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What is a professional nurse essay

what is a professional nurse essay

It is really very important ( ). The doctor-nurse game described over 30 years ago persists in the communication patterns of some doctors and nurses ( Knox Simpson , 2004). We could be the happiest people ever if different disease werent present on the Earth. Unfortunately, in abiding the directive of questioning particular actions of another when deemed inappropriate will more often than not cause some form of disagreement or clash between the professionals. Unfortunately not all patients understand. The anmc (2006) competency standards for the registered nurse comprises of 4 domains, namely professional practice, critical thinking and analysis, provision and coordination of care and collaborative and therapeutic practice. The status of nursing as a profession reflects the values that society places on the work of nurses and how central nursing is to the good of society. In following this directive, a nurse may often hesitate to question the validity of a particular intervention whether it was given by a fellow nurse or by some other health care professional such as a doctor.

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But the childhood came to its end and now it is high time to stop and think what I am going to do in the future? Nursing is a career that is ever changing and enlarging it's field of knowledge. It is a way of empowering oneself to be able to keep up with the trends in the practice of nursing. It is very important to consensus. Not everything is as simple and easy as it seems to you at first sight. Attending formal and informal lectures and orientations makes one feel more competent. Research in nursing will help in identifying evidence-based nursing practice (Polit Beck, 2004). Of course anyone that finishes the schooling and passes the liscensure exam can be a nurse but to be a good nurse I feel that one should care about their job and the work they.

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In essence, cultural competence is important in the practice of nursing. Nursing has a very strong internal organization of nurses that have joined together over the years into organizations such as the American Nursing Association, W VNA, WVS NA, and various other state national organizations. When you are in a hospital, you feel that it is always lack of warmth, participation, sweet words there. They just want ordinary human communication, because just lying and thinking is very tedious. Professional nursing is a career that is respectable and well needed in the world today. The second domain focuses on the implications of researching for evidence based practice (anmc, 2006). This why be a nurse essay is completely devoted to the nuances of this profession. For an experienced practitioner to successfully meet the third domain, one must hone ones leadership skills. As a result of the research, it was found that the average life expectancy of nurses is 3-5 years less than in other occupations. Secondly, to be a nurse is very useful for me and my relatives. Very often nurses should listen to patients, their experiences, worries, often patients talk about their lives, work. Brenner (1984) described the 5 stages of development for the professional nurse. The very lives of people are at stake and so one must practice competently.

The experience I had, the people I met and interacted with, left me with loving memories that made me realize that nursing was my passion. The only dilemma is which of the two must be the top priority. Conclusion, to sum up, true professional nursing competence requires accumulation of evidence based knowledge and skills. Of course, they have a great responsibility as to put drippers, do injections and other procedures are not so easy. And one what is a professional nurse essay more else: everything in the nurse should be available to the patient, starting with her appearance (tightness, orderliness, hairdo, facial expression). I think that only when we do something useful for people, we realize that somebody needs us and it means that our life and mission is special. The diversity and learning opportunities that nursing offers makes it the best field for me to get into. It is not a secret that many professions had disappeared as the world changed. It also entails understanding cultural diversity and how it affects the kind of care that must be provided.

what is a professional nurse essay

What is a professional nurse essay?

Not all nursing jobs are physical, some are almost strictly intellectual, suc as an educator, case manager, and instructor. It can hinder the patients acceptance to treatment and care. To tell the truth, I dont. Another important issue within the sphere of the first domain of professional practice implies the need to question and/or clarify orders and decisions that are unclear, not understood or questionable (anmc, 2006). In ones personal experience, taking care of a patient whose religion does not allow blood transfusion is a real dilemma. It is the best area to work.

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From this, one can realise the undeniable fact that nurses play a crucial role in the delivery of health care services. Nursing requires a person to be intellectual, have many responsibilities, it has a basic body of knowledge that can be learned and is refreshed and refined through research and many other points match those of Flexner and Bixler. Introduction, why is professional competence a fundamental requirement in nursing practice? For different reasons students cant cope with their home tasks. The anmc competency standards are crucial in directing the way nurses must think and act. Next Essays Related to Nursing Profession, got a writing question? It's not possible for everybody to work with sick people. In highly industrialised nations, competency of nursing professionals is sought after and achieved through competency based approach training (Cowan, Norman Coopamah, 2005). I want to give you a simple example. We can help you to solve different problems and our papers are always the best. It is difficult to confidently say that one has thoroughly assessed a patient. Professional strategies in nursing.

Cultural competence is what is a professional nurse essay the process whereby a nurse provides care that is suitable to the clients cultural context (Daniels, 2004). In addition to that, the experience I have already had during the voluntary and the health professionals I met made me realize that nursing was my career. Look around you, you see competent, caring individuals on a daily basis, doing the work of nursing. Nursing is a profession. This job is always necessary and interesting. I respect those people who chose the medical education. Conceptual foundations of professional nursing practice.

I have no doubt that I love being in the field of hospice and specifically, a nurse. As far as I remember I wanted to become a nurse. To be professionally competent is to be properly qualified, capable, adequate for the purpose, and sufficient. We want to do what they are doing and be better than them but in the same field. Sometimes the doctor and the nurse have different points of view on treating the patient. Effective team behavior operates when health care providers communicate openly and courteously with each other ( Wolf, 2006). Who knows, maybe helping people in such a way is your real mission? . My mother works in a hospital for some time and every day she can see how different problems people can have. Every nurse in some sense is also a psychologist. Very often such people are sure that they were lucky in life much less than others. If you are facing a choice what company to choose, be sure that choosing this cheap coursework writing service you will not go wrong. Definitely, as an experienced practitioner there have been many instances when one has asserted oneself as the leader of the group in order to smoothly direct patient care. 3 pages, 1189 words.

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It would be much easier for them if Ill be able to take care of my relatives when they are suffering from different diseases. For the fourth domain, what is most relevant to ones practice are the need to establish and maintain therapeutic relationship with patients and the necessity to collaborate with other health care professionals in providing comprehensive nursing care (anmc, 2006). I still want to be a nurse. The profession of nurse always needs a lot of communication. As said earlier, it was not a matter of following of footsteps of the people that I look up to but rather a gradual but constant realization that nursing was the best field for. Main Body, the anmc (2006,.14) defines competence as what is a professional nurse essay the combination of skills, knowledge, attitudes, values and abilities that underpin effective and/or superior performance in a profession or occupational area. The Title 19 Code for Nurses is titled Standards for professional nursing, practice. It is normal, because the doctors and nurses should know everything about different diseases and the structure of the human body. In ones own practice of nursing, continuing professional education has always been ones primary goals. The idea of competence seems to have skills at its core, in particular clinical skills, that is ones essential to best practice (Roberts, 2009).

The debate over whether nursing is a what is a professional nurse essay profession or not is simple to me, of course it is a profession. The third domain of the ANF competency standards relates the concept of promoting and improving nursing practice through leadership. Ask our professional writer! This is a motivation for entering the profession and also for staying in it when the work gets rugged and the money tight. Furthermore, there is the need to practise in a manner that acknowledges the dignity, culture, values, beliefs and rights of individuals or groups (anmc, 2006). A nurse that excels in his/her profession should be a well-rounded person with many good qualities. This is all taught and (hopefully) learned in nursing school. According to Andrews and Boyle (2008) religion is especially crucial to patients during periods of health crisis. These competency standards may be idealistic but it is certainly realistic and attainable if only nurses give more of their time reflecting on their own practice and in trying to assimilate through actions these competency standards.

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And it is not surprising, as these girls and women had to take care not only of the physical health but also the mental one. Competency standards in this domain includes that a nurse has the ability to address the physiological, psychological, physical, emotional and spiritual needs of patients and significant others as well as to optimize the physical and non-physical environment ( Dunn, Lawson Robertson, 2000). The feeling I got is that these people loved their job. Do you know a lot about such professions as herald or the operator of telephone lines? He or she is able to question other professionals actions if necessary without causing unhealthy disagreements among them. My friend is studying in medical in Poland. Self-reflection activities are an essential component of expert nursing practice (Dossey Keegan, 2009). Nurses are typically confronted with conflicting scenarios which are often both important things to consider. I believe that soon Ill have a husband and children. When you visit people in the hospital you can notice that they are boring there and always glad to speak to you.

But the nurse will be popular forever. What is my mission and what profession to choose? It is because one needs to consider a wide array of factors. As for me, to be a nurse is very important and responsible. Public became more what is a professional nurse essay knowledgeable about the profession through media and formal rses are accountable to provide health education.

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As an experienced practitioner, one can meet these competency standards by reflecting on ones own experiences and placing these experiences in correct perspective for future reference. When we were children we wanted to become adults as we thought the life will be more interesting and exciting. These groups of people, with whom we interact with more often, tend to create a world for. The writing RN, kept the atropine injection and normal saline flush ready.Patients heparin lock site was. Being competent does not only imply that one is very knowledgeable and skilled.

By being a what is a professional nurse essay professional we imply that the person is conscientious in actions, knowledgeable in the subject and responsible to self and others. Professional competence is a must in nursing practice. St Louis, MS: Mosby Year Book. Cultural diversity challenges nurses to triumph over cultural gaps with patients by providing culturally appropriate care (Daniels, 2004). This is the reason why competence is such a crucial issue in the practice of nursing. Nurse practices according to the policy. The nurse should always try to behavior herself in such a way that patient can trust her in everything which is connecting with treating. Moreover, there is the necessity to question and/or clarify interventions that appear inappropriate with relevant members of the health care team (anmc, 2006). I had other desires; I wanted a different path, I wanted to be different, I had a different calling, I wanted to be a nurse. More general information about us you can read on the Internet. If you need to choose the profession and university, think about nurses. Nursing is not simply an assortment of special skills and the nurse is not simply a person proficient in performing these specific tasks. 41) Nursing is a profession.