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Indian election system essay

indian election system essay

The parliament of India has a good number of women members and the number is increasing with each election. Sushma Swaraj Sushma Swaraj is a well educated lady who served as a lawyer indian election system essay in the Supreme Court of India before joining the Indian politics. While this type of political system is strong and sound with clearly defined laws, in India it has been a prey to corrupt politicians ever since its inception. They have set an example for the other woman to be confident, follow their dreams and work hard. The Commission in consultation with the state administration appoints Returning Officers for the various constituencies from where elections are to be held. Under the Modi wave BJP has won 2014 Lok Sabha Election and various state elections. While we do have some honest and sincere political leaders in our system, a majority of our leaders are corrupt. This is true of elections, too.

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So, democracy refers to the power of the common people of the land. If you generalize the Census of 2011 around 2 crore children turn into 18 years old each year. Mamata Banerjee Mamta Banerjee, the Chief Minister of West Bengal has proved to be stronger and wiser than many male politicians. She went on to become the member of the Rajya Sabha and also served as a Member of Parliament for the Lok Sabha. Here is a brief about these parliamentary houses: Lok Sabha, there are a total of 545 members in the Lok Sabha. Apart from this, there are few other very simple clauses to contest elections in our country. But in one sense an election is a kind of examination. The existing electoral rolls are displayed at select places.

People have the power to indian election system essay raise voice against social evils and come together as a society. It is known to be worlds largest democracy. Most of the politicians are corrupt. This is because there is a lot of corruption within the political system of our country. Election in India: In Democratic India, general elections take place every five years. Long Essay on Women in Indian Politics Essay 5 (600 words) Introduction Indian society has always been male dominated. They misuse their power to further their interests rather than serving the country. Her popularity can very well be ascertained by the fact that she was elected as the Chief Minister of the state for five terms.

indian election system essay

The Indian General elections are scheduled to be held in the month of April or May 2019. She indian election system essay was fondly called Amma. They did so by setting themselves on fire or hanging themselves. Women Politicians in India Some Indian women who have made a mark in the field of Indian politics include: Indira Gandhi Indira Gandhi was the first female Prime Minister of India. Eligere means to choose, select or pick. . She is a popular leader of the Bhartiya Janta Party. She held many positions of prominence in the Indian politics before becoming the West Bengal Chief Minister. Even bad persons very often win and good persons lose, why? She became the Congress President in 1959 and went on to become the third Prime Minister of the country in 1966. The Lok Sabha Election in India is undoubtedly the cornerstone of Indian Democracy.

Every person does not get listed with the ECI (Election Commission of India) however it is a group that no party-political might think to overlook. Conclusion The politicians of India are eating the country like indian election system essay parasites. It was found that she had accumulated massive assets by indulging in corrupt practices owing to which she was sentenced to imprisonment for four years. This remains a weakness of the system in which first past the post is declared winner.). Among other requirements, one must be 25 years of age in order to be eligible for Lok Sabha membership. So, they get elected without much difficulty. The poor public gets fooled by the corrupt ministers each time.

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She has been serving as the Minister of External Affairs of India since May 2014. We must all think above our petty issues and work for a bigger cause. They secured 140,150,160,170,180 and 200 votes respectively. Time to Bring About Change, the people of India need to wake up and realize that the political system will continue to stay as corrupt as it is till the time they allow it. India is a democratic country. When PM Narendra Modi was a candidate of PM, during his campaigning he depended generally on a mixture of social media involvements and the help of the student helpers to lead his famous events including the Chai Pe Charcha. They remember their promises and their voters only when another election knocks at the door. Essay on Indian Political System Essay 3 (400 words). On the contrary, with the outlook of 2019 Lok Sabha Election the opposition parties are trying to highlight and score on issues which downsize the Modi Government. Conclusion: The Lok Sabha Election of 2019 will definitely prove pivotal in shaping the politics of contemporary India.

The opposition has tinted issues like the indian election system essay repercussions of demonetization, discontent in the agricultural sector, increasing unemployment in the youth, increasing prices of natural gas and fuels, huge scandals faced by major banks in the country. It has seen several amendments since then. Universal Adult Franchise: The Constitution of India gives every adult (18 years or above of age) the right to chose representatives through the exercise of his right to vote. The Members of Parliament is an essential part of the Indian political system and have the power to take many political decisions collectively. Essay on, indian General, election 2019 Essay 3 (750 Words). Once the election 2019 comes around, there will possibly or supposedly be, 10 crore electorates for the first time. We cannot expect our country to grow in the right direction when the power is in the hands of such politicians. It is a battle of ballots, not a battle of bullets. Therefore, we have prepared some long essays for students which shall educate them further in this regard. Their corrupt practices often come to limelight however they are seldom punished for the same. Whoever wins the battle, the aura of Narendra Modi is what is at stake, will he be able to strike the chord once again or people will vote for a change? A continuous back and forth is witnessed when the opposition parties unfurl their secular agenda and the BJP under the flagship of Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangha (RSS) upholds Hindutva and Hindu Rashtra ideology. Indian political system gives the citizens of the country the right to choose their government as it runs on a democratic setup.

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When deployed on election duty, these officers and officials of central and State governments are deemed to be on deputation to the Commission. But there are also those who never care for these voters. The BJP anchored a lions share of 282 seats and Narendra Modi was elected the Prime Minister of India. In a democracy like India, everyones vote is considered equal. Women were restricted to the household chores for centuries. They never say no to their voters but they never fulfill any promise. A past news report showed how the Indian National Congress (INC) party president Rahul Gandhi is presently depending on the partys information examination office to dissect vote offer, seats and moving to cast a ballot designs from 2009 to strategize. Unequal wealth distribution and slow economic growth of the country is also because of the corrupt practices of our leaders. The Need for Educated Ministers, in India, almost anyone can contest elections and come to power. It is all for us to wait and see. However, only time will tell which analysts got it right, the one supporting the ruling party or the ones vying for a change in the ruling scenario of the country. The current ruling party will strive to retain its majority while the opposition will use its full indian election system essay might to uproot the current government and stake its own claim for the government.

Introduction, india is a federal parliamentary democratic republic. The Commission is assisted indian election system essay by Chief Electoral Officers who assist in the preparation and revision of electoral rolls. The Constitution of India considers up to 552 members in the Lok Sabha, with up to 530 members elected from the States. Use of Data in the Upcoming Indian General Elections 2019: Political parties are presently progressively utilizing enormous data devices to build voter turnout and swing the decisions to support them. However, they are disheartened each time. Apparently the people of India are keeping a close eye on all the ongoing political activities to make their decision for the Elections in 2019.

Conclusion India is lucky to have been blessed with such strong and dynamic women who have held positions of prominence in the Indian politics. There is a dire need to elect educated politicians for the development of our country. However, although it is a government by the people, to the people and for the people, the common man still suffers a great deal. What to expect from the Indian General Elections: The Lok Sabha elections are held to choose the members of Lok Sabha every five years. She was extremely popular among the people of Tamil Nadu.

Let the History Repeat itself. The President of India is the head of the state in our country while the Prime Minister is the head of the government. Even during the 2014 elections, datasets were acquired from the Election Commission site, Government sites, charged information were utilized amid the elections, information from web-based life stages and verifiable discretionary records. Under British rule too, there was some form of representative government but the right to vote was restricted to around one sixth of adults who would have been eligible under universal franchise. The Constitution as such provides for an Election Commission not answerable to the executive. They might have an opinion in election 2019 which goes in contrast to the conventional political likings of the family. The government of India is formed for a total of five years. Our Constitution has now extended political powers down the common man. They vote for a candidate in the name of some group or caste. The Prime Minister of India is chosen by elected members from the Lok Sabha, the lower indian election system essay house of parliament.

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An election, therefore, is like a battle. Essay on Indian Politics and Politicians Essay 2 (300 words). Their problems remain unheard and they continue to live miserably. It is the democratic system provided by our constitution which has provided us with this opportunity to elect the government of our choice. As per the historical facts, coalition governments have not been very successful in previous terms.

The word voting is derived from Latin word votum meaning to wish for. All those who are eighteen years of age have a right to vote. This is the reason why we have not developed as much as we should have since independence. BJPs fight in election 2019: Moreover, it also displays the targeting of the critical first-time voters. Role of young voters in election 2019: Not only are the number of voters in the election 2019 important but also their individualities are essential. System indian election system essay in Operation: The Election Commission appoints Electoral Registration Officers in consultation with State governments. They take bribe and help black-marketers. The evidently unfulfilled promises of the Modi Government are the key talking points for Congress and its allies.

An Insight of the Last Election held: The 2014 general elections included an electorate of 863,500,000 individuals. They never forget their voters. It is unfortunate that willingly or unwillingly, the general public is becoming a party to the corrupt practices. There were 6 candidates in the contest. They labor day and night for a month. Every now and then there is news about ministers and their family members being involved in illegal practices and scams. She believed in herself and thus gathered the courage to separate from the Indian National Congress and form a party of her own in 1998. Up scaled programs like Make in India, Skill India and schemes like Jan Dhan yojana, Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana are"d as the success story of the Modi government. She has served numerous roles in the Indian politics and has years of experience in the field.

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But do the people always make a right use of their ballot paper? Common people have an indirect control over the functioning of the government. This Indian political system indian election system essay came into being in August 1947 as the country got freedom from the British rule. The BJP has been arranging events at the booth-level for new electorates to transform them into lifetime supporters. Meaning of democracy, election, and voting: The word democracy has its origin in two Greek words demos and krasis. She came to power in the year 2007 and successfully completed her term in 2012. The only way to bring about a positive change in the political system is to raise voice unanimously. 2 Lok Sabha members are elected directly by the President of the country from the Anglo Indian Community. She dominated the political scene during her tenure and was known for taking many hard decisions. Essay on, indian General Election 2019 Essay 1 (400 Words). On the other hand, the ministers are misusing their power and position to further their interests.

The political leaders and parties in India come into power by voting system. The corrupt practices of the ministers are having negative repercussions on the entire society. If our ancestors could struggle and sacrifice so much for our better future then why cant we do the same? Pratibha Patil Pratibha Patil served as the 12th President of India. Indian citizens above the age of 18 years acquire the right to vote and elect their leaders. The opposing parties led by Congress have a humongous task of winning back the confidence of millions of Indians. 12 members are nominated by the President. But those who never indian election system essay care for their books, fail. They are not only tech-savvy and more educated but also well informed in comparison to their entire family. Introduction, the terms, politics and corruption can be used synonymously when it comes to the Indian political system.

The whole country is divided into constituencies. The Effect of state elections on the Upcoming Indian General Elections 2019: In legislative elections, even seven days is sufficient to swing voters, either in support or against. Jayalalithaa Jayalalithaa was known for her dynamic personality. This is in accordance with the process of constituting the 17th Lok Sabha of the country post-independence from the British rule. The Election Process: advertisements: The framers of the Constitution were well aware of the importance of free and fair elections in a democracy. Undoubtedly the positive results have brought a breath of fresh air to the opposition parties. We can exercise nota if none of the politicians contesting the elections is well-qualified and worthy of the position. They might also possess an influence on election 2019 by performing as the outlook-creators and influencers inside their family circle as well as friends. Voters select a single candidate by marking against the candidate of their choice or through electronic voting machines. They must realize that they are being befooled by the corrupt ministers time and again. The Election Commission functions with the help of the staff of the Central and State governments. Whatever be the results, it is surely a matter of importance for the students to come to know what should and can be expected from the upcoming elections.

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Demos means the people, and Krasis means power to rule. . The party that gets majority of votes comes into power. Voting refers to the process of choosing or electing a candidate to run indian election system essay the governments affairs, usually through a ballot. Notwithstanding, it is additionally a reality that a critical number of voters in these states still lean toward Narendra Modi over their own state BJP boss pastors. However, they are now being educated and exploring different fields. The political system of the country needs serious reforms to ensure proper growth and development of the country.

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Many people came out to show their discontentment against this verdict. She has served as the president of the party. Importance of Voting: Voting is important because: It empowers the common people to choose their rulers. Any citizen who feels he is eligible but his / her name does not figure in the list can fill up a form and get his name included in the electoral Roll. The candidate securing 200 votes stands selected even though he represents only 20 of the voters. They hold public meetings and explain the programs of their parties. There is however heavy wastage of votes cast in favor of losing candidates. If they get majority of votes, they win; but if they do not, they lose. Individual information has likewise supposedly been gathered through applications, web-based social networking, and missed calls and used to introspect the mood of the voters. It is the right thing to say that the Indian general election 2019 is quite unpredictable. 233 members of the Rajya Sabha are elected indian election system essay from States and Union Territories. Rajya Sabha, there are a total of 245 members in the Rajya Sabha. Those who work hard get good marks.

Political parties take an interest in getting voters sympathetic to those enrolled. The candidate who secures the highest number of votes is declared elected. The voters exercise their right to vote to elect representatives to the Lok Sabha, the State Legislative Assemblies and the Local bodies down to the Gram Panchayat. However, while the citizens of our country exercise their right to elect the government and have the power to change it in the next election, they still suffer at the hands of the politicians. We are sure that the connectivity of 4G to the rural part of India and usage of low-cost smartphones will make the battle of election 2019 is probable to be battled exceedingly on phones. Advertisements: (He may have secured even less than half of the total votes polled. First past the Post System of Elections: Elections in India are held under this system. It was conducted in nine stages. Consider a situation in which 1000 votes have been polled.

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They move from door to door. She is popular among the people of West Bengal who regard her as their Didi (elder sister). First-time electorates act contrarily. The states which are slated for assembly elections are Mizoram, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh. This challenge was mightily faced and aced by the Democratic form of government in India.

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The Election Commission is responsible for preparation and revision of electoral rolls (list of voters for each constituency) and the delimitation of constituencies (marking of territory for each constituency). They are assisted by Assistant Registration Officers. It is time for us to stand united to drive corruption out of our indian election system essay country. Will Shri Narendra Modi be able to retain his position or the country will see a new coalition government whose sustainability is again a matter of debate. Providing voters photo identity cards is a colossal task but can be a very effective way of checking bogus voting. She had also served many other roles in the Indian politics. Bad boys care for their examination only when it comes too near.