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Germany, industry is also encouraged to actively undertake energy conservation measures so as to maintain their competitiveness in international markets. Anshita Arora draws a thin line between the day-to-day…

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Ethical issues abortion essays

ethical issues abortion essays

Retrieved 18 May, 2012 from http afterabortion. This raises a question to the sincerity of the woman to end the pregnancy. What about those who act carelessly because they know in the back of their minds that they have another alternative if something go unplanned? There is a sense of shame for the victim, if a rape results in a pregnancy Many women are coerced into an abortion by family members, their spouses, friends, and even co-workers. Second, is beneficence, or helping the patient advance his or her own good. The US Supreme Court found that women have better mental health when offered abortion as an option. Why an innocent life is killed for someone elses mistake? Hence, the rights of an unborn should not be compromised against the rights of the mother. Ethical Issue: Abortion specifically for you for only.90/page, order Now, let us first take a look at various approaches to help us better understand and justify both sides of the argument. This becomes seven more complicated if one takes into account the issue of rights. On the other hand, by banning abortion, it gives the mother determination to carry on her pregnancy despite external factors that may sway her decision such as being a single mother and unconfident of bringing her child up singlehandedly. Therefore, if one comes to the conclusion that a fetus actually is a person, then that fetus should receive the protection to its right to live, as much as you.

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An example is from the New York Times Magazine (lives When One Is Enough). This particular argument is one of the fundamental themes used by those who are against abortion. Furthermore, legalizing abortion serves to protect the safety of women as now; many will not turn to illegal abortion but instead seek proper medical aborting procedures. Surely such a world would bring unease and a sense of apprehension for people. Both of these situations determine very different viewpoints, but how do we know which theory can be considered ethically moral? Surgical abortion is a procedure that ends a pregnancy by removing the fetus and placenta from a womans womb. Ethical, issue: abortion, introduction The root question to ethics is whether abortion is considered murder or a justified killing?

This ethical consideration would only apply to situations where the physician has a previously established professional relationship with the woman seeking the abortion. Depression, guilt) Besides, courage and fortitude is developed as the mother has to confront the reality of abortion and take courage to accept the responsibility of abortion and its aftermath effects (Eg. (2002.) Defense of Abortion : Cambridge University Press. Thus, in solving the dilemma of abortion, a utilitarian would not ask if a person is capable of reasoning or the like, rather the question would be if a fetus, or the others involved is capable of feeling pleasure or pain. Due to the increase in expenditure, demand increases, leading to a rise in supply. By allowing abortion, women would not be unjustly forced into motherhood which in turn forces them into submissive roles in society. In addition, abortion has allowed women to have an opportunity to pursue their life and educational goals which they may not be able to pursue after being a mother. If the language of Roe. The mental health of an abortion patient must be considered by healthcare providers in any case, but those involving incest or rape must be treated with caution. Moral Duty: Ethical Dilemmas of Abortion. However, one should take note of the fact that most women undergo abortion not merely out of a whimsical action but because they have good reasons for wishing to undergo the procedure. Virtue approach By allowing abortion, one of the virtues developed is love.

ethical issues abortion essays

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The woman must weigh all of these factors when deciding whether an abortion is her choice or just a strong suggestion from those around her. From the time of conception in the womb, the child is, not just another part of the mothers tissue, but a saparate person. It might seem easy to determine ones own self interest, but do ethical issues abortion essays we sometimes take advantage of the choices we are given? Under the concept of personhood, it is argued that fetuses are not yet born and are not sentient beings. Meaning to say that if the woman decides to forego her own rights in order to ensure that a potential person would become a potential then she could do so by all means. We will write a custom essay sample. First, autonomy, which is honoring the patients right to make their own decisions. Get help with your essay today from our professional essay writers! This in actuality would not produce what the utilitarians would rather have which happens to be greatest happiness for the greatest number of people and thus, such a world full of apprehension is what utilitarians would call unethical. However, does a potential person have potential rights? On the contrary, I believe a human life is determined at conception. It perceive us to believe that abortion would be wrong because the child was sent to us for a reason.

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Or would the number of teens who become pregnant remain the same? Healthcare providers must also weigh the ethical issues revolving around the use of contraceptives, because not all medicines labeled and marked for distribution are just for the prevention of pregnancy. This approach to morality and ethics hold that there is no universal basis for determining what is right. Whereas, banning abortion allows people to think twice before acting and take responsibility for their actions. Some actually alter the womans ability to carry a child, whether already impregnated or not. Qualified writers in the subject of philosophy are ready and waiting to help you with your studies.

This logic suggests that a conscience that enforces moral sense has nothing to do with objective right and wrong. There are many reasons that women choose to have abortions, including the responsibility of having a child, the financial stress of having a child, the interference in daily life, the prospect of being a single parent, or fear of child bearing. Lets say a woman decides to have an abortion because she is not propared to have a child, she has no support: financial or emotional and she is still in school. This also justifies the anti- abortion argument. The fight between pro-life and pro-choice is an everlasting battle and the ethical dilemma. This theory is based on something other then the consequences of a persons actions. The same could be said with a woman who decides to undergo abortion because she does not have enough money to support another child. Physicians have another ethical dilemma to consider due to recent advances in medical technology and research. Furthermore, it helps us to better appreciate human lives. Before abortion was permitted, women will either have to carry their pregnancy to term or desperately seek to abort due to various reasons (eg.

ethical issues abortion essays

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Some women are unclear that abortion is ethical issues abortion essays not a contraceptive. Abortion Electronic Version Retrieved November 5, 2007, from p Tucker,. Could she not have had child, found employment and stayed in school (as most people do)? One should accept the fact that even if abortion is not legalized these women who are determined not to continue their pregnancy for various reasons would still seek abortion and this is basically the reason why many women dies through back alley abortions. Women in this situation are not to blame for their situation, they are not to blame for the rape or the pregnancy. The third argument against abortion is the claim that potential human beings have human rights. This also face criticism like how can we base a life altering decision on the belief that there is a higher power, God? These women are not just facing the psychological challenges of abortion, but they are also dealing with being a victim.

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(1930 words) example 1 pic example 2 pic example 3 pic references Josh Levinson. Retrieved 18 May, 2012 from http socialistworker. This woman can remain in school and not have to worry about bringing unplanned child, but just because this ethical issues abortion essays decision worked out well for her, was it the right decision? There are shows that shed light on the life of teenagers who got pregnant and decided to keep the child, and it shows how difficult it is to be a young parent, a single parent, or even a student that is a parent. Additionally it is also fair to grant the baby the right to live as the baby is an innocent party that should not be dragged into abortion as a result of rape, incest, careless or irresponsible acts of humans. Pro-life advocates say that the right to life should always outweigh the right of an individual to equality or to control their own body.

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The ethical conflict that medical providers face with abortion can be avoided by agreeing to a ethical issues abortion essays mutual accommodation; physicians have the right to decide who they treat and patients have the right to decide what doctor or physician they go to for treatment. Nonetheless, I feel that banning abortion emphasizes on the importance of responsible contraceptive usage and birth control methods which is crucial to help reduce the occurrence of accidental pregnancy. The pro-choice regard abortion as acceptable in some circumstances as women should be given a freedom of choice. Often an incest victim is being forced into yet another thing, first being raped and now having an abortion. Often times they are forced, by parents and family, to have the abortion so that no one finds out what had happened, and has been going on within the home. Contraceptive is defined as deliberate prevention of conception or impregnation, meaning that contraceptives are not intended to end a pregnancy, but instead are most useful to prevent a pregnancy. Abortion means killing a human being or murder. In the same manner, should a woman decide to protect herself from the risks which accompany pregnancy then she should also be allowed to do so in the virtue that the happiness of the actual is more important than that of a potential. Hence, they do not have a substantial right to life yet. Perfect duties are to be followed in all circusmstances. Hence abortion equates to the murder of any born human. Another factor is to say that abortion is murder is indeed wrong.

Edu/ abortion SSH5aii The Connection between Contraception and Abortion. The happiness of the mother then as the primary person concerned is more of a priority especially if the deliverance of the unborn fetus would only cause nothing but misery for the mother. If a woman seeking an abortion is younger than 18 years old, then she will either have to have the consent of one of her legal parents or guardian. But do ethical issues abortion essays believers of pro-life arguments against abortion really have a right to state that a woman does not have a right to undergo abortion? This theory has two approaches: Divine command Thoery and System of duties. For instance, the child suffers psychologically due to his peers teasing his physical defects. Most states provide an exception to this, provided that the outcome of a parent or guardian having knowledge of the abortion would endanger the well being (physically or mentally) of the woman seeking the abortion. Feeling pain) and are not yet reasoning, self-aware beings capable of moral reciprocity. Now that legal abortion gives women a safeguard, more will turn. If the woman or couple decide that, after having the genetic test, it would be better to end the pregnancy then to have a disfigured or abnormal child, then the physician must weigh the harmful against the beneficial when. Emergency Contraceptive Pills are only effective up to 74 of the time when taken within 72 hours after sexual contact. There are those which argue that abortion is ethical while there are those which remain firm on their belief that abortion is unethical.

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Summary: The issue of abortion is the most controversial issue. Retrieved 18 May, 2012 from http serendip. Retrieved June 12, 2014, from Abortion, Conscience, and Health Care Provider Rights. Pro-choice advocates hold that it is their right to have control over their own body. In our society, there are many ethical dilemmas that we are faced with that are virtually impossible to solve. Thomas Aquinas (1274-1275) was the proponent of Divine command theory. Self-accountability is also developed as the mother has to face possible consequences that could arise as a result of her abortion. In conclusion, my research lead me to believe that while we have different theorys to agree or disagree with, abortion is a choice. Pro-choice people are for freedom. In the case of rape, it is true that the mother may not have come to terms ith carrying her pregnancy to term. The advocates of Pro-life and Pro-choice have their own justifications.