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A Skeptic's Political Dictionary and Handbook for the Disenchanted, 1953. Avrich, Paul (1931-2006) two cheers for anarchy essay The Russian Anarchists. Individualism (social hierarchy) / Social Conservatism (social-right or hierarchy-right).…

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Development, cinematography in Groundhog Day, from the opening of the 1993 film, there was an effort to provide the ironic background for the films resolution at the…

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With the ability to see the world with a pair of fresh eyes, it triggers the reader to reflect upon their own lives. Quality writing paper essay writing templates boston…

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Waterlow risk assessment essay

waterlow risk assessment essay

Mrs A is more vulnerable to pressure damage as her skin has become more fragile and thinner with age. Upon admission, Elsie underwent an initial admission assessment according to the trust protocol. They are most effective when used consistently and often.The use of the tool really does a clear picture of the patients well-being in terms that everyone can understand. Althought the Waterlow score is used in the community setting when calculating the risk assessment score it is vital that the nurse is aware of the difference in environment the tool was originally developed for. When using the Waterlow tool to assess Mrs As pressure risk I found she had a score. As i had identified in my assessment she had a score of 2 for her skin condition due to grade 1 pressure damage I felt it necessary to highlight her as being at risk. She has no history of previous falls or problems with her balance. A study conducted by Smith (1989) and cited by Mallett and Dougherty (2003, p693) concluded that the Waterlow scale was the most effective at predicting the risk of developing pressure sores. Even ambulatory patients may be high risk for pressure ulcer development.Some risk factors include age,altered sensory perception, altered mental status, impaired circulation, co- morbid conditions such as diabetes, long length of stay at an acute or long term care facility or complicated surgical procedure.

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This is clearly recognise by nice as they advise their use as an aide-mémoire (2001). As a result of the care she received, Elsie did not develop a pressure sore and so was discharged home without suffering any delays. London: Royal College of Nursing. Get help with waterlow risk assessment essay your essay today, from our professional essay writers! Bliss (2000) suggested that majority of grade I ulcers heal or resolve without breaking down if pressure relief is put into place immediately. However the area will need regular monitoring as at this stage it is unknown how deep the pressure damage. Waterlow, scale was researched and developed by Judy.

Identifying the patients at risk is an Important first step toward planning the intensity of and the implementation of appropriate prevention and interventions. Although Elsie would be unable to return to gardening she felt more positive that she would be able to enjoy this again in the future. Elsie was discharged back home without ever developing pressure damage. Although there are various tools which have been developed to identify a patients individual risk of developing pressure sores. As previously mentioned, according to the Trust protocol Elsies admission to the ward included a pressure ulcer risk assessment according to the Waterlow scale. This includes extrinsic factors that are not listed in the tool, for example the length of time an individual stays in one position for and whether or not they are able to reposition themselves and recognise when they need to do so (Guy 2007). These include a patients build, tissue viability, sex, nutritional status, continence, mobility and other special risks such as co-morbidities and medications. Guy (2007) sums up the effectiveness of tools such as the Waterlow well by stating that assessing a patients risk of obtaining a pressure ulcer requires multifactorial consideration, therefore a risk assessment tool should only assist in signposting toward. Is the patient incontinent? (2003, p4) provide a model for nursing based on the Activities of Living. A client with a score of 10 is deemed at low risk of developing pressure damage. The Royal Marsden Hospital Manual of Clinical Procedures. Lmmediately, I have informed the senior nurse and documented.

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Is movement easy or difficult? To enable Elsie to do this involvement from a number of the waterlow risk assessment essay multi-disciplinary team was required. As Elsies mobility would be impaired immediately post-operatively it could be anticipated that her risk of developing a pressure sore would also increase. Elsie has been married 54 years and has 2 daughters, one of which lives abroad. In order to establish Mrs As current risk of developing a pressure area a assessment must take place. Reliability is also affected by responses given by the patient, for example a patient maybe embarrassed to express continence issues (NHS 2010) and give false answers. The advice given to practitioners on the reverse of the Waterlow tool is to provide a 100mm foam cushion if a patients risk score is above 10 ( Waterlow, 2005). With basic and effective nursing care offered to the patients this can often be the key to success. Pressure ulcers can be costly for the NHS, debilitating and painful for the patient.

Doctors and pharmacists also provided care; in particular, post-operative pain control is an important factor to address when facilitating a patients mobilisation. According to Dziedzic,.(2013 )Assessing a patients pressure waterlow risk assessment essay ulcer risk helps guide implementation of appropriate nursing care designed to halt pressure ulcers from developing. The score is calculated by counting the scores given in each catergory which apply to your patients current condition. It also scores on a range of special risk areas such as tissue malnutrition, neurological deficit, major surgery or trauma and certain medications such as cytotoxic drugs. Also extrinsic factors which refers to external influences which cause skin distortion such as Pressure, Shearing Forces, Friction, and moisture. The attention will now shift to one of the individual aspects that make up the initial assessment. Code of Professional Conduct.

Social circumstances must be taken in to account and assessed in order to establish whether any further help is required. Essay essay risk p). Mallett and Dougherty (2003, p281) suggest that a thorough assessment focuses on the physical, psychological and psychosocial issues relating to a patient. Although The Waterlow (2005) scoring system now includes more objective measurements such as BMI and weight loss after a recent update. This lack of validity could be due to the reliability being placed on the clinical judgement of the health professional conducting the assessment to accurately report findings (Kelly 2005 for example by not properly assessing a patients tissue.

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It becomes difficult for the blood to circulate causing a lack of oxygen and nutrients to the tissue cells. The process does not end after the care plan has been formulated following the completion of the first risk assessment. This would suggest that the ability to perform an accurate risk assessment is therefore an essential skill required by each member of the nursing profession. A more recent study conducted by Defloor and Grypdonck (2004) concluded that the pressure sore risk assessment tools currently available are only of limited value. To perform this procedure, the muscles and ligaments that surround the knee are separated in order to remove cartilage and bone from the ends of the thigh bone (femur) and the shin bone (tibia). On the other hand, in Mr Adamss case by not assessing that although he is bedbound he is capable of repositioning may lead to an over predicted risk score. Pressure Ulcer Risk Assessment and Prevention. Available from Accessed: rkey,.

Write an essay based on learning contract, waterlow score is the most common pressure ulcer risk assessment tool in is developed by Judy. Prior to discharge, Elsie had a check x-ray to ensure that everything was as it should be from an orthopaedic perspective as well as participating in an activities of living assessment to assess whether she would benefit from the provision. Are there other issues with moistures? However, these alone are not fully effective. Source: Essay UK - http www. The tools waterlow risk assessment essay ease of use meant assessing Mr Adamss Waterlow score was straightforward; however as Judy (1985) states due to its simplicity professional judgement should also be used to determine a patient risk status. Elsies assessment identified her as being at risk of developing a pressure ulcer with a score. If proactive care is given in the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers with the use of risk assessments and providing pressure-relieving resources the pressure area may resolve.