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If i were an ias officer essay

if i were an ias officer essay

Many more choices are probable. Important Links IAS Recruitment Tests upsc Right to Information PDF inks Conclusion The biggest challenge for a candidate is the interview after a competitive exam, which is the turning point for his future. If you look and feel great, your heightened self- confidence will likely make a favorable impression upon your interviewer. It is not well taken. There are many online articles and books in the market, where you can get sample IAS interview questions and answers in English and IAS interview questions and answers in Hindi or any other regional language for better understanding. Question 8: Whats similar to half apple? Why chance an embarrassing sneezing fit? An easy way to assess your strengths is to think of those tasks that you excelled doing, those you enjoyed doing, those that were appreciated by others, those that gave you pride of achievement and inner satisfaction. However, when the checkers check it out, they both have the same names. Lighter vein questions are to be answered with genuineness. His eldest sister Nirmala said that their father was not able to afford further expenses of Govind if he could not have been able to clear it in a first attempt. If the district has river / mountain / temple / tourist place / Industry / Political figure do not forget to add.

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In short, it will not be good for you to deceive them by answering gibberish or confusing answers. Parliamentary / Assembly constituencies in the district and representatives of the area are to be mentioned. Answer: Yesterday, Today and tomorrow. Previous night: While preparing for the personal interview, avoid overnight studies during the previous day. Get well prepared with answers and do not fail to convince your interviewers. He has proved that those who have if i were an ias officer essay firm determination for them even success can become a slave. These are those tasks that you tend to get defensive over and dont have any interest in performing them. Nobel prize winners and prominent awards announced in the first arte most important.

Let us go in detail item by item: Personal Interview Rule of the game: Personal interview is basically an attempt to asses the mental ability of the candidate. Smoke hr before if you are habituated. What effort have you put in overcoming the above weakness? The replies to these questions are to be supplemented with concrete examples and dates about the place. 275 marks will be taken for qualified candidates in Phase III examination. You can improve your communication skills like speech, body language. We have provided ample questions and answers in the 101 section that deal with this technique. Q1: What do you put in a toaster? Your hands may be damp but it does not matter.

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Do it yourself: Spend 10 minutes thinking of your strengths and write them down. Expected IAS Interview Questions upsc Interview Questions related to your personal information such as your name, place of origin, etc. The commitment to your village and your ambition to uplift communication, medical facilities of the village are to be narrated. Ability and Aspiration: What are your abilities? Relax, Relax and Relax. Of these, IAS, IPS and IFS are the three most important and prestigious services in India. Applying the same analogy to interview selection process, interviewer will use the 1020 and predict candidates future behavior based on that 10- 20 assessment made in the interview. Sports / games you play.

Bring three copies of your resume, but offer it only if asked. It is almost impossible to hide the smell. Question 9: A person has been sentenced to death. Education Qualification About your subject of graduation Your CS Optional Subject Questions about Current Affairs and General Studies etc. Total Employees: Normally question is leveled against the candidate who is already working in an office / organization. Be alert and attentive. Are you certified in Java/J2EE architecture? Being a manager, I have meetings to attend and some of the meetings overshoots and I then end up reaching late for the other meeting I could also be that I get unscheduled requests to meet team members and address. Keep your publications ready. About upsc, the, uPSC was authorized by Govt of India to conduct a Civil Service Examination( CSE) for the selection of aspirants for the 24 major posts. The Mock Test not only helps you to understand upsc patterns of questions but also help you practice. Nature, but also due to the opportunity to bring positive change in the lives of millions of people in India.

In essence, it is called walk the golf course. Avoid dropping names of senior Officials / Politicians during your answers. Do not enter into argument that your view point is only correct. Candidates have the choice either to reply fully or partly in English or to opt for mother tongue. Q2: Say Silk five times. Indo Pak relations Status of Dalialama Indo Srilanka ties Indo Nepal friendship Policies of Barrack Obama in 2nd term All the questions related to International ties are to be answered, if you are aware of the latest developments. Replies no exceeding two to three minutes will be ideal. Study them carefully and remember names of important personalities of each country. This will give an outlook about your ability to learn things. Irrigation Profession of your father. Great golfers dont hit the ball with eyes closed but take time to consider exactly where they are going to hit the ball, taking into account how the contours of the course will affect the way ball will bounce and roll. First Impression are formed mostly by nonverbal communications including appearance, facial expression, eye contact, posture, and least of all, spoken words.

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Q4: If a red house is made of red bricks, blue house made of blue bricks, pink house made of pink bricks black house made from black bricks. Job since it is secure? Tell about your positive and if i were an ias officer essay negative strengths. Soft skills and assessment: Interviewers are known to use different tools and techniques to evaluate candidates around soft skills and behavior. This is another standard question for IAS interview which faces candidates, whose purpose is not only to show the candidates objectives as an IAS officer, but there is also clarity of thinking in this regard. Civil societies Judicial activism This is the final round where your imagination and competency are judged.

If you are given powers of CM/PM what is your priority. If your answer was bread, please move. When you enter the interview room, wait for a while till you are offered the chair by the chairman of the Board. If you do not know the answer admit that I am not aware replies supplemented by facts and figures / years / names will impress the Board. In other words, to be successful in life or interview you need to have the right attitude. Your body language may be negative, even contradictory to your thoughts. The interview board likes to know why you have opted for the change. At that time, the only big, respectable, most desirable and prestigious thing that came to his mind was a civil service exam and became a goal of his life. TV Channels mostly you watch. As they say attitude of the candidate drives his behavior on the job.

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Answer: May is the name of a place. The finale is between a British and an American kid. Do not touch your face and hair Sit straight and speak confidently Do not lie to impress Neatly dress and punctuality Just be yourself. Before you utter a single word, your appearance already has. If a mention about references that you have made figure in the interview you mention the way how you know him/ her. First impressions are formed within thirty seconds, many times subliminally. If you won prize in Table Tennis championship, this how you would go about analyzing the same. Interview is the time for you to show your capacities. Similarly do not express anxiety, restlessness at the time of answering. The latter part consists of seven papers and each has around 300 questions. Styles vary by profession as well as region of the country. Different centers for conducting the examinations through out the country are notified for the convenience of the candidates. While entering the Board Room wish the persons sitting across the table.

Q3: There is a very tall coconut tree and 4 animals (Lion, Monkey, Giraffe, and Squirrel). Sri Jayendra Saraswathi Swamigal is the main Pontiff at Present. Wait if i were an ias officer essay for your turn of interview. Difficult IAS questions Expected IAS Interview Questions IAS interview questions personal interview questions. Defensive body language such as folded arms or crossed legs is to be avoided When you are making an important point, do not stare. Before you appear for an interview, you must know the purpose of the interview clearly and understand.

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Normally the interview will be for duration of 25 to 30 minutes for each candidate. Ancient writers / poets. Any pacts signed by both the countries, cultural agreements are to be highlighted. Reading the subject for examinations is different. Research work you have done. The interviewer will tell you not only on your knowledge but also how you move forward your thoughts. Avoid gossiping in the corridors.

Take it with table manners. Upsc Divisions, tips for IAS interview preparation. You dont believe. Constitutional amendments for panchayat Raj. They had no idea about what would have happened if Govind would have failed. Review your notes from the research; think positive thoughts about the upcoming interview. Avoid spicy food two hours in if i were an ias officer essay advance. Main news on the interview day and its repercussions. Missouri is the place where IAS offices are trained at Lalbahadur Sastri National Academy.

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Presently whom do you report to? Poets / artists of the area are to be remembered. Administrative ser up in Union Territories like Delhi, Chandigarh is peculiar, They are directly under the control of Ministry of Home affairs for day to day administration. Questions on optionals: Definitely there will be a question on your optional subjects: History / Sociology / Telugu / Tamil etc. Supplementary can be how many districts are in your state and the economic conditions of the districts. Dress up properly Avoid going by crowded buses. What is the competition date? There used to be a 14 hours power cut, so he used to shut all the windows and put cotton balls in his ears to reduce the noise of generators running all around in the locality. Top IAS interview questions, the IAS Interface Panel now includes the specific personality of different areas and it is headed by a President. There is only one chance for this to happen. So, try to be honest and list your strengths and weaknesses with the logical understanding and examples as the best of your understanding. There is a sense of loss of confidence when performing them. Be confident to answer.

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You as the sales man should know your strengths and weaknesses very well. It may lead to confusion. If we were to represent each letter Below with the numerical equivalent of the same (based on its position in the alphabetical sequence attitude gets a 100 score in comparison to the others like skills, knowledge hard work. Follow the above tips to prepare for the IAS interview. Few tips face personal interview questions Contact the eye with the interview board. Mention about their peculiarities / films you have seen. So prepare yourself with all given tips and IAS interview questions model and equip yourself to get success. He is capable in communicating in his own language. Contribution of your state at National level in various fields political, economical, Industrial aspects are to be highlighted. Keep your experience certificates ready.

The questions why you have chosen the optional is also common. Interview process is like an iceberg. If the subjects of your graduation and post- graduation are different, coherent reasons j for the same is to be mentioned. Questions on your main subject: Depending on your graduation / post graduation subject science / arts / commerce / Engineering one of the member will be questioning you about the subject. Prominent News paper / Journalists of the area, if i were an ias officer essay women in power are points for discussion. International Issues: This is a provocative area. But instead of going off track Govind worked harder towards his goal. Meetings of Common wealth countries. Refer books: Refer to the books recommended by Toppers to prepare for the IAS Examination. Occupy the Chair allotted for you with grace.

Social Aspects: Bills presented recently in Parliament / Pending Bills. Mains are both essay writing and objective questions. I enjoy playing TT and good a top sin serves. Green houses are made from glass. Clean your face If you have eaten in the canteen. If your graduation and post graduation are in science/ arts / engineering / medicine / Business Administration and the optional chosen is not related you have to explain in detail about reason for selecting the option. Replies that I get more salary, I will get a posting in my native state. If you are giving percentages be sure it correlates with the facts at a glance. Dont cut short the question. To set the mood of the interview the replies shall be creative and not imaginative.

Ethics Strategy (GS Paper - 4 ) Maximum marks: 250

Supplementary can be on Rural Vs Urban Population, migration to cities, Panchayat Raj system, faction politics, democracy at gross root level, and empowerment of women, caste system. If this question is asked, you can start with a brief background on your family, personal information, academic qualifications and professional commitments. Andaman and Nicobar Islands have special status. Industrial infrastructure available in the district is to be told. Questions on socioeconomic conditions and the impact of Mogul period are common. Pencil / pen for jotting down points can be of much help to you. Demography and social conditions of the village. If you said Giraffe or monkey or Squirrel the answer is wrong, lion is obviously also wrong. Mock IAS Interview By Manorama Online Also Read:- Recommended Book Few tricky questions in IAS interview question 1: What would you do if I go away with your sister? Candidates ability to group things, his knowledge about the worldly affairs are Judged in this segment. The results of the examinations are announced as per schedule and personal interviews conducted. The selections are made through fool proof method. Any thing on the face of the earth can be questioned.

Unknowingly you will be conveying your doubts and fear along with your thoughts. Almost everyone fails these tests, If you have answered all these basic questions correctly then you are among the 5 individuals who apply common sense even in stressful situations. The other member including Chairman will be observing your way of replies, your way of replies, your confidence level, authority on the subject, communication skills, body language, over action, argumentative style, over simplicity, shyness. Are you a java / J2EE resource with knowledge of what is latest in that space? Why your are leaving public sector? Do not reply that I hardly stayed in my village. Last Minute Preparation: Before you leave home for the interview make sure you have everything you need. Apart from other topics, it is important to keep information about current affairs. Dont try to bluff or risk a guess. How to express your strengths and skills with power and laser like precision.

( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) 30 Thats what you got for the equation. In fact, they want to evaluate your personality, your characteristics, your ability to work under pressure and to deal with a difficult situation. However, we have listed some of the different and strange questions given below to give you an original idea of what you expected during your interview with IAS. Govind Jaiswal is a man who with his continuous hard work and rock-solid determination has achieved that goal which remains only a dream for millions. It has two papers and it has a maximum of 400 marks. When you multiply all telephone numbers, whats the answer? How to charm your way into the interviewers heart in the first 20seconds of the interview. Sleepy early by 9 to 10pm. By using a single straight line, make the equation correct. Gandhiji, President Kalam has given us a dream and the power to dream. It is not important what you know but what you communicate and how you communicate to the numbers. Order preferences given by the candidates in civil services is point for discussion. Prepare question papers for last year.

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Therefore, to improve the chances of breaking the exam after graduation, you start preparing while staying in college. Everyday Govind used to study for 18-20 hours a day, and he even used to skip meal sometimes to save time and money. No hoodwinking by replying I want to serve the country I am not for higher emoluments may not click. Visit of PM / President to foreign countries. The notepad and selected reference material about the department should be placed in a folder. Question 3: When you get up in the morning and you know youre pregnant, what are you going to do? If you are interviewed for a job in the advertising of entertainment industries, you may be able to dress less formally than in the financial services industry of legal profession. Role of Bhutto, Zia-ul-Haq, Benazir Bhutto, Gen Musharraf in Indo Pak ties is to be understood before you answer. Advantages and disadvantages in studying at a village. Visualize positive interaction between you and interviewers and you will convey good feelings and improve the odds of a positive outcome. If you said green, go watch a movie, read some jokes and come back. Collect information about your village though you have not stayed there.