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Are sports stars paid too much essay

are sports stars paid too much essay

Thirdly, also that stars having good publicity and they have their own business so it is possible that they would have enough money. In addition, jobs, where people's health is at stake, should also be rewarded with a reasonably high amount of money. Secondly, the government should also understand that giving too much money to celebrities is good but whether they can use it for social good causes like education of children, charity works etc. Wages might be plan considering various measures such as how hard are sports stars paid too much essay is the job, educational level, profession. One of these is the type of work that involves a great risk, such as miners who are at risk of being trapped inside a mine. Thirdly, paying very high salaries to the film stars, sports stars or musicians makes an unfair situation to the poor people who are working very hard to make ends meet. I would like to state that there is no fault in paying enough for the film and sports stars, for a range of reasons. A ticket to the first Super Bowl in 1967 was only 12 dollars. Normally, when you finish your work you can return to your home and do whatever you like. They refuse to accuire the basic and crucial education in hope to find their success on the field and the money is the driven engine for them. In addition, sportsmens are exposed to injuries.

Ielts Writing Task 2 Sample 700 - Film stars, pop musicians or sports

This difference also leads to the making of more poor people within the society. To sum up I also feel that entertainers are highly paid and I think these payment systems are sports stars paid too much essay should be done an intelligent and fairly way than this. Of course, even if you are talented it is not enough to succeed. So I would mention that more and more skilled workers also should be given more money because they provide many facilities to the people. Thus, the movie earnings itself would be high, so it would only make sense that they get high pay for playing. Details, last Updated: Friday, 17:15. S and our young generation should have a chance to choose between other professions which are equally paid. For example, policeman or firefighter. Model Answer 2: Superstars of television, film and other media are given a big amount of money and it has become a controversial issue in the entire world. Written by - Vishwa Rahul.

To conclude, I would opine that celebrities should be given money but to some extent that should be restricted and they should be bound to take part in charity and social welfare related tasks. For instance, the movie they starred in might be screened at hundreds of cinemas. Conclusively, the payment made to the film and sports stars is never high, as they possess such qualities which make them admirable and acceptable for the public. I am also in agreement with it and I would suggest that skilled workers also should be paid more. The actors and sports stars are much dedicated in their work and spend their whole life in search of skills which improves their ey not only act but lives in the situation. Do you think film and sports stars are paid too much money. They privacy would be disturb by unwelcome journalists.

Let's discuss in details. Besides, their appearances are often broadcasted all over the world. NFL, NBA, NHL became a near monopoly. They pay much less and risk them life. These all brings into light why these celebrities are deep rooted in to common mans' ople like to follow those eminent personalities in their life.

Are sport stars paid too much?

The first one it is to be understood that if the government and public give more money to the cricketers or to film stars, it may happen that they can use that money on wrong ways. Give reasons and opinion. The government should give them good salaries so they don't have to migrate to other countries. Some people claim that sports stars earn much more than they could spend. In today's world, we can categorise these entertainers are the highest earners in the society. American professional sports leagues have a 25-35 billion dollar revenue each year and it is just completely outlandish. Secondly, these people earn much higher than well-educated ones in the society like doctors, engineers, accountants etc. It can isolate them from 'casual' people. Maybe a future Einstein or Tesla is loosing his best potential on the football or baseball field. I completely agree that to become an athelet takes a lot of efforts and streignt. Hence, the payment done, is more a compliment for their willpower and hard work, than a just incentive. Therefore it becomes essential for them to secure their further future for which money is required. In the conclusion, I believe that the jobs that deal with the betterment of denizens should not be ignored and they must be paid more so as to inculcate an interest in people to opt such fields.

There are a number of reasons why this should be the case. Today, many sports are sports stars paid too much essay stars and entertainers make million of dollars every year. Even so, there are other professions that should also get high salary. Written by ielts Mentor, hits: 32745, ielts Writing Task 2/ ielts Essay: You should spend about 40 minutes on this task. Some people feel that entertainers (e.g. The advertising and commercialization of sport brings enormous profits not only to the athlete and entertainers, but also to many other organization involved in the sport business.

While there are those who enjoy such attention, living under public scrutiny can be quite stressful for others. Hence they must be highly paid. In any field, sport, art or science people should have an equal opportunity to choose from. They are also real heroes of our societies. On the first place, in order to validate my thoughts, there are several reasons. Exurbant salaries of the atheletes and entertainers are not just unfair toward an average are sports stars paid too much essay working. Every occupation has its values and importance. Do you agree or disagree? However, I opine that occupations such as teachers, scientists, social activists, etc. Athletes an entertainers salaries are exuberant. Firstly, they will carry a heavy burden by being constantly under the spotlight. Eventually, people spend a lot of money for sport entertaiments.

Essay 4 - Entertainers are paid too much money - ielts General Training

On the other hand, there are many occupations that takes more risk than in sport. What about firefighters, police officers and fishermen, they exercise the hardest of the jobs and endanger their lives, yet they are not paid even the third of the atheletes salaries. Secondly, youngsters become imaginatively affected and sometimes may be carried away from their actual goals. Film and sports stars do their work with great effort and ese are the fields where effort and practice pays, and not the ey put their whole life and soul to it, and it is then the success sprouts. Most of the government servants might not get good wages as the government cannot arrange the money since entertainers are highly paid. Thats why it may affect the economy of a country. Furthermore, payments should be done according to the job type, not considering the popularity. Rating.90 (5 Votes). Must be paid a large amount as well. Furthermore, social workers bring awareness in the society which helps a country to develop. The most warning problem related to the phenomenal athletes salaries are our young generation. The NBA player LeBron James gets paid 25 million a year for playing a game.

Are sports stars paid too much money?

Area, the agent must know the limitations the sport places on the athlete's ability to endorse products. It has also seen that so many doctors, nurses and even teachers are migrating from undeveloped countries to developed countries to have a better life and earn more. 1 page, 471 words, do you believe that sports stars and entertainers make too much money? Written by - Helen are sports stars paid too much essay Lim, model Answer 4: It is certainly true that people in glamour industry as well as sports persons, get a very high remuneration. There are myriad reasons to support this argument. Written by - Farhan Shekh, model Answer 3: It is a well-known fact that certain professions get paid more than others.

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"Facebook and its Effects on Users' Empathic Social Skills and Life Satisfaction: A Double Edged Sword Effect". Brutus and cassius whisper decius brutus Here lies the east: doth not the day break here? Good Portia, go to bed. A shrewd opportunist, he proves successful but lacks integrity. I believe discussing in a group session about casualty and our own opinions is going to make students, and myself, more comfortable with expressing our own ideas and how we see things later in a professional life. Brutus Good gentlemen, look fresh and merrily; Let not our looks put on our purposes, But bear it as our Roman actors do, With untired spirits and formal constancy: And so good morrow to you every one. Malden, MA: Wiley-Blackwell, 2012. Brutus O, name him not: let us not break with him; For he will never follow any thing That other men begin. Script of Act II Julius Caesar.

Caesar Go bid the priests do present sacrifice And bring me their opinions of success. Yes they get paid too much not only do they get paid for the sports they play they also get paid for their endorsements which only doubles their pay. Julius Caesar opens with a scene of class conflict, the plebeians versus the tribunes. "Mark Zuckerberg Testimony: Senators Question are sports stars paid too much essay Facebook's Commitment to Privacy". Casca (KAS-kuh Caius Ligarius, caius Ligarius (lih-GAY-ree-uhs Cinna, cinna (sihn-uh and, metellus Cimber. Are Sports Stars paid too much money? The NBA player LeBron James gets paid 25 million a year for playing a game. You've ungently, Brutus, Stole from my bed: and yesternight, at supper, You suddenly arose, and walk'd about, Musing and sighing, with your arms across, And when I ask'd you what the matter was, You stared upon me with. Kaplan Andreas.; Haenlein Michael (2010).

are sports stars paid too much essay

Essay about too much payment for film and sports stars - feed back

He explains, "What touches us are sports stars paid too much essay ourself shall be last served" (3.1.7). If you require any further information or help, please visit our. Mark Antony to strike his wife, calpurnia in order to cure her barrenness. Multi-national companies also scramble to sponsor these athletes so that when the. Some of his advice to Brutus is good.

Casca - A public figure opposed to Caesars rise to power. Burke, Moira; Kraut, Robert; Marlow, Cameron (2011). The enduring works of William Shakespeare feature many famous and well loved characters. Film and sports stars do their work with great effort and ese are the fields where effort and practice pays, and not are sports stars paid too much essay the ey put their whole life and soul to it, and it is then the success sprouts. GT Writing Task 2 (Essay Writing) Sample #. Portia Is Brutus sick? Remorse from power: and, to speak truth of Caesar, I have not known when his affections sway'd. Are movie stars being paid too much? Why English is so important Essay.ufeffCuauhtémoc Len Cortés Why language study is necessary for English teachers?

Sports stars are paid too much for their talent

Nowadays we require English even to operate computer, which is a compulsory are sports stars paid too much essay thing in modern society. Worlds famous are available in sides, English helps to know about cultures of other people, discoveries,inventions and life styles of the other nations. Can the wages of our top Sports Stars really be justified? Antony - A friend of Caesar. Sports stars are those who play for our country they challenge other countries in their. Last year Forbes Sports Money listed that the top 50 earners, earnt an average of 28 Million for the financial year. What, is Brutus sick, And will he steal out of his wholesome bed, To dare the vile contagion of the night And tempt the rheumy and unpurged air To add unto his sickness? The paper gives an overview of this patient s care, which includes nursing diagnoses and interventions, as well as the patient s treatment care plan. Which other types of job should be highly paid. Because through language, humanity is able to express its ideas, feelings, sensations, beliefs, etc. Why do you think that is? A b c Hayat, Tsahi; Samuel-Azran, Tal.

Calpurnia Say he is sick. They are those who brings respect to our country when they play nicely. Wherefore rise you now? Correa, Teresa; Hinsley, Amber. So your question is why sport stars are paid too much? Any means of communicating ideas, specifically, human speech, the are sports stars paid too much essay expression of ideas by the voice and sounds articulated by the organs of the throat and mouth is a language. No/Land/Liberia show mdg Updated: unkown. Speech- Speech refers to vocalised sounds. Here is a band.5 ielts essay on this topic submitted by one of our students.

Some people feel that entertainers (

She swallowed live embers after Antony and Octavius assumed power. Brutus O ye gods, Render me worthy of this noble wife! Even they put their life. 1 month 2 days ago. Popular Essays Become a StudyMode Member Sign Up - It's Free. Do you agree or disagree? We can enjoy reading various literary books in English. Skip to main content, academia. 173 Twitter is increasingly a target of heavy activity of marketers. That's why they are are sports stars paid too much essay payed too much money because they represent our country.

As such, I feel that the positive externalities these sports stars generate can justify the salary that they receive and thus, they are not being paid too much money. Antony remarks, "This was the noblest Roman of them all" (5.5.67). On average, someone in the United States suffers a stroke every 53 seconds; every.3 minutes someone dies of one. More about the essay. Via, feel free to ask questions, clarifications or discounts available when placing your order. Please see our, guide for Authors for information on article submission. The authors of "Who Compares and Despairs? Jump to Last Post 1-9 of 9 discussions (9 posts). Of all the wonders that I yet have heard. Such sports stars teach many aspiring athletes that the ordinary could become the extraordinary as long as they put their heart, soul and. Write about the following topic: Some people feel that entertainers (e.g. Bakshy,., Messing,., Adamic,.

Film stars, pop.)

"The power of prediction with social media". First of all, novel improves vocabulary expansion and reading skills of the learners. Because English was used to are sports stars paid too much essay develop communication, technology, programming, software, etc, it dominates the web. 161 At the same time, a 2017 shown that there is a link between social media addiction and negative mental health effects. For those who received any aid, the total average amount received was 9,100(nces. But if these, As I am sure they do, bear fire enough To kindle cowards and to steel with valour The melting spirits of women, then, countrymen, What need we any spur but our own cause, To prick us to redress? "Informing ourselves to death". But, alas, Caesar must bleed for it! Brutus I have been up this hour, awake all night.

Cassius eventually arrives and learns from Casca that the senators are planning on making Caesar a king the next morning. From the first, he mistrusts men who, like Cassius, have a lean and hungry look. Casca meets with, cicero and tells the orator that there are many strange things happening in Rome that night, such as a lion in the streets and an owl screeching during the day. Maybe the only thing to be done by the teachers on this subject is to advise a method. Soothsayer About the ninth hour, lady. Its the third largest cause of death, ranking behind diseases of the heart and all forms of cancer. .