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An argumentative or persuasive piece of writing must begin with a debatable thesis or claim. For example, if your paper topic asks you to analyze womens domestic labor during…

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Anthropology notre dame senior thesis

anthropology notre dame senior thesis

Congratulations go out to Glynn senior, kristin Andrejko for being first author on a review article recently published in the journal Travel Medicine and Infectious Disease. . While there are existing government policies intended to promote integration in the country, Villavicencio says they are superficial. A Launching Pad, when she returned home to begin her research, Villavicencio says that people in her community questioned why she would want to study social mobility and multiculturalism. Working as a student assistant for Notre Dame International, being involved with student government, and being in the Glynn Family Honors Program have also allowed Garvey to engage with a variety of students, professors, and ideas. There are a lot of negative connotations and stereotypes associated with being indigenous, she notes. Working with immigrants inspired Garvey to further study public policy and how it could be used to help individuals in need. Dame : Why Mark the Box? As a proud Minnesotan, Garveys senior thesis allows her to study her passions in a place thats meaningful to her. So I love that the journal represents all of the College.

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Notre, dame s two 2019 Marshall Scholars! Media Coverage of Athletes and Domestic Violence over Time. Professor Garibaldi really pushes me on what an anthropological analysis is and how I can use what Ive learned in anthropology, she said, then combine that with anthropology notre dame senior thesis the elements he brings from his own area of expertise. The next summer, Garvey worked with incarcerated women and children with weakened immune systems in Bolivia. But whats the point of public policy, whats the point of talking to people? The point of public policy, garvey in Quito, Ecuador, as part of a trip with Timmy Global Health, a nonprofit organization that provides sustainable medical care to South American countries. She received a bachelors degree in anthropology from the University of Washington. Senior, mary Ninneman has been to Thailand, Greece, and Washington,.C., studying the causes and effects of human trafficking and those experiences inspired her to further study the issue in the place she knows best. Notre, dame senior, prathm Juneja, of South Bend, Indiana, has been named a 2019 Truman Scholar. The paper may have been written at any point during your time as a major.

Incarcerated Motherhood: Exploring Formerly Imprisoned Womens Parenting Attitudes and Practices. Though she was considering studying neuroscience when she arrived. I feel that its a question we should all focus on because it is so important for our nation and the future. And her coursework while studying abroad in Ireland focused on global perspectives on migration and archaeology. . Summer Service Learning Program and, international Summer Service Learning Program experiences offered by the, center for Social Concerns. So a liberal arts education is more realistic to the type of knowledge that you need to have moving forward when you graduate. Program in anthropology and peace studies, received bachelors degrees in music and anthropology from Davidson College and a masters in anthropology from Western Michigan University. The world isn't just one discipline it's a nexus of all these different studies, she said. Every year, our students produce outstanding senior theses on a wide variety of topics, using diverse analytical methodologies, theoretical approaches and research techniques. Back on campus, Villavicencio worked with her faculty adviser, Gabriel Torres, director of undergraduate studies in the Department. I hope this work will be a launching pad for more research into multiculturalism, Villavicencio says, especially in Latin America where many of the studies on this topic are done by American and European researchers.

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A history and political science major, Army rotc cadet, and member of the Glynn Family Honors Program, Ninnemans four years of academic, internship, and international experiences have culminated in a senior thesis analyzing how the issue shes most passionate. Sometimes public policy fails to understand the humans that the policy actually applies to, which is why I love anthropology, because it's actually talking with people and learning about their lived experience, she said. With the help of a grant from the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (urop Villavicencio focused on the governmental policies geared toward indigenous populations in Guatemala and the cultural factors that prevent their upward mobility. For many students, the first step, coming up with a topic, proves to be the most difficult and even keeps some students from taking on a thesis. The winner is also recognized at commencement. I am hoping to inspire more interest within the community itself. Grace Garveys academic curiosity isnt confined to one subject area. Dame can help you not only with the process of researching and writing your anthropology notre dame senior thesis thesis, but also with developing and refining your research question.

Villavicencio conducted 15 in-person interviews with indigenous people in Guatemala City. Their funding of my and my peers research is also something Im very grateful for. Dont be afraid to ask for help. Cultivation Theory and the Disney Princess Phenomenon. What she appreciates most about anthropology, Villavicencio says, is the capacity it has to break down barriers and stereotypes and just show people that there are other possibilities. Her ability forge those connections not only yielded valuable data for her thesis, but also helped prepare her for further research in graduate school. Reading others work While studying abroad in Ireland, Garvey's coursework focused on global perspectives on migration and archaeology. Alumna Alexis Doyle, 2017 Rhodes Scholar, named Knight-Hennessy Scholar. Senior, prathm Juneja named 2019 Truman Scholar. Anthropology, to synthesize her research into a comprehensive thesis. I think my favorite part of Glynn is that they have a lot of connections with some of the incredible faculty that we have, she said, so Ive been able to take really dynamic courses that I wouldnt have been able to otherwise. Glynn Family Honors Program, she spent last summer conducting research at the Minnesota Historical Society and Midtown Global Market, an international marketplace in Minneapolis with food, shopping, and entertainment. Army rotc cadet blends history and political science research to study causes of human trafficking in home state.

It combines my love of Minnesota, my interest in how public policy can work with people, and how local governments, nonprofits working in the area, and community leaders can all work together to create a more integrated community. Gengo, who is part of the joint. Carozza, of South Bend, Indiana, will study neuroscience at the University of Cambridge. For anthropology major Grace Garvey, exploring other disciplines is key to research success. Established in 2016, the Knight-Hennessy Scholars Program offers full funding, including tuition and academic, living and travel expenses, for students enrolled in one of Stanfords more than 200 graduate and professional programs. Cortez, a doctoral student affiliate of the Kellogg Institute for International Studies, focuses her research on multispecies relationships in Peru. These international experiences led Garvey to add minors in the Hesburgh Program in Public Service and peace studies to complement her anthropology major. She is one. Marianinna Villavicencio, last summer, Notre, dame senior, marianinna Villavicencio brought the perspective and research skills she gained as an anthropology major to her home country of Guatemala, exploring issues facing the countrys ethnic minority for her senior thesis project. Notre, dame students awarded one of the prestigious open-discipline British scholarships Rhodes, Marshall, Mitchell and Gates Cambridge since 2013. With funding from the. Juneja is among 62 studentsmostly juniors but also seniors in five-year degree programsselected for the honor from a pool of 840 candidates from 346 colleges and universities nationwide.

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Dame, for more information and guidelines for the senior thesis, funding through the Eisch Endowment and doing the Honors Track, see. The Sociology faculty at, notre. Anthropology major and Glynn Family Honors Scholar Grace Garvey. Garvey, who hopes to pursue an advanced dual degree in law and public policy, is also the editor-in-chief of Anthrocentric, a multimedia journal for undergraduate research in the Department of Anthropology. People produce the coolest research here, but I think people get so caught up in their discipline that theyre not reading their peers works across disciplines, she said. For her Hesburgh capstone, Garvey worked with an economics major and fellow Minnesota native to study trade relations with countries that have large refugee populations in the United States, focusing specifically on refugee communities throughout their home state. Here, they reflect on their time in the program. So a liberal arts education is more realistic to the type of knowledge that you need to have moving forward when you graduate. Amanda Cortez, Rieti Gengo, and Jeffrey Peterson came. Notre, dame in fall 2014 as part of the first cohort of the. Her thesis research is advised by, eric Haanstad, the Department of, anthropology s director of undergraduate studies, as well. For her capstone project in the. Her interest in human migration manifests in all sorts of different disciplines.

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