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February of Junior Year: Approach a teacher about being your EE advisor (if he or she says no, keep asking others until you find one…

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Institute of Educational Sciences. Retrieved April 6, 2016. Hoover, Eric (August 24, 2007). 7 The new exam was administered for the first time in March 2016. Each SAT Reading…

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60 exists between violence against women and violence against children in the same families (National Resource Centre on Domestic Violence, 2002. Family violence is an umbrella term used to…

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Vanderbilt graduate school thesis

vanderbilt graduate school thesis

December 15, 2017: Research from the Pint lab on using 2D materials for electrochemical energy harvesting is featured as one of the 20 most popular research stories in 2017 from Vanderbilt University. . March 29, 2018: Prof. For more program and application details please visit our website, www. April 1, 2018: Prof. Rise provides underrepresented students majoring in biology, biochemistry, psychology and physics opportunities vanderbilt graduate school thesis to complete research training.

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ACS Applied Materials Interfaces highlights the scientific challenges toward using carbon dioxide to make the novel and valuable single-walled carbon nanotubes, but while making the smallest diameter nanotubes and hence most valuable materials ever produced from carbon dioxide captured from the air. . Students majoring in Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics or Statistics can add a quantitative biology concentration to their major. . She started a challenging project to incorporate an electrochemical energy harvester into a fabric template, and not only did that, but her work has resulted in the best performing energy harvesting material ever recorded to date. . Today, she defended her. A locating commission chose. Relative to some research vanderbilt graduate school thesis groups, that level of independent progress would be grounds for granting the.

August 9, 2017: Prof. These amazing facilities, and this early picture, will go down in history as the seed of greatness. . A century of growth has made WKU a respected center of learning and a place where students can succeed on a global level. One of the things people will come to know about me is that I have a good deal of energy, a great deal of passion, and we are going to sprint not walk, not run to the next level." President Timothy. Outside of the meetings and talks, Prof. Way to go Rebeca! Cary Pints favorite pastime is chatting about world-impacting ideas about energy systems over a shot or two of espresso. .

For more than 50 years, WKU has offered courses beyond the Bowling Green campus. Beginning as a Normal School, what we now know as Western Kentucky University began as a normal school. On June 16, 1966 Western Kentucky State College became. Hui-Ming Cheng at the most exciting time in history for energy storage researchers! To find out more click here. Download Acrobat Reader Download Quicktime Western Kentucky University 1906 College Heights Blvd. Pint attended the 2017 ECS Meeting held in New Orleans, LA, and in three days of the conference gave 3 talks (2 contributed, and one invited and chaired two sessions. .

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Nano- and Additive-Manufacturing were hot topics this year at imece! Pint delivered an invited talk entitled, Controlling Interfaces for Stable Metal Anodes and Sulfur Cathodes at the Interfaces for Energy Storage session at the 2017 Materials Research Society (MRS) Fall Meeting in Boston,. . October 26, 2017: Prof. More colleges and reorganization followed throughout the years as WKU continued to expand. Honors vanderbilt graduate school thesis College at WKU. Equally as important, the Honors College experience is helping these scholars make their educational and career dreams come true. Pint gave an invited talk in the 3M Nanotech Forum Seminar Series, and today Prof.

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The name was shortened to Western Kentucky State Teachers College in 1930, and the following year the master of arts degree was first offered. Anna gave a pitch at the MegaWatt Ventures Business Plan Competition and walked away with a 10,000 cash prize! . WKU serves students at three regional campuses. Pint has been selected as an Associate Editor for the. Good luck on the next step of your career! Pint Team, March 2019: from left to right Kate Moyer, Janna Eaves, Jackson Meng, Murt Zohair, John Waugh, Anna Douglas, and Cary Pint. This is a huge honor way to go Anna Douglas, who is. 31, 2017, resulting in mature and successful programs at the college. Pint, was named as one the top 500 deep tech start-ups in the world by Hello Tomorrow, a global non-profit. . May 17, 2019: The Pint Lab is moving! . Shown is Andrew presenting his award winning poster at ECS. This is the premier society and meeting for researchers at the intersection of materials science and energy. Skirball Science Learning Center, the, skirball Science Learning Center (sslc) provides comprehensive assistance to all Hunter College students in all areas of the natural sciences and technology.

As Western Kentucky State Teachers College's mission broadened, its name was shortened in 1948 to Western Kentucky State College. Thomas Meredith took office as WKU's eighth president on August 31, 1988. Also, others in our lab are making impact in their careers. . Way to go Jennifer! Granted from the Pint lab team! . August 30, 2017: Our work on 2D material building blocks for energy harvesters was featured in NBC news, alongside two other groundbreaking papers published in Science and Nature Energy recently.

Looking forward to the next ECS Meeting! We are a resonantly productive team of researchers who have a passion to explore new ways to solve challenges in the area of energy and environmental applications. . In just the last week, Pint has delivered invited talks at the Naval Research Laboratory in Washington DC, the University of Maryland College Park, and at the 4th Intl. Use and Interpret Experimental Design from Current Literature in Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology. Pint gave an invited talk at the Techtextil North America Conference in a symposium focused on Smart Textiles. . During his inaugural year, President Caboni is leading a comprehensive strategic planning process to serve as a roadmap for Western Kentucky Universitys next decade of growth.

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Prior work from our lab making it into this list were (2016) Cheap batteries processed from junkyard scraps, (2014) Materials that store energy and bear mechanical load, and (2013) Supercapacitors integrated into silicon chips using graphene coatings. . William Buhro, our Nanoday speaker, and other award winners. Click Here, hunter's Quantitative Biology Initiative, hunter College is one of only nine institutions of higher education in the country to offer an interdisciplinary program in quantitative biology. Degree program or a postdoctoral research experience? Delo is the outreach arm of the university, offering both credit and non-credit classes to students of all ages. At the time. Way to go Kate!

To Access the Gene Center Mail Server. May 16, 2017: Prof. D programs in biomedical sciences. WKU has housed the, carol Martin Gatton Academy of Mathematics and Science in Kentucky since 2007. This is the result of long-term funding to PI Professor Shirley Raps from Sept. July 13, 2017: SkyNano, a spin-off company led by graduate student Anna Douglas and Prof. His diligence led to the start of classes on January 22, 1907. The owner of the Southern Normal School, Henry Hardin Cherry, had been actively involved in the campaign to establish teacher training schools and became WKU's first president., biology Club News, interested in Pursuing a Graduate Degree? The mission of the Department of Biological Sciences parallels that of Hunter College: to provide a quality education for our undergraduate and graduate students, enabling them to participate productively in their chosen pursuits. Excited for more to come!

Pint visited the grave. Anna Douglas, a graduate student in Pints lab, who was named as a 2019. Among the many benefits of this innovative program are access to competitive scholarships, small classes, training by a multidisciplinary team of research scientists and dedicated academics, individual mentoring, the opportunity to participate in research conducted at Hunter and nationally, topnotch. Kate marks the fourth NSF Graduate fellow on our team in a row, giving an 80 success ratio for our laboratory among the last 5 fellowship applicants. . Contact Us, site Development: Digital Strategies (Division of Communications). Summarize and Articulate Advanced Research and Theoretical Concepts. In 1965, the Board of Regents approved the formation of three more colleges: the Potter College of Liberal Arts, the College of Education, and the Ogden College of Science and Technology.

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Shown at left is Tommy Metke, a 5th year researcher in the Pint lab and rising senior mechanical engineering undergraduate student at Vanderbilt. It was established to bring together all health and human services programs under one administrative unit. He will cap off 6 amazing years of productive research efforts by spending his last summer here finalizing some of the research projects he has developed the ideas and initial results for in the past few years. . to work with a team focused on energy harvesting applications. . Shown in this picture is John and Anna along with Yi after his talk and at the conclusion of the Nanoday event. Currently, the program provides financial and professional development support for up to 15 undergraduates and. August 2, 2018: A warm goodbye to our summer REU student, Rebeca Gurrola, who presented a poster today on her summer research in our group. . May 22, 2018: Prof. This includes recruiting a faculty member to create a bioinformatics program, supporting research by junior faculty in biology, curriculum changes and innovations in biology for undergraduates, increasing support for undergraduate research, enhancing science education for teachers and their students. Degree offerings have expanded to meet the needs of the region and state and include programs in electrical, civil and mechanical engineering and three stand-alone doctoral programs: educational leadership, nursing practice and physical therapy. Shigeo Maruyama (University of Tokyo). . June 1, 2018: Making headlines! .

"I think the next decade of growth at WKU is going to be as, if not more, exciting than the previous decade. He was also tied to the university through his graduate work. WKU's ninth president, Gary. Scholarship Opportunity SciMON (Science Mathematics Opportunities Network) is an innovative institutional initiative designed to enhance the extraordinary research and mentoring programs available to students who study science and mathematics at Hunter College. August 30, 2018: Anna Douglas and Cary Pint took on the 36:86 Entrepreneurship meeting in Nashville,. .

vanderbilt graduate school thesis

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Shown in the picture are the finalists, including Mrs. The campus became fully computer-networked, two new residence halls and a health and activities center opened, and WKU's, hall of Distinguished Alumni and Athletic Hall of Fame were established. The Biology department occupies the 8th and 9th floors of the Hunter North building. Graduate Degree Programs, graduate Admissions, graduate Student Information, graduation - Commencement Information. October 27, 2017: Huge Congratulations to Mengya Li! . Perform quantitative analyses in Biology, biology Graduate (M.A.) and.A./M.A. He demonstrated the first capacitive deionization process using silicon materials, he engineered non-flammable solid state electrolytes, and he demonstrated a way to incorporate energy storage into solar photovoltaic cells in a very elegant way! . Anna Douglas (center) and. Andrew Westover, who is now a Staff Scientist at ornl, was featured as a leader in battery research by ACS Energy Letters one of the top energy journals in the world. . Pint has secured a sponsored research contract with Kuraray America, a company who is a leading supplier of activated carbon materials, to study the catalytic mechanisms for electrochemical conversion of CO2 into targeted valuable materials. (photo credit: May Ou) April 21-25, 2017: Prof Pint delivered an invited talk at the 2017 Guadalupe workshop on Nucleation and Growth Mechanisms of Atomically Thin Nanomaterials similar to a Gordon workshop, but held at the Guadalupe river ranch. .

August 4, 2017: Congratulations to Jennifer Donohue, an REU student working in the Pint lab this summer from suny Binghampton, for winning the Vanderbilt Institute of Nanoscience and Engineering (vinse) best poster award for her work on high power sodium and potassium batteries (1000!). . February 2, 2018: Prof. Since its inception, the rise program has produced approximately. Meredith served as president until May 17, 1997 when he assumed the duties as the Chancellor of the University of Alabama System. Today, she brilliantly defended her. This is a giant honor since the ECS meeting is a home society for electrochemical sciences and devices, and there were very many excellent student posters presented! Some of the links on this page may require additional software to view. Throughout the year, students conduct research at Hunter or NYU. Yan Li (Peking University and Prof.

vanderbilt graduate school thesis

Thesis entitled, Sustainable Manufacturing of Carbon Nanomaterials for Energy Storage Applications. . This is a critical step for our team to bridge biomechanical systems, novel electrochemical device technologies, and the fundamental understanding enabling innovation at this intersection. . WKU Board of Regents approved creation and development of a fully independent. Pint presented work focused on (1) Mechanochemistry of batteries, (2) Anode free sodium batteries, and (3) CO2 conversion into small diameter CNTs, and these were all well accepted! . Recently, last week Prof. To watch the QuBI Video click here. November 27, 2017: Prof. Then, he came to Vanderbilt to continue research with us until he completed his 4-year degree. . February 2017 Congratulations to Rachel Carter for her work published in Nano Letters entitled, A Sugar Derived Room Temperature Sodium Sulfur Battery with Long Term Cycling Stability and corresponding press release that was independently picked up through IOPs Nanotechweb. November 6, 2017: Prof Pint delivered an invited talk to the Nanomanufacturing session, in the Advanced Manufacturing Track, at asme imece 2017 focused on capillary nanomanufacturing of carbon nanotubes for battery applications. . Hunter is the only public urban college to receive this designation.

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October 4th, 2018 : We are proud to host Prof. During the summer, students are placed at either NYU, Brown University, University of Michigan, or Vanderbilt University. November 13th, 2018: Congrats to Mrs. Bowling Green, KY 42101. You have accomplished more in 5 years than many people do in their vanderbilt graduate school thesis whole careers, and this is just where the roads begins! May 18, 2017: Congratulations to Anna Douglas, graduate student in Pint Lab and CEO of spinoff company from Pint group, SkyNano LLC. . As we recruit and build the next and more productive phase of the Pint lab in coming years, these extraordinary folks leave big shoes to fill! Rachel Carter (shown in picture and. Pint Lab, Summer 2017: from left to right Keith Share, Nitin Muralidharan, Jennifer Donohue, Cary Pint, Dominic Jiang, Kate Moyer, Jeremiah Afolabi, Mengya Li, Adam Cohn, and Tommy Metke. . Pint was a guest on the CBC talk show Quirks and Quarks where he discussed the vision of 2-D materials embedded into fabrics for wearable energy harvesting.

This combination of outstanding research opportunities with an intimate and rigorous intellectual environment not only produces nationally recognized scholars and globally engaged vanderbilt graduate school thesis leaders it changes lives. For more info click here BP - Endure Program at Hunter/NYU Scholarship Opportunity The BP-endure program is designed to encourage and prepare undergraduate students from diverse backgrounds to enter into and succeed in PhD programs in the neurosciences. Congrats to the Pint team, past and present, for making 2017 yet another year where we bring together impactful research results with impactful dissemination to the general public that allows the impact of our group to rise above others. . Caboni WKU's tenth president,. Vanderbilt University Nashville, Tennessee 37240 (615) 322-7311. Along with the Graduate School, the Bowling Green College of Commerce became a separate college within the structure. In recognition of his service, the Board of Regents recognized Minton as WKU's fifth president. Pint talked about the discovery that mechanics can influence battery performance, and the ways in which this opens up new markets and technologies outside of energy storage for the battery industry. Tommy was awarded the departmental Advanced Materials and Devices topic award for his excellence in research, which I presented to him at the graduation ceremony today. . Pint, right) that made huge leaps in understanding of carbon nanotube growth science. Tommy completed several independent projects. .

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Downing had taught at WKU prior to becoming president. November 11th, 2018: Prof. This is the highest impact journal devoted to energy storage and bears competitive impact to the most dynamic broad journals in the areas of energy sciences, materials, and nanoscience. . Of the teams hailing from 8 regional competitions (contenders shown in picture SkyNano was selected among the top six final teams that competed for the top award on the 27th. . After being runner-up at the Cleantech Regional Competition (MegaWatt Venture Challenge) in early June, Anna proceeded on to the National Cleantech University Prize competition sponsored by the Department of Energy and held in Austin, TX June 26-27th. . Caboni began his duties as president on July 1, 2017. Pints talk focused on efforts aiming to achieve small diameter vanderbilt graduate school thesis CNT growth from ambient CO2. . This is yet another success story where one of the extraordinary folks weve worked with is using the expertise and training from our lab to make technological impact through a company that is pioneering and pushing the boundaries of modern technology. . June 9, 2017 : Congratulations to SkyNano LLC and Mrs. The purpose of the WKU Honors College is to offer high-achieving young scholars the environment of a small, highly selective college, while providing the resources and benefits of a large public university.

Rachel Carter was recently converted from an NRC postdoc fellow at Naval Research Labs to a staff member (a highly competitive process!) where she does research on battery materials relevant to the DOD. . Students received practical experience at the Training School, and a model one-room Rural School was opened on campus in 1924. On February 4, 1911, the school moved to its present site on "the Hill approximately 125 feet above downtown Bowling Green and the former home of The Pleasant. This is based on a paper published in ACS Energy Letters today, and led by graduate students Nitin Muralidharan and Mengya. . Student in the Pint lab and the CEO of SkyNano LLC. . Becoming Western Kentucky State College, the Western Kentucky State Normal School and Teachers College campus expanded in 1927 when it merged with Ogden College, a private young men's school located on the east side of the Hill. . In 1922, the state renamed the institution Western Kentucky State Normal School and Teachers College and authorized it to grant four-year degrees. Pictured is Rebeca with her graduate student mentor, Janna Eaves, holding an award for best poster design from the REU poster session. . April 2, 2018: The Pint Lab is at MRS this week! . Tommy started research with us when he was just a junior in high school. . Summer after summer, and year after year, Tommy has been a key part of our lab for now approaching 6 years. . He earned a masters degree in corporate and organizational communication from WKU, and he holds a PhD in higher education leadership and policy from Vanderbilt University. Mgsn is a student-run network of graduate students, medical students, and postdocs that aims to retain and increase the number of underrepresented minority students pursuing advanced degrees in stem and medical fields.