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What led to the revolutionary war essay

Soon newspapers, books, letters, and even local businesses and groups gave voice to the Revolution. Even with what led to the revolutionary war essay all of the revolting going on, the…

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Argumentative essay on wildlife conservation

Great Indian Bustard is under Schedule 1 of Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972. Indian Crocodiles: In India, there are three species of crocodilians such as: (i) The Mugger or Freshwater Swamp Crocodile…

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Why community service is good essay

Also, I already have my goals in place to achieve my dreams; this scholarship will be a stepping stone that will help me get there. Apart from that, teenagers…

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How to develop our country india essay

how to develop our country india essay

Government do not have finance, so many approvals are needed, planning is not so good, growing population, traffic congestion, climate change, ageing infrastructure etc are some of the challenges. C) Exhaustion of Natural Resources, The primary objective of Make in India campaign is to promote and develop manufacturing industries and it is only possible by establishing more plants and factories. These sources help in knowledge sharing and aid in the growth of the country. They have a team of doctors specialising in various fields. Efficient urban mobility and public transport. Dealing with corruption is supposed to be performed at an international level. In the earlier times, people from different castes strictly went to different wells to fetch water and bought food from different places. On the other hand, according to the Hindu theologians, this system was introduced by Brahma who is the creator of the universe. They are considered to be the superior caste. Introduction, casteism divides the society into several parts. Mr Modi, on that day, took a lion step towards the future of India and put the foundation stone of the.

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Todays cities face significant challenges like increasing populations, environmental and regulatory requirements. Conclusion, india has no doubt benefited a lot with the growth and development in the field of science. These people were involved in farming, trade and business. 48,000 crores for this project. This is the lowest caste. Role of Science in Making India 4 (500 words). The" system reserved certain seats for the lower class people in the education sector as well as government jobs. As per Manusmriti, the ancient text on Hinduism, Casteism came into being in 1,000.

Law against Caste Discrimination, the age old Indian caste system has earned a lot of criticism. Science has thus played an important role in the growth of the industrial sector in the country. This is because the government of India has introduced" system in order to raise the standard of living of people belonging to the lower classes. The automobiles, that are again a gift of science, help in the process. Note on Corruption as a Major Problem. One more good news is that any time you need to ask something, you are welcome to have a conversation with the representatives of the support center. However, thanks to science and technology, drought like situation can now be curbed with the help of artificial rains. Here are essays on Role of Science in Making India of varying lengths to help you with the topic in the exam. Its not difficult to develop an effective strategy of fighting corruption. They are the privileged ones. C) Advancement of Technologies, Being a developing country, India still uses microwave based relay system for transferring messages and data but luckily India in moving towards fibre-optics transmissions.

Unity among citizens is important for how to develop our country india essay the growth and development of any country. Universities, students, private and government institutions should be encouraged to actively participate in the process of eradicating the shortcomings and upgrading the system. The amendments in our laws have also brought about a change in this regard in the modern Indian society. Make in India campaign. Role of Science in Making India 3 (400 words). These are all a gift of scientific inventions. Make In India is a national level campaign that tends to focus on improvement of physical infrastructure and also the digital network telecommunication to make India one of the global hubs among the other manufacturing countries in the world. Besides, the process of export, import, beginning and managing business and communicating with people around the globe has become quicker and easier with the help of science. They live in different colonies and are treated on the basis of their caste. Several roads, bridges and flyovers have been constructed to ease the process of transportation. Introduction, man has evolved over the ages. Many people, especially in the rural areas do not assess the candidates qualification, experience or ability to handle the position and rather vote him if he is from the same caste as them as it gives them a feeling of kinship.

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However, today medical science has advanced a great deal. It doesnt choose a country because it may strike the root of any of them, no matter how prosperous this country. Undoubtedly Make in India not only open thousands of bright and fruitful opportunities for the Indians but it also helped the small scale businessmen and entrepreneurs to function and perform with more how to develop our country india essay ease on the market. It widens the scope of the things available around and thus aids in the growth and development of any nation. A Brahmin never had food touched by a person belonging to the lower caste. Since centuries, people living in the Indian villages have been segregated based on their caste.

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The export of various food items has also increased since the introduction of scientific methods of farming in the country. Urban areas are expected to house 40 of Indias population and contribute 75 of Indias GDP by 2030. With the study of science, researchers have come up with newer equipments and techniques of farming that have been employed in the agricultural sector in India. Medical Science is a Boon, how to develop our country india essay the role of medical science in making India cannot be denied. This is proving to be a big hindrance in the growth of our society. The list grows larger, but Denmark remains the state which has managed to deal with occasions of corruption in public life. There are various agricultural and industrial products that our country can now produce in abundance.

The basic start would be to work on some article on corruption for students. Politicians visit different places to seek votes from the general public before the elections. Better produce has given rise to the export of various food items. Those who are talented and can actually work for the betterment of the society are thus left how to develop our country india essay behind and the non-deserving ones come to power. In the earlier times, people belonging to the lower castes were not even allowed to enter the temples as they were considered impure. A number of hospitals and nursing homes have been established in various parts of the country to provide treatment to people suffering from various illnesses. Most of the popular informational TV-shows cant go without mentioning this problem and pointing out its urgency. Many learned leaders in our country have tried to oppose and fight the caste system but it still persists and is only growing stronger.

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This has helped in increasing the how to develop our country india essay crop yield to a great extent. E) Pollution, Make in India is a dynamic campaign so it also affects the natural environment tremendously. A) Wastage of Land, Most of the land in India is arable. However, the condition has improved over the last few decades with the advancement in science. Indians are known for their genius minds.

The establishment of new sectors and industries has not only introduced various new goods and services but has also increased the employment opportunities in the country. The success of smart city mission requires smart people who actively participate in governance and reforms. Role of Science in Making India 5 (600 words). Marrying a person belonging to the other caste is considered to be a crime in our country. The action is all that matters indeed. Conclusion, scientific inventions have helped the country grow economically in the past and continue to.

The merchants, artisans and labourers formed a part of this group in the ancient times. Smart city programme started on This project will make 100 smart cities in India in the next five years. Several industries have seen a boom because of the new age scientific equipments and machinery. In the ancient times, the priests formed a part of this section. This would bring in true freedom. This is one of the greatest thoughts of the current government to develop our country in all aspects. D) Ease of Business, Make in India campaign invites foreign investors to invest in the manufacturing sector of our economy which adds more values and revenues to the small scale businessmen and local industries. Their research in the field of science and scientific inventions did not only benefit the country but also the rest of the world. However, many among them are disheartened because the problem of drought has grown over the years in many parts of the county.