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The delian league and the athenian empireessay

the delian league and the athenian empireessay

Athens no longer is seen as friendly alliance as decades earlier. These establishment of cleruchies also strengthened Athens hold on her empire, as some of the land were located at strategic points in the Aegean (Finley, 1978). In the earlier years of her hegemony, Athens accomplished the main objective, forcing the Persians out from Aegean and maintained peace (Meiggs, 1972). It the delian league and the athenian empireessay was controlled by the council of allies which was composed of two bodies; the show more content, this settlement prooved to be a source of simmering resentment for Sparta against Athens for the rest of the centuary. After decades, more allies have tendency to donate money as a mode of payment in paying tribute (phoros) rather than contributing ships and manpower.

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Athens installed or supported democracies in its subject states, feeling they would be friendlier to Athenian policies since they owed their power to Athens. At first, Sparta had been offered leadership in the league because of its military reputation. . And these allow us to track sort of internal relations within the league. By the year 432. The significant enforcement on the decree is merely political, which only shows Athens intention to diminish her allies sovereignty by removing right to trade with their own currency carrying their own states emblem. As peace and harmony was restored in Greece, the city of Athens was about to experience it s greatest epoch. Robinson, Ancient Greek Democracy, Blackwell Publishing Ltd., Massachusetts, 2004. We have seen how the most famous philosopher of the time, Socrates, "called philosophy down from the skies" to examine moral and ethical issues. . Athenian domination over the league was getting more and more complete. Instead of the earlier technique of painting black figures on a red background (known as the black figure style potters put red figures on a black background with details painted in black or etched in with a needle. . The already weak became weaker while Athens grew proportionately stronger. The change can be seen in of the word phoros meaning.

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This inconsiderate act is being seen as the major factors that many allies revolted and seceded from the alliance. Fornara and Loren. These actions greatly strained her relationship with allies, that according to Diodorus Siculus : In general, the Athenians were making great gains in power and no longer treated their allies with decency as they had done before; instead they ruled with arrogance and violence. The Athenian democracy likewise strongly enforced collection of league dues to maintain what in essence was now an "imperial democracy. . When Athenian assumed leadership of the Delian League, Athens intentions were in a good deed. Almost everything one can associate with Greek culture took place throughout Pericles time. Garnsey, Imperialism in the Ancient World, Chatto Windus, London, 1978. However the loss of the members independence in domestic and foreign affairs, their economic dependence on Athens and her iron claw leadership towards the allies far outweighed any advantages gained. This provided the empire with a stable and standard coinage as well as exposing everyone in the empire to Athenian propaganda every time they looked at a coin and saw the Athenian symbols of the owl and Athena. His name was Pericles. The Athenians felt that they in particular had done more than their part with their army at Marathon and their navy at Salamis and Mycale. One could already see bad relations starting to emerge between Athens and Sparta. . The severe style was quite restrained and moderate compared to later developments, expressing the typical Greek belief in moderation in all things, whether in art, politics, or personal lifestyle. .

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He began to dominate the politics in Athens as a key leader in the democratic movement. The Athenians decided to move the treasury of the Delian league from Delos to Athens "for safe keeping". That is why this period was and still is known as the Golden Age. The way Athens exercised her will could be seen in various approaches. The punishment for revolt of Naxos, Thasos and Lesbos shows how strict Athens on this and the severe punishment were often executed in order to be a lesson to anyone who have any intention in breaching. (This was later extended by what was known as the Long Walls to connect Athens to it port, Piraeus, so it could not be cut off from its fleet.) By the time Sparta realized what was happening, it was too late to do anything. . They also exercised legal control. Given these themes and the large number of surviving pieces, Greek pottery also reflected the more democratic nature of Greek society, since it was available to more people than had been true in earlier societies where high art was. In the settling of private disputes, everyone is equal before the law. In 413, following the failed Sicilian expedition where Athens was financially exhausted and desperately attempted to raise more revenues, Athens replaced the phoros with another measures of revenue collecting. Athens grows prosperous at the allies expense and they became poorer as Athens grew richer.