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16/6/2014 Full program released ( "Program" ). 22/8/2014 Plenary lecture and panel session slides and handouts uploaded. Japan is renowned for its safety and the compactness of Kyoto makes for…

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With support from pssac members, this exciting exhibit visited Sacramento, California. Topics included anthropogenic mudflows, exploring soils and land use in the field and managing vernal pools. When…

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We look at what it is and how you how to write personal statement ucas can start your Personal Statement. Go back to the degree you're considering studying.…

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Master thesis eth itet

master thesis eth itet

Show details Keywords Power systems modelling, state estimation, nonlinear optimization, sensor fusion Labels Master Thesis Description The energy transition and liberalisation of energy markets have increased the need for phase shifting transformers to operate all network elements within their operational limits. The relevance of the developed approach will be illustrated on an autonomous flight problem, first in simulation, and if time permits also in experiment, using the exisiting quadrotor test-bed available at IfA. The first one concerns situations where the cost function is of interest by itself,.g., for scientific inquiry, modeling of human and animal behavior or modeling of other cooperative or adversarial agents. The, master 's thesis generally takes place during the entire 4th semester of the. Master 's thesis that lasts six months. Show details Keywords Artificial intelligence, approximate dynamic programming, robotics Labels Semester Project, Bachelor Thesis, Master Thesis Description This project is part of a new IfA project to develop a fully automated billiard playing robot. A video of the robot in action can be found here: m/ We currently use a range of filters,.g. You can find further information on the webpage. The master, thesis, evaluation Form" (see above link) is used for the final grading of the.

Master s Thesis Master in Energy Science and

The focus is in the major study area and will represent either an applied or fundamental research project. Automatic Control Laboratory Spin shots for a master thesis eth itet robotic billiard player This project aims to take advanced shots using cueball spin with a robotic arm that has been developed to play billiards. However, numerically robust methods to estimate asymmetrical phase shift transformers (voltage ratio and phase shift are coupled common in the network of Swissgrid, have not been studied in detail. The projects and the thesis are supervised by a professor of the Department (including adjunct professors ) or by a professor associated (PDF, 141 KB) with the Department. Stay connected with us Apply to study on the mest programme! Snooker is much more challenging than other billiard games owing to the very large table (1.8.8m) and tight pockets relative to the ball size. D-matl research group or an associated professor. Master thesis must include a declaration of originality ( ). . Automatic Control Laboratory Data-driven inverse polynomial stochastic optimal control with applications to autonomous quadcopter flight This project considers discrete-time Markov decision process and addresses the inverse problem of inferring a cost function from observed optimal behavior. We would like to bring this work further, by demonstrating it on a test bench for path following. Contact Details Marc Hohmann, - contact at Swissgrid Miguel Picallo, - supervisor at ETH Published since: Applications limited to: ETH Zurich Organization : Automatic Control Laboratory Hosts: Picallo Miguel Topics: Information, Computing and Communication Sciences, Engineering and Technology Details: Open this project.

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The next step is to extend the range of shots to include cueball spin. 4) Train a NN (possibly including pre-trained features relevant to ball detection) to recognise billiard balls. It is an exciting opportunity to develop the vision-based localisation and shot-taking control needed to take such shots. The approach will be based on the LP formulation of MDPs, complementary slackness optimality conditions, recent developments in polynomial optimization and uniform finite sample bounds from statistical learning theory. 4) Test the algorithm by passing the shot commands to the robot arm. Automatic Control Laboratory State estimation of phase shift transformers Estimating the state of a power systems is an integral part of real-time power system analysis. The student will: - learn and understand several concepts related to the topic. Published since:, earliest start :, latest end :, organization : Automatic Control Laboratory, hosts: Warrington Joe. There are two main motivations behind inverse decision making. Most projects are carried out under the guidance of, and in close contact with, a PhD student of the supervising professor. Most of existing inverse MDP methods, either are designed exclusively for MDPs with finite state and action spaces, or rely on an oracle access to an MDP solver which is used in the inner loop of an iterative procedure. On this page you will find a selection of possible Master Thesis opportunities, some notified to us directly by the research groups of mest Tutors and some listed on the SiROP database.

The project is well suited for a student who enjoys mathematics. Labels, semester Project, Internship, Lab Practice, Bachelor Thesis, Master Thesis. Under the assumption that the control model is polynomial, the student will propose a method that avoids solving repeatedly the forward problem and at master thesis eth itet the same time provides probabilistic performance guarantees on the quality of the recovered solution. During those six months the students are supported by PhD students and other researchers of the respective research group. List of supervisors, evaluation form, the lecturers in this list (PDF, 113 KB) are entitled to supervise and evaluate Master theses. Before starting, the project must be registered in mystudies Projects/papers/theses. These include polynomial optimization (sum-of-squares programming, linear matrix inequalities the LP approach to MDPs, as well as tools from statistical learning theory; - gain experience in doing research. As a result, it is natural to consider the _inverse stochastic optimal control problem which consists of inferring a cost function in an MDP from expert demonstrations. Basic knowledge on Markov decision processes and/or modeling and control of quadcopters is desirable but not mandatory. For more information visit sirop. Information: Publication of Master Thesis in the Research Collection Students have the possibility of publishing their master theses in the Research Collection.

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The method esti-mates the master thesis eth itet voltage magnitude and phase angle as well as active and reactive power flow in lines and transformers. This introduces a significant computational burden in applying these methods to MDPs with continuous state and action spaces, since solving a continuous MDP is a challenging and computationally expensive problem on its own, especially in the case of unknown dynamics. In many cases, however, one can not specify directly the cost or reward of a task, which in addition may not correspond to direct intuition or may not even exist, but instead can observe an optimal behavior. To publish master theses in the Research Collection, a letter of recommendation from the respective supervisor is needed. Before starting on the, master 's thesis, students must: have obtained their, bachelor degree have fulfilled all additional requirements (if any) have successful completed the MSc Project Proposal. Strategy in billiard games is complex, because a) the outcome of a particular shot is uncertain, b) the range of legal shots is large and continuous-valued, and c) it is sometimes difficult for a player to decide. It will use a previous successful project as a baseline to implement a real-time AI for the robot. To start in September 2019 or earlier. Exceptions have to be approved by the Director of Studies.