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Essay on india as a secular state

essay on india as a secular state

The Christians, who are much lesser in number, are accused of being more loyal to the Vatican, another outside force and of trying to convert poor Hindus with inducements of education and food. Daring the last forty-one years, the congress has exerted its utmost efforts to pollute and corrupt the Hindu religion in order to please the minority communities with a view to winning their votes. Why are there so much destruction, ruthless killings and callous indifference to the plight of people of another community? In India politics essay on india as a secular state is separated from religion. Secularism in the Indian context should imply respect for pluralism and a non-coercive and a voluntary recourse to change. The prosperous classes in rural India have also actively promoted the VHP and other communal forces. During the freedom struggle, secularism was emerging as the most dominant principle.

Essay on India as a Secular State

Policies have been anti-oppressed, rather than pro Muslim. Unlike in the West, where secularism came mainly out of the conflict between the Church and the State, secularism in India was conceived as a system that sustained religious essay on india as a secular state and cultural pluralism. All these point to a state of affairs where genuine secularism has taken a back seat. We should value democratic, not fascistic, unity. Secularism introduces science, technology and rationalism in the society and forms the basis of a modern secular state. People still think in terms of their communities and move in communal groups. Even at this stage, though constitution was secular, the state apparatus: the bureaucracy, the judiciary, the army and the police were infiltrated by communal elements.

Today, the biggest challenge to the Indian nation is coming from forces claiming to represent the mainstream majority. But how far are we, the people and secular in thought, word and deed? Political parties are not formed on a religious basis, but how is it that there are some distinctly communal parties in this secular country? In Gandhijis view, secularism stands for equal respects for all religions. Smith, the secular State is a State which guarantees individual and corporate freedom of religion, deals with the individual as a citizen respective of his religion, is not constitutionally connected to a Particular religion nor does it seek either. The fact, however, is that the social and the economic conditions of the Muslim community is dismal. The founding fathers represented the aspirations of the different sections of society and it is due to the struggles of these different people that secular principles got enshrined into the Indian constitution. In a country with over 140 million Muslims and million of Christians, to say nothing of hundreds of other castes and communities, this can have very dangerous consequences.

Essay on India A Secular State - Worlds

All religions have been given equal chance and treated alike by the State. This is communalism, pure and unadulterated. Are Muslim States and they are not secular in nature. There are cases where admissions to educational institutions are decided on a basis essay on india as a secular state that is anything but secular. Secularism became the mantra of the Indian nation, a nation exhausted by partition and sectarian riots and above all the assassination of Gandhiji, did not want any more divisive talk. The State would look after your secular welfare, health, communications, foreign relations, currency and so on, but not your or my religion. In the end, secularism begins in the heart of every individual. Further, the fact that 130 million Muslims decided to stay back in India rather than joining Pakistan, should settle their status as true citizens. By and large people live united. They refused to recognize the contributions of Muslims and other minorities, to India's history and culture. That is everybody's personal concern!". When we look around us and examine the working of various non-government institutions, the various political parties, especially national parties, which are supposed to have thrown their membership open to all communities, we find that the spirit of secularism is being flouted day after day. The communal forces are actively propagating the myth that Secularism is a new mask of fundamentalism.

The ostensible reason for this fury was the burning of a train coach that was carrying Hindu pilgrims returning from Ayodhya. Why do communal riots take place with such disconcerting frequency wherever members of both communities live in parts of the same city or town? Under this ideology he wrote a special article in our constitution, banning religious instruction in any educational institution maintained by government. They contain the clear directive that no religious instruction shall be provided in any educational institution wholly maintained out of State funds. Articles 25 to 30 of the Constitution relating the freedom of religion and freedom to manage religious affairs are more specific. We have to speak in English or in the language of the State. Advertisements: No other country has people speaking so many languages, belonging to so many religions. India being a secular state, there is no state or preferred religion as such and all religions enjoy the same constitutional protection without any favor or discrimination. It's all about culture, religion and ritual, all cleverly juxtaposed with nationalism: what is Hindu is Indian and from that follows, what is not Hindu is not Indian. The attack on the Mosque at Ayodhya led to a rash of violence across the country. They selectively concentrated on intolerant Muslim rulers, extending their often-brutal conduct to the entire period of Muslim rule and, even to all Muslims.

This took an aggressive form when the Babri MasjidRamjanambhoomi controversy erupted. Advertisements: India is a Socialist, Secular Democratic Republic pledged to secure all its citizens justice, liberty and equality, and to promote among the all fraternity, assuring the dignity of the individual and the unity of nation. India is a Secular State for Muslims and Christians only. Article is prohibits discrimination on grounds of religion, race, caste etc. Advertisements: The Constitution of India had abolished the system of communal electorate that had been introduced by the Morley-Minto Reforms in 1909. A Secular State does not mean a Godless or anti-religious State. The Congress government, though predominantly secular, had many leaders in important positions who were influenced by a Hindu communal ideology.

424 words short essay on India, the Secular State

They alone can hold high or even low offices. The battle of secularism and democracy has also to be fought at the grass root levels where a set ideals generating strong idealism is required to mobilize and prepare the masses for struggle. A Human Right's Watch report paints a chilling picture of state complicity in the religious violence in Gujarat. In fact, Islam, like most other religions, regards secularism as a dangerous challenge. Fundamentalism is the regressive reaction of feudal elements and sections of middle classes in league with the clergy, to crush the aspirations of oppressed class, whose movements for their rights essay on india as a secular state is a big source of tension for them. India is noted for its secularism which means noninterference in others religious practices, viewing India as a composite nation with diverse cultures, languages and lifestyles. Further, Hindutva forces accuse that secularism pampers the Muslims as a vote bank.

This naked fact is known to all. Respect for diversity not only embodies the essay on india as a secular state democratic spirit, it is the real guarantee of unity. By undermining Hindus culture and religion the Congress has kept itself in power. In an ideal, well-established, modern polity, religion should have no connection whatever with politics. The state does not owe loyalty to any particular religion as suck; it is not irreligious or anti-religion; it gives equal freedom for all religions and holds that the religion of the citizen has nothing to do in the. In these countries the practice of the Muslim religion is encouraged. They denigrate the secular policies, which are a hindrance to Hindu Right's unobstructed march to subjugate the oppressed in general and minorities in particular. They try to lure these classes into their fold through religion and liberal use of money and muscle power.

No democratic society can downgrade diversity and pluralism in the name of unity. If India had accepted Jinnahs suggestion and decided herself a Hindu essay on india as a secular state State as Pakistan declared itself Muslim State, the position of 6 Crore Muslims, would have been untenable. Supporting the BJP was the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, a relatively new outfit with branches all over the world and drawing on support, both moral and financial, from the Hindu diaspora in the West. Poet Coleridges words are relevantHe who begins by loving Christianity better than truth will proceed by loving his own sect or Church better than Christianity find end by loving himself better than all. Was quick to take up the mantle of 'the' communal party, riding on the wave of the post-mandal upper class/caste backlash. Caste still rules the roost at the time of elections. These religious differences divide India.

It is in fact, a travesty of secularism. If we review closely the working of our political parties, we shall find that candidates for elections are often chosen on communal considerationsHindu candidates for constituencies having a predominantly Hindu electorate, Muslim candidates for areas where the majority. And yet recent political and social events have questioned this declaration. Advertisements: India is a country of religions. With the social changes of the late 70's and the early 80's, communalism got a strong boost and it started attacking secularism in a big way. The biggest area of concern is that the state has emerged to be complicit, as an actor and player in mounting this challenge to Indian pluralism, which goes under the name of Hindutva. Image Source: m, religious instruction in educational institutions wholly maintained out of State funds is prohibited, and even in any privately managed institutions recognised or aided by the State, no one can be compelled to participate in any religious instruction or worship conducted in them.

Essay on Secularism in India - A myth

Outbursts of communal frenzy are totally incompatible with true secularism, and every well-educated community should have no narrow considerations of religion and caste in worldly matters. Advertisements: The goal of One World is still far, far away, but since independence the Government of this country has undeniably kept itself aloof from religious controversies, not taking any side and taking all possible measures to ensure to every. The government cannot ask them to get themselves sterilized because India is a Secular State. The burgeoning neo-middle classes have emerged as pivotal points that embraced consumerism as modernity but simultaneously began looking towards culture and tradition for support. There exist multifarious religious groups in the country but, in spite of this the constitution stands for secular state of India and declares India as a Sovereign, Socialist, Secular, Democratic, Republic. India as a secular State guarantees individual and corporate religious freedom. It essay on india as a secular state also has a strong tradition of freedom of conscience and tolerance of religious diversity that is not rightly projected by the Hindutva forces. It explicitly prohibited any taxation by the State for the religious purposes. Thus, complete religious freedom, with the absence of any compulsion whatsoever in religious matters, does the supreme law of the and, legally guarntee India is, therefore, rightly described as a secular country in which the State has. The State does not profess any State religion nor does it discriminate against any. That is the legal position. Advertisements: Pakistan is a theocratic state. No one is disabled to hold any office on the ground of religion.