he never disparaged his former masters basic philosophy. Famous Contributions Works The Golden Mean is one of Aristotles best-known contributions to philosophical thought (after the Prime Mover) but it should be noted that this was only in the realm of ethics and plato vs aristotle essays Aristotle contributed to every branch of knowledge available in his time. Philosophers, who by definition are knowledge lovers, are the only beings who can reach true knowledge. Aristotle maintained that a man becomes just by performing just acts and self-controlled by performing acts of self-control (Nichomachean Ethics.1105b.10). His view is that women are inferior to men in all senses. Read: Civil Rights Movement Essay, friendship is another important concept in the discussion of virtue. Since we havent direct knowledge of soul we try to understand to become truly virtuous.

His uncle assumed guardianship of plato vs aristotle essays the boy and saw to his education. The same would apply to a job one does not like. If an individual could not actually learn, but only remember essential truths from a past life in which they were good, then that person could not be considered good themselves. 359-336 BCE) as tutor for his son. Naturally, since Aristotle and Plato have been around for such a long time, our society certainly contains some of their influences in a general sense. When the drafters promised that as soon as the constitution was ratified, a Bill of Rights would be added, the doubting states proceeded to ratify. With the unjust execution of Socrates in mind, Aristotle chose to flee Athens, "lest the Athenians sin twice against philosophy as he said. Retrieved 07:12, May 27, 2019, from. He believes people who are virtuous have an innate goodness, and this is not seen fully in one lifetime. (Nichomachean Ethics.1095b.25) Aristotle advocated moderation in all things in order to attain this good in life which, ultimately, was a happiness no person or set of circumstances could take or diminish. He most notably demonstrates this in his dialogue of the Meno where he argues that all learning is actually remembering from a past life. In this paper who's view is closest to the truth will also be discussed because it to was a mai.