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Essays medieval castles

essays medieval castles

When the King or Lord had decided to build his castle, he would hire a Master Builder to design the castle and to hire the laborers for the building of the castle. Castles were effective centers of military power and territorial lordship whether or not the king or prince was there. Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student. They occasionally had more than one. These involved tournaments and rough ball, which was similar to football. "The, medieval, period.". The fence sometimes stood upon posts to allow men to get through. A motte and bailey design is a design where the keep is on a hill or motte behind the bailey which is the open area of the castle similar to a town square. The word medieval in our times is an insult to anything as is the word feudal. The light this huge, flaming mass shed all around it was so bright that you could see right through the camp as clearly as if it were day. Get help with your essay today, from our professional essay writers! However these castles were not built upon hills or mottes.

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Though life in the middle ages involved a lot of work, the people in the castle enjoyed great entertainment. Visit m to see how we can help you! This was the almost daily routine of life in a castle. Books, blackwood, Gary. This was life in the middle ages. They were also impressive symbols of the power and wealth of their owners. Usually the lady did not because she oversaw the castle and did not have time.

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They mined from their camps to the castle walls. These designs utilized earth and timber. These newer castles are called enclosure castles. These kinds of responsibilities allowed a castle life to run more smoothly. They were made so that it would take a large amount of time to take a castle. The noise essays medieval castles it made in coming was like that of a thunderbolt falling from the skies; it seemed like a dragon flying through the air. During a siege, the perimeter would be covered with wet animal skins to curb the threat of arson. Hygiene was normal for the people in the middle ages. This game involved tying a players head with a blind fold, and he would chase the other players. It was a toilet made of stone. Through the haze and ruins, one can imagine dungeons, chivalrous knights, and mighty Lords who ruled the land and protected the common peasant from barbarians and other invaders. An example of this is Bodiam in Sussex which was the home of Sir Edward Dalyngrigge in 1385.

They would watch the moat to see the vibrations caused by the attackers shovels. The castle was also a essays medieval castles very busy place. Other castles that were not well protected or had no threat of attack were called fortified manors. Exceedingly high, built after the custom of that land by the lord of the town many years before. The lord was the head of the castle. She did this because she was so pleased with it that she didn't want him to build one like it for anyone else. Castles are an important part to history. Although there was not mass confusion and anarchy, there was less order. Castle were not as primitive as we think them. Brochard, Philippe, and Patrice Pellerin. Everyone in the castle had a specific responsibility which made life run more efficiently even though a castle was busy and very loud. It was practiced all over Europe. Life in the Middle Ages.

These castles still had a bailey. You can view samples of our professional work here. However, life in a castle was not all work. The Once and Future King. Castles of the Middle Ages. Ideas were gathered from Muslim and Byzantine fortifications. Life during the middle ages began at sunrise, when one essays medieval castles of the guards sounded the days start. Courtly love also had strict rules. After supper the lord and the lady would go to their quarters and the servants would retire to their quarters. The code of chivalry and courtly love also were a great part of life. Sometimes it was artificial, but the majority of the time it was authentic.

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It depicts the Norman knights before Hastings in 1066. They controlled the land and all within. The top of this mound they completely enclose with a palisade of hewn logs bound close together like a wall, with towers set in its circuit so far as the site permits. Castles were not just fortresses but also residences of the nobility. Storytellers would narrate the stories of heroes such as Arthur and his knights. Castles were influenced by and influenced many medieval cathedrals in Europe. Many castles were just built for the lord, his family and a few servants.

New York: Knopf, 1994. At its base there was a deep trench that resembled a moat. Qualified writers in the subject of history are ready and waiting to help you with your studies. The lady spent much of her time supervising their work, as well as overseeing the cooking of meals in the kitchen. One of the smartest ways that a tower was pulled down was a method known as undermining. They were fortunate to have heavy blankets, mattresses made of feathers, fur covers, while the workers had to sleep in the towers which got unbearably cold and damp, especially at night time. The ballista was essentially a large crossbow that hurled rocks and other large boulders. On the castle property were things like gardens, parks, vineyards, dovecotes, fishponds, mills, and stables. Servants had already begun to make sure that the fires were lit in the kitchen and great hall. The end of Feudalism also marked the end of the middle ages and hence the end of the great castle era.

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Like motte and dailey designs, enclosures castles had a wall protecting the perimeter of the manor. Encyclopedias, castle The New Encyclopedia Britannica Macropedia. The design of a castle was taken very seriously by the lords. The tower of London is an example of a masonry castle. Construction of the new show more content, the building of a castle was a monumental task; it required many laborers and took many years to complete.

However, disposal of human waste was not as good. All floors had to be cleaned and wash buckets, which were called basins, had to be washed out. The attendants were sometimes lucky to stay with their master or mistress. Feudalism started with the rise of castles and ended with their end. To raise a mound of earth as high as they can and surround it with a ditch as broad as possible. An enemy's soldiers would dig a tunnel under one corner of a tower, prop essays medieval castles it up with wood, and. This is not an example of the work produced by our.

The keep has also been referred to as the donjon. This was the most effective tactic used in a siege but it was the most dangerous. They dictated how a noble should lead their lives and how to hold themselves when with others. The ram was a device that did what its name says. This was an incendiary device that was used against wooden attack machines. This was all started by the crusades. For it is the habit of the magnates and nobles of those parts. Greek fire was probably developed in the seventh century by the Byzantines essays medieval castles for naval warfare. At that time, people were not protected by merely shutting and locking a regular wooden door.

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The castle was meant to be the fortress of the lord so it had to be strong. It is this balance of military and residential qualities which make a castle so different from other fortifications. 1295 Words 6 Pages, the building of a castle was a monumental task; it required many laborers and took many years to complete. When a lord had decided to build a castle, he would hire a Master Builder to design essays medieval castles and build the castle. The mangonel was similar to the trebuchet but smaller and more maneuverable. The site should not be too remote. These first knights and barons, followers of William the Conqueror, were known as the.

Girls were responsible to learn how to run a household and to raise children when they were old enough. Given the following evidence, it is relatively obvious why castles and castle building played an instrumental role in the development of Western Europe. At that point, the boy was a free, responsible individual who set up their own household. Castles that were built on islands could only. Get help with your essay today from our professional essay writers! This was used as defense.

Some of the past times were quite dangerous. New York: Benchmark, 2001. Originally, towers were simple square-shapes, easy to build but also easy to topple down. Castles can be seen as a manifestation of feudal society. Since they were now using stone, castle builders were able to integrate defenses into the castles. The code of chivalry and courtly love had a significant influence on the life of nobles. What features made stone castles stable and able to withstand battle? M, (December 31, 1969). They had a form of a toilet. They slept on the floor but they were able to get some of the heat coming out of the fireplace. The many types of defense that castles had meant that those attacking had to develop ever more strategic and powerful ways to attack the castle. The ingredients of Greek fire are a mystery.

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Hunting and hawking were greatly enjoyed by everyone in the castle and when the lord hunted, delicious and sometimes rare animals were brought to the table as food. But that was not possible, because William and later kings (and queens) demanded they pay homage. Supper which was different from dinner, was usually eaten right before bedtime. One of her responsibilities was running the household, managing production, and maintaining adequate supplies. Construction of the new stone castles took more than five years and more than one thousand workers (Jarrow 19). Then they would start a counter mine. She had to know which rents and fees were owed to the household. There is reference to Aubree, wife of the Count of Bayeux, executing on the spot, Lanfred, her master mason after he completed her castle. Building the castles on the large hills gave the defenders a clear view of advancing attackers as Jarrow describes in his book: Some castles where built in swamps or marshes or surrounded by water.

To pass time indoors, people played board games and listened to musicians or storytellers. Most motte and bailey castles were built before essays medieval castles William the Conqueror's conquest in 1066. They were at the top of the wall surrounding the castle. The first recorded references to castles was the Edict of Pistes by Charles the Bald, king of the West Franks. A castle is a properly fortified military residence. They were made so that it would take an enormous amount of artillery and money to take the castle. It was dark, had contaminated or little air and there was always a threat that the tunnel would cave in or be caved in by the castle's garrison. This limestone was soft when first quarried, but gradually became hard as it was exposed to air. Surrounding the entire premises was a wooden fence that was at least ten feet in height.

The motte was a great mound of earth or rock. It should have water and building material readily available nearby. A castle was a lord's response to essays medieval castles a mounted cavalry charge. Castles 21) Castle designers saw a need for improvement because wood and earth were not strong and were not effective protection against fire. Some defenses used by castles were machiolations. Ship and pigs would roam freely around the castle. They were angled so that the sharpshooter was protected from oncoming projectiles. Walter the Archdeacon wrote a biography of John, bishop of Therouanne about 1130. Strong of Body, Brave and Noble: Chivalry and Society. The code of Chivalry came to mean an idealization of the life and manners of a knight at home in his castle and with his court. When dinner was finished, the lord may take his knights or special guests hunting while the lady may do embroidering.

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This is where the French got the word dungeon meaning the jail or place to hold prisoners. The life of individuals involved hard work life for the average person during the Middle Ages was very routine but they enjoyed entertainment as well. Normans, and were a very powerful lot. Castles had all the best furnishings and colors. The main fireplace heat was saved for the lord and the lady. Once the lord and the lady of the house woke up, the maids entered into their quarters, and they cleaned and emptied chamber pots, washed the basins, and the laundry woman also began to do the days laundry. Many of the castles in Spain, Italy, Germany, France, and Wales were built on steep hills and rocky out cropping that were nearly impossible to climb (Jarrow 19). The walls were very thick, anywhere between 8 and 20 feet in thickness, so they could withstand bombings or battering from a battering ram, or another seige machine like a catapult. During this time the servants got time to complete their chores while the soups were cooking in the kitchen. When it was summer, everyone enjoyed the warm weather outside because the castle was still cold inside. The medieval castle, what is a castle?