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Islam against terrorism essay

islam against terrorism essay

Visit m to see how we can help you! The Shariat can be explained as a system of ordinances outlined in the Quran and Hadis31 through which God lays down for mankind the rules of conduct32. Religion aotivator FOR terrorism The overwhelming problem in the world today, everyone knows, is terrorism, where people in the name of religion kill islam against terrorism essay each other, kill others just to go to heaven, and thinking only they will go to heaven. Just before the Gulf War Saddam had threatened the United States with Jihad. Methods of Data Collection Data for this research has been collected from the following sources: Books, journals, periodicals and studies on the subject. This is specifically true in todays world of instantaneous news coverage where it is possible to whip up political and religious outrage over events that are seen to be bordering on religious threshold. Study of suicide terrorism has thrown up conflicting results. Bush and Tony Blair have reiterated time and again that the war againstterrorismhas nothing to do with Islam.

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However Biggo explains that the lack of understanding or data cannot dismiss the fact that religious terrorism is systematized by extreme interpretations of a religious text. These reforms appeal to the terrorists and do not represent popular opinion of the society from which terrorism arises and terrorists are no respecters of borders12. A breakaway faction of Shia Islam called the Nizari Ismalis adopted the tactic of assassination of enemy leaders because the cults limited manpower prevented open combat. You can view samples of our professional work here. Islam, without exception, by all Islamist terrorist groups. The treasury is Gods treasury, and the enemy, of course, is Gods enemy. My understanding is that though the terrorist groups have a loose alliance but they aim to establish a Pan Islamic Caliphate.

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But in traditional Islam and certainly in the worldview of islam against terrorism essay the Islamic fundamentalistthere is no separation between the political and thereligious. Islamic terrorism is itself a controversial phrase, although its usage is widespread throughout the English-speaking world. Most Muslims refused to believe that fellow members of their faith could have been responsible for anything as atrocious as they September 11 attacks-and hence the popular conspiracy theory in the Muslim world that somehow Israeli secret police had plotted the terrible deed. Prudence demands we should not be dismissive of such an idea; however, the role of Islamic teachings in motivating terrorists organizations is a subject itself and is beyond the scope of the article. However, there are many Muslim scholars who do not agree with his work. More Muslims need to speak out to the world in order to change peoples views. Islam is, in essence, both religion and regime (din wa-dawla) and no area of human activity is outside its remit.

Qualified writers in the subject of religion are ready and waiting to help you with your studies. They also inflicted a deep psychological wound upon United States and the rest of the world.1. Though some of these groups operate independently, however most of them have developed linkages even if the linkages are of ideology. According to Kofi Annan the Ex Secretary General of the United Nations, the manifestations of terrorism are limitless. Kimball explains that truth claims are essential points in a religion at which divergent interpretations arise18. The common man in J K is politically discerning and awake to the ground realities of the sub continent. This chapter aims at establishing the link between Quran and the distortions in its interpretation which has manifested itself in the form of jihad or the holy-war. What terrorists groups using this dynamic have begun to understand is that most ordinary citizens are not highly interested in politics nor dedicated to working for social change. Introduction, when the terrorists attacked the United States on the morning of September 11, 2001, they set in motion a sequence of events that demonstrated unequivocally the power and influence ofterrorism.

islam against terrorism essay

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(d) harkat-UL-mujahidin (HUM jaish-E-mohammed (JEM lashkar-E-tayyaiba (LeT). Islam, and it all seems to be the same. Terrorism Terrorism is a non-political act of aggression in which the extent of violence used is outside the realm of normative behavior11. From the time of the Assassins (late 13th century) to the1700s, terror and barbarism were widely used in warfare and conflict, but key ingredients for terrorism were lacking. I will be a true hero in the sky.28 Between the two recent wars in Chechnya (1994-) similar means were used to convince vulnerable Chechen individuals to sign on the new Chechen jihad which began making use of suicide terrorism in 2000. Scope, i will study the subject under the heads given below. The power of these forces was captured in the popular phrase, The End of History.

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It also inspired a reaction by royalists and other opponents of the Revolution who employed terrorist tactics such as assassination and intimidation in resistance to the Revolutionary agents. On, 28 scholars from the Al-Azhar Institute in Egypt determined that in conducting jihad there is no need to make any distinction between soldiers and civilians. (b) The struggle to build a good Muslim society. The scope does not cover the causes and motivators of terrorism like cultural conflict, globalisation, and economic disparity.t.c. The only common denominator among different variants of terrorism is the calculated use of deadly violence against civilians14. Unknown to their families these vulnerable young students were indoctrinated into militant Islamic ideas foreign to Chechen experiences of Sufi Islam and some became convinced that the price of belonging to higher glory is to be willing to sacrifice oneself for the group. If you knew how it felt to be hated when you are innocent, then I wouldnt have to write this article.

In this way religion is co-opted islam against terrorism essay as the means to morally justify violence in the pursuit of social change. These terrorists were indoctrinated with hate speeches, trained to cause destructions and to cause murder, but even they could not advance any convincing theological rationale for their acts. Different terrorist groups have different ways and means to identify their enemies. Islam does have a history of violence associated with it since its early days but then so do many other religions in the world. Summary There were two great forces at work through the 1990s. Religious inspiration Vs strategic considerations During the course of my study I did come across arguments forwarded by many scholars who felt emphasizing strategic and political considerations for terrorist acts by Islamist groups and downplaying religious inspiration for terrorism was dangerous and inaccurate.

Islam is a religion that islam against terrorism essay means peace. Islam is one of the largest religions in the world. (a) A believers internal struggle to live out the Muslim faith as well as possible. This is how Prophet Mohammed probably wished Jihad. Once identified as threats to morality, this tactic is used to take it a step further with additional scriptures that are used to justify violence in order to destroy the evil. Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student. Fahana Ali, international policy analyst at the rand Corporation says for, women jihadist collective identity is more important than the individual identity, and its members are willing to do anything for a charismatic leader. George Habash observed that the level of coverage was tremendously greater than battles with Israeli soldiers in their previous area of operations. Justification FOR killing muslims. Benedict that says, keep death daily before ones eyes.

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GIA is an Algerian group which aims to overthrow the islam against terrorism essay Algerian regime and replace it with Islamic State. Another aspect of this internationalisation is the cooperation between extremist organizations in conducting terrorist operations. In this article I will not venture to study this aspect and restrict my study to how terrorists are able to manipulate religion to justify their reprehensible acts. He came with a message of peace and reconciliation, mercy and compassion. These are: internal37, external38 and inter-communal39. However, Al Qaeda, Hamas and some other terrorist organizations give religious sanctity to such acts. However the authentic religious truth claims are never as inflexible and exclusive as zealous adherents insist19. On the other hand, Osama bin Laden"s extensively from Quran and interprets verses from the holy book to justify many of his actions. Certainly Islam does not preach Muslims should kill Muslims to advance the cause of the religion.

However, preliminarily speaking Islamic terrorism exists where there is a controversy over sacred space24or a Kuranic tenet has been violated. The army is Gods army. The above is indicative of the political ambitions of these terrorist groups and the new world order which they aim to achieve by juxtaposing religion with their stated objectives. In the Muslim world religion has great influence on individual and society at large. We in the.S. In the process, religious convictions that become locked into absolute truths can easily lead people to see themselves as Gods agents. They play on the psyche of Muslims who are concerned with the plight of their Kashmiri brothers. Get help with your essay today, from our professional essay writers!

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Secular groups have been motivated by secular agendas of Vladimir Lenin, Che Guevara, Mao Zedong and so on; while there are groups who draw inspiration from teachings of people like Muslim Brotherhood theoretician Sayyid Qutb, Palestinian theologian Abdullah Yusuf Azzam, Iranian ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini. But there was also a second set of equally powerful forces-the forces of disintegration-including religious and ethnic conflict, an ever-widening North-South gap, religious fundamentalism (Islamic and otherwise) and terrorism. This is not an example of the work produced by our. HOW ARE THE teachings OF islam being misrepresented? Many of the terrorist groups perpetrate violence in the name of Jihad and many a times even without enunciating demands. Ayatollah Khomeini has a vision of wide Shia crescent of one Iran linking Iraq and Lebanon. Modern day Jihad got a fillip in the 1980s when thousands of Jihadists were factory produced by the CIA and the ISI in madrassas of Pakistan using the Saudi money.

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The last pillar is to make a pilgrimage to Mecca (called the Hajj) at least once in a lifetime. Islam and terrorism together. This helps to create within a wide group of otherwise less connected Muslim ethnic groups identification with the victims and with each other as a caring and responsive community for their Muslim brothers. 5 jihad AND suicide terrorism I will now attempt to study how Islamist terrorist organizations are furthering their cause through misrepresenting the concept of Jihad and through suicide terrorism. The magnitude and impact of terrorism has not remained consistent but rather has ebbed and flowed over the course of time. If you knew what it was like to be in my shoes after the 9/11 attacks, you would never make rude comments about Muslims. These are Pakistani groups with declared goal of uniting Kashmir with Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Beyond the death and destruction that the terrorists caused more than 3,000 people were killed in the suicide attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. While the world debated about the first strike in the Iraq War (to be carried out by the.S., Great Britain and their coalition forces moralists all over the world debated about the doctrine of just wars, thereby. Terrorism is a crime against humanity. The strategy being followed by Government of India in J K viz political activism, winning hearts and minds of the people and military action against the terrorists coupled with keeping communication channels even with dissidents open is part. For many of the suicide terrorists Sura 9 Ultimatum, Verse 111 from the Quran preaches the followers of the religion to undertake this venture. Terrorists are those who violate the right to life, liberty and security15 vested in each civilian by the UNs Universal islam against terrorism essay Declaration of Human Rights Resolution: 217 A (III).

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Preservation of the Shariat is an obligation of every able-bodied individual34. Oppression, despotism, injustice and criminal abuse of power35 of the Shariat by Muslims or non-Muslims36, must be punished. Ignatius of Loyola or The Rule. Although the use of violence has been integral to the human beings in the entire process of evolution. The Islamist guerrillas initially fought the Soviet army and today they fight everywhere from Philippines to Kashmir to Iraq and the United States. Perhaps their trainers are aware that ordinary Jihadists in Pakistan are also not well versed with the indepth understanding of Islamic teachings, hence the indoctrination of the terrorists by their handlers in Pakistan is intensely political. First, it embodies a classic ascetical strategy for applying formulaic principles to intended actions. Participants of this movement call for unquestioned devotion and blind obedience25 to the word of God in order to ameliorate un-Islamic conditions. Nancy Connors Biggos22, states that foreign observers are unfamiliar with the extreme interpretations of religious terrorists. The terrorist groups operating around the world can be divided into two categories, the secular and the groups which draw inspiration from religious teachings. Islamic Terrorism Islamic terrorism islam against terrorism essay is a movement in which the violence caused by terrorism is derived from and used to preserve extreme interpretations of the Quran, in an Islamic community.

More important aspect is to make citizens of the country in general and Muslims in particular aware of the true religious practices and teachings of Islam. For them there are Muslim youths in the West who feel a sense of discrimination and alienation because of cultural differences. Lately, most of the terrorismseems to be about. In his own words: Islam has had an essentially political character from its very foundation to the present day. But the moot question is, are the terrorist groups advancing the cause of Islam or some politico religious agenda? Since the 9/11 attacks, my life has completely changed. Second, it shares much in common with repetitive techniques for self-hypnosis. The problems addressed may be social or political: inequality, corruption, and oppression. How did Saddam Hussain interpret Jihad? In fact, the common Muslim believes that you are making him a racial hate target by using the word Islam with terrorism. Islam ; in fact, it contradicts the belief. WHY ARE THE teachings OF, islam, being misrepresented?

The IRA in the 1990s issued warnings, disrupted islam against terrorism essay public transport system and bombed downtown areas on Sunday mornings. The dissertation would aim to study the historical perspective of terrorism, conceptualise terrorism and then determine how religion is used as a motivator for terrorism before studying the Quranic interpretations associated with the violence and finally aim. So is suicide terrorism a case of leader inculcating a sense of achievement in the terrorists and justifying the act in the name of Islam? Why do people judge Muslims by what they hear on the news? While instantaneous and repetitive satellite coverage of worldwide events is enough to show injustices and to even create identification with victims sharing similar ethnic or religious backgrounds it is not sufficiently enough to fuel terrorism.