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Essay on china's cultural revolution

essay on china's cultural revolution

With all of the focus on steel output, agricultural productivity decreased. If this be the mode of thinking and the bent of mind of the working class, then only, while they take part in socialist construction, a sense of complete dedication would grow and prevail among them and. The Chinese leadership did not fail to take lessons from all this. But in spite of all this education, the leaders fell victim to bureaucratic style of work again and again and reflected a typical apolitical attitude in their day-to-day behaviour and activities. Mao supported the Red Guards, advocates of the Cultural Revolution, in there efforts of these mass purges in and article entitled "Bombard and Headquarters".

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Similarly, if somebody can provide a better solution to any problem or can help them with an enriched theory, he should advance. The Cultural Revolution was a great political movement that took place in the Peoples Republic of China in 1966. Naturally, if proper precaution is not taken in time, such eventualities may very well arise. The organizers of the present Cultural Revolution of China hold that different types of counter-revolutionary trends and tendencies are growing within their party too and they charge that even some of the top ranking leaders are not free from the pernicious influence of all these. Questions have been raised centring round some mistakes and shortcomings of the Cultural Revolution of China.

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They had to follow the rules implemented by the farmers communes and their new democratic culture which was now being heavily implemented by all villages in the rural areas during the Cultural Revolution period. But much of the old teachings of Mao Zedong lose their bearing, significance and impact on those communists of the new generation who are living today at a relatively higher stage of economic and industrial development in the socialist society. The whole thing has been put so beautifully that the word to know carries two different connotations representing two different levels of knowledge. Because, in order to augment production, there is the necessity for Cultural Revolution. That is, a minimum level of theoretical understanding is considered indispensable here. Because, only the urge for proletarian revolution and the practice of proletarian politics and culture can help the army of a socialist country acquire decisive and invincible strength which no bourgeois mercenary army equipped with all the modern arms even can face or contain. The economism, in the period after revolution, obstructs the workers from being conscious of their responsibility as cadres of international proletarian revolution, hinders their sense of obligation to the society and dampens the urge for complete dedication and sacrifice which. Naturally, when after the socialist revolution it was necessary to further intensify class struggle, when the practice of proletarian culture ought to have been further heightened, when it was indispensable to keep uninterrupted this practice and the process. This is what they are going.

But even in a socialist society, as the state still exists as an instrument of coercion, mans struggle for emancipation has entered into a new historical phase. Perhaps the fact of Mao Zedongs emergence as a great hero before the whole nation might have even hurt and stirred up the personal ego of some individuals. And the possibility cannot be ruled out altogether that if such an eventuality does really arise, she will get no help from the socialist camp. Revolutionaries are never afraid of criticism. These tendencies very often create a particular mood in the writers which they enjoy and relish. To fight reactionary ideologies, first of all, China has accomplished anti-imperialist, anti-feudal peoples democratic revolution. In this struggle the conduct of both sides may suffer from mechanical approach, and in fact it does. . So, the writings of Mao Zedong have been found inspiring to those who are fighting in the jungles of Vietnam against imperialism or even to us, considering the present relatively backward stage of class struggle in our country. But the question is : why were these non-revolutionary trends and tendencies growing in China in the working style of the party? The"tion of Mao Zedong has its utility only if it is used in the context of a concrete situation with a view to developing a correct understanding about the sense of discipline and the question of allegiance to party bodies. Retrieved, from m/topics/cultural-revolution Hsu,. Even today, the ideological appeals of the CPC that have been found effective in rousing and inspiring the people are essentially based on the spirit of self-sacrifice founded on the bourgeois humanist values, that is to say, surrendering self-interest.

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Word Count: 1447, bibliography, chang,. And if this process continues, then this would essay on china's cultural revolution give birth to revisionism and that would only help in the restoration of capitalism. Many of these actually brought bitterness and injury to the Chinese people. But since the aim and object of socialist revolution is to establish social ownership and control in place of private and individual ownership and control over the means of production by the people under the leadership of the working class. Mechanical concept of leadership The emergence of Mao Zedong as the great leader of Chinese Revolution is no doubt a historic event.

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And all these are happening and working inside the party in the name of socialism and under cover of revolutionary verbiage and Marxist-Leninist scholasticism. If, taking advantage of their party position, persons in the leadership use this principle of party discipline that all workers of Cultural Revolution must abide by the decision of the party body with the ulterior object of stifling the Cultural. But today the whole current has been reversed there has been a great setback in the world communist movement, the imperialists are taking the most aggressive steps and forces of counter-revolution and subversion are on the offensive everywhere. But whatever may be the advancement in the field of modernization of arms, if the army of a socialist country is not imbued with the spirit of proletarian culture and revolution, then in culture and character it remains in . Now, in this particular context, since the term essay on china's cultural revolution revolutionary change is not at all appropriate, as it always connotes progress and advancement of society, they could have easily called it a counter-revolutionary change following the process of evolution.

That the necessary and essay on china's cultural revolution adequate ideological standard may not always be maintained in a party at the time of revolution or after it, is quite obvious. They can ill-afford to discard. The objective necessity of organizing and leading revolution to victory in any country always calls for the emergence of such a leader of the leaders. As a result, behind the urge of a worker to produce more actually works his sense of privilege and material benefit as, otherwise, the talk of socialism or higher production has no meaning to him. Because, it is quite likely that some changes may have to be incorporated here and there. But so far as the concept of struggle is concerned, the old idea still prevails in them. In case of such changes in society, the nodal point is not always so much vivid. As a result, both Mao and Liu may be influenced by this to some extent. Those who aspire to overthrow the opponents from state power through mass upsurge would have to work in the ideological-cultural spheres to organize the masses on the basis of ideology, politics and culture of their own class. There are some defects, shortcomings or even weaknesses in it and it is not at all unnatural for these to crop up in such a gigantic affair but these are not what the bourgeois and the revisionist press circles are trying to make out. Edinburgh glasgow NEW york toronto melbourne wellington bombay. Again a wave of struggles followed by a period of stability will appear in succession. Mao praised the actions of the Red Guards campaigns to develop socialism and democracy.

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Let us take, for example, another observation of Mao : The citizens should know and the soldiers should know and work. Criticizing this directive, it has been observed that : It would add to the blindness and servile attitude of the general workers. But for this, they should neither feel embarrassed nor be distracted from the main objective. Frankly speaking, we did not expect that even the CPC would so promptly apply this principle in practice on such a massive scale. The Cultural Revolution involved virtually all Chinese people and indirectly many other countries in the world. When restoration of capitalism actually takes place, it must be kept in mind that the change involves both the processes, the evolutionary change as also the revolutionary,.e., abrupt change, indicating that there is a nodal point, a break, which. Ideological struggle took place in Russia also.

It is only by achieving a complete success in this struggle through cultural revolution that a basic and qualitative transformation in the content and outlook of the individuals desire and its fulfillment would take place. The whole programme is the outcome of Mao Zedongs contemplation. That the individuals struggle for emancipation enters a new and complex height in a socialist society they have not been able to correctly grasp the nature of this particular phenomenon and give it a theoretical basis. Fourthly, China apprehends that she may have to face a war any day although the forces of peace throughout the world and their power of resistance have gained such strength today that it is very difficult for the US imperialists to unleash a world war. But there is no denying the fact that he is highly equipped theoretically. They are doing this knowing full well that this may pose serious problems. Trends and tendencies of individualism and cult of personality create unnecessary complications in ideological struggles and the results of the struggle depend, to a very great extent, on the intensity of these trends and tendencies of individualism.

There are references to all this in the Report to the 19th Congress of the cpsu which was held just before Stalins death. Agricultural production began to substantially improve and rural industry took off in Jimo County. It must be kept in mind that so long as the emergence of a leader as the concretized and personified expression of collective leadership does not take place, all tall claims of collective leadership would, in reality, mean nothing but formal democratic leadership. These expressions are quite logical and effective in the concrete conditions and if applied correctly and in the right place, they would yield good results. We hold that in any movement in which people are actively involved, chances of committing mistakes would be less. The revolution was launched by Mao Zedong, the Chairman of the Communist Party of China, in order to regain control after the Great Leap Forward. During this turbulent decade, China also encountered difficulties, setbacks and isolation in the international relations area in the late 1960s and only made some efforts to try and improve its relations with other countries and expand its diplomatic base in the 1970s. So, there should be a line of difference between the attitude towards the real enemy and that against those who are common men but are behaving like enemies under the influence of the bourgeois ideology or are being confused by the reactionary forces. Not always can they keep themselves free from.

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Moreover, it is difficult to visualize the situation that would follow in the event of an imperialist attack on China. Historical role of individual as leader Now, different circles, not excluding the communists, have raised certain points of criticism and expressed some reservations about the Cultural Revolution of China. And secondly, when on the basis of either unanimous or majority decision, unity would be achieved through wider participation of the people in a struggle in which conflicts and interaction of diverse thinking and ideas take place. Most of the old and experienced members of the Central Committee, including Mao Zedong are already above seventy. Farmers were given the opportunity of medical training and the building of health centers was established in the countryside to help further improvement of life in the rural areas. If you are to inspire and involve the masses of people in social movements, then so long as the active members of the party as well as the people do not acquire the highest standard of communist consciousness. So, where lies the difficulty in knowing theory even without taking active part in the struggle or putting in any work? Under cover of this queer explanation of socialism, the old sense of bourgeois individual freedom and right makes its debut in a socialist society.

essay on china's cultural revolution

But because it is not so vivid, it cannot be construed from this that such changes involving qualitative transformation of one form of society into another can take place only through the process of evolution. But the instruments of the cultural revolution would be remaining even then and would continue to operate. Here, the term to know has been used in the sense of real knowledge. Besides, it should be remembered that even after all these years of revolution, in Russia as well as in China, the number of people adapted to Marxist-Leninist way of thinking are very few in comparison to the vast population. To practise proletarian politics in the military. But there it remained confined within the party. As a result of all of this chaos and unfortunate climate conditions a widespread famine fell over the land. But here, the enemy infiltrates stealthily, the party falls victim to it unconsciously today the struggle is against all this.

Lexander gerard, Profefibr. Get help with your essay today from our professional essay writers! Everything must be judged by the yardstick of objective reality. But this"tion has been used out of context. In other words, more and more demands for greater individual freedom and rights would be raised. In our party, too, such things do happen sometimes. This movement did not have any effect on Chinese politics. This is why the Chinese leadership did not adopt, from the very beginning, the policy of forcibly ousting the anti-party and counter-revolutionary forces by using the state machine. They cannot shut their eyes to the stark reality, which is causing a great anxiety, too, in them, that this most experienced batch of the leaders, all growing old, would pass away at close intervals of time. Historical dictionary of the Chinese Cultural Revolution (1st.). This first generation of educated rural youth helped village production brigades begin to mechanize agriculture, develop irrigation on a large scale, introduce chemical fertilizer, and experiment with new seeds, crops, and methods, and they also staffed the more than 2,500. Pernicious impact of economism This economism that grows among the workers after revolution is different from the economism that prevailed among them before revolution. If the leadership is not sufficiently careful in time about it, there is every possibility of slipping into subjectivism later.

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Mechanical use of"tions Recently, a craze has been discernible among the workers of the CPC and the Chinese people of using"tions in general, and those of Mao Zedong in particular. The present Chinese leadership is contemplating to give a permanent shape to the existing organizations essay on china's cultural revolution of the Cultural Revolution. This way of coming to an agreement indicates that blindness and mechanical thinking continue to persist. Perhaps that is why he is being named Khrushchev, modern Khrushchev he is being accused of having a leaning towards revisionism. To fight casual attitude, sixthly, those who are the living soul and forces of the Chinese Revolution today,.e., the communist cadres and others who are engaged in different spheres of activities military, cultural, and different branches of production.

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Although this revolution had terrible consequences during the short term such as millions of people suffering or being killed the revolution proved beneficial in its long term as it impacted the entire country for decades to come. In this way it would be clear whether they are pretenders and are enemies, or have committed mistakes from genuine confusions. In the manner of typical bureaucratic officers, these leaders follow the routine of attending office in office hours, clearing files, issuing orders, notices and circulars, attending meetings to deliver lectures and that is all. So, in this transformation of society from socialism to capitalism, there exist both the processes evolutionary and revolutionary, here counter-revolutionary, indicating both continuity and break. In socialism, the workers will automatically get its benefit more and more with the growth of production and there will be continuous uplift of the standard of living of the working people. The members of the editorial board must all be of such a high standard or else all will be lost it is wrong to harbour such an illusion. Only at such a stage of development of collective leadership can a party eliminate the tendencies of ultra-democracy arising from the hidden influence of individualism that is very often found in a party and can give defeat to all such trends. Conclusion, in conclusion essay on china's cultural revolution life during the Cultural Revolution period in China for the rural areas was quite successful. New York: Monthly Review Press. For example, many workers at different levels have already left the party or been relieved of their responsibilities a fate which Liu Shaoqi or some other groups may be awaiting.

It was our experience of the Russian Revolution, and we are experiencing the same in the Chinese Revolution. Well, widespread chaos and disturbances. As a result, those very people whose emancipation is the object of revolution and for which they are being inspired, fall prey to another preconception. So far as I feel, due to the low level of consciousness of the general members of the party and the people, the standard which is required for conducting ideological struggle, free from all sorts of influences of individualism, is not there at present. New York: Penguin Press. What reflects truth in a particular context and in a given condition does not necessarily reflect the objective reality in another context and in a different condition. Naturally, nothing can save the revolution at a critical hour other than the firm unity of the party and the people in the ideological-political field, at least up to a certain level. If this is not conducted correctly, it brings mechanization within the party and gives birth to authoritarianism.