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Thus providing a political lever to the Pakistani ruling class to be exploited in international as well as national arena, while reducing the efficacy of Indian Army by embroiling…

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Cell phones are not dangerous essay

cell phones are not dangerous essay

Theres good and bad. You can easily download porn from the web and add it in your cell phone with a simple Gigabyte of memory. Get Access To The Full Essay 300 Materials Daily 100,000 Subjects 2000 Topics Free Plagiarism Checker All Materials are Cataloged Well Blablawriting 2019. Even I have a cell phone and Im really not a big talker. When driving in a car you can put a certain app on your phone so that way when someone calls you they know that you are driving and you will call them back later. There are always the latest gadget cell phones out and it has so many capabilities. Not only that, cell phones are very explosive if exposed to fuel or any highly radioactive materials. To me these are just excuses.

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I dont know about you, but I dont need to read a bunch of studies to know that slower reaction times will cause you to miss things when you are driving. So I believe that its the operator and not the phone. Teenagers have this texting thing mastered. Think about how long it takes for you to do a text and take into consideration your doing it with one hand since you need to keep on hand on the steering wheel. Another idea that comes to my mind when I think of people driving while talking on their mobile phone is texting while driving. Imagine for a year you would have already spent 2400. As a society, we have become so focused on how much we can do at one time that we are willing to risk our personal safety as well as the safety of others because we cant put down our cell phones. Even I do it on occasion, which is surprising because before I had a smart phone, if someone texted me I would just call them rather than text back. Once, for example, you get so angry at the person or an emergency happens, you feel rushed mentally and you basically lose your complete focus on the road. Drivers who use cell phones while driving are also highly dangerous to pedestrians.

While compatibilists are considered to be determinists. People also believe because they use a hands-free device while talking it doesnt affect their driving. It cell phones are not dangerous essay all makes sense now; they are paying more attention to the conversation they have going on than to their driving. Why not, with these new smart phones that almost everybody has now days, it has become very easy. Sometimes when youre talking on the phone, you tend to lose your attention on the road because of your focus on the person thats talking to you. There were numerous things said about cell phones causing cancer to people that used them because of the radiation that the phones put out. When we use cell phones it only makes our life somewhat easy, because of its advancements, we can use it for internet, work, or even as a chatting machine. Imaging buying a 200 cell phone every month. In the recent study of scientists, cell phones are proven to cause brain cancer. You want to get by the person but every time an opportunity to do so came into view it would quickly disappear because the other driver would speed up or do something to avert your opportunity. Its just a cell phone.

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You yourself is what causes these problems by the way you use your cell phone in everyday life. When the police found her, the only thing they found was her dead body and her cell phone. Drivers are also tailgating you because of, again, the inability to maintain a constant speed because they are on the phone. The way you use your cell phone is what makes it dangerous. The Harvard Center for Risk Analysis Study accounts 330,000 injuries per year and 11 teen deaths every day according to the Institute for Highway Safety Fatality Facts (Lohmann, 2012). Cell cell phones are not dangerous essay phones primarily operate like portable telephones. Almost half of all adults admit to texting while driving in a survey by AT T provided to USA today, compared with 43 of teenagers. I mean how dumb can they. Cell phones cause electromagnetic radiation which causes cancer to the human body. When we try to text while driving we have to take our eyes off the road, even if only for a second or two. Recently my wife and I were going to a store.

If these statistics dont scare you and make you rethink how your possible bad habits affect other people then maybe you should just turn in your drivers license and take the bus. People often tell me that cell phones are the best. The new interventional strategies are. I dont really get why people are so prideful when it comes to texting on the road with their cell phones. Ive seen some of my classmates with the latest cell phone and, too me, it can be expensive sometimes. This inattention blindness causes slower reaction times, which is going to cause problems if anything unexpected happens around you. With the newer smart phones of today, texting has become a part of our existence. They were swerving within their lane, couldnt keep a constant speed and just seemed like they were completely distracted and not paying attention to the road and the seemingly easy task of driving. Due to our multi-tasking society we all tend to think we can handle using the cell phone while were driving. The statistics and data presented here and that is available at other various websites should be more than enough evidence to convince you that using your cell phone while driving is a bad idea.

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A person can be addicted to just about anything. Someone is doing something with the cell phone in order for you to have that accident. Each time you take your focus off the road, even if just for a split second, youre putting your life and the lives of others in danger. Would you like to get such a paper? But studies now have proven that they do not put out enough radiation to cause for concern of cancer. One such reason is that show more content, when driving, sometimes it is difficult to focus on the road which makes it easy to forget that the roads are shared by everyone and not for your exclusive use. Although experience of what happens is a key to all demonstrative knowledge, Aristotle supposed that the abstract study of "being qua being" must delve more deeply, in order to understand why things happen the way they. Types of Essays. Due to all the distractions that cell phones create and the dangers associated with this, many states have established laws on cell phone use while driving. From our professional essay writers! Erratic driving is something that we all get quite worked up about, especially if it makes us late or is otherwise a direct inconvenience. These are the maximum penalties when no accident has occurred.

So when someone misuses the medication they become addicted and then it becomes dangerous. All but four states have primary enforcement, which means an officer may cite a driver for using a hand-held cell phone without any other traffic offense taking place (Governors Highway Safety Association, 2013). Having a cell phone in todays society has become a regular part of life. To me we rely so heavily on the cell phone that it is becoming dangerous. For instance, when you have been prescribed medication your medication is good for you, it helps you in some way or another. Qualified writers in the subject of english language are ready and waiting to help you with your studies. Personal Narrative * Like the personal descriptive essay, the narrative essay.

She may not have intended to end that persons life, but she made the poor decision to drive and text which she has to live with for the rest of her life. If its not and you want to continue your current behavior then you will be responsible for the consequences. All drivers are prohibited from texting while driving. Eleven states, Washington. Emma Taylor online Hi there! Scott Clark, veteran web business strategist and the owner of the consultancy BuzzMaven Labs, says He came within inches of a bad accident because of a young driver being on the phone and crossing three lanes of traffic at 45 mph. Conclusion As I stated in the beginning, we all rely on cell phones way too much and this is causing us to make some bad decisions. Do you know that cell phones have evolved rapidly in the past few years and have become the worlds most useful electronic? Accidents caused by using Cell phones Cell phones do not cause car accidents and misinterpretation. I know Im cell phones are not dangerous essay not perfect and Im guilty of talking on the cell phone while driving, but after writing this I know my behavior will be changing. You would take an Aspirin and feel better the next day. More than 98 of adults almost all of them admit they know its wrong (USA Today, 2013).

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Bla Bla Writing causality cell. Is this setting a good example for our teens? One case study on severe privation is the study on Genie (reported by Curtis 1977). Phones, are, not, dangerous, a lot of people today believe that cell phones are dangerous. If you dont know what the particular laws are in your home state, I strongly urge you to research that information. The drivers are looking out the windshield but they are not processing everything in the roadway environment (National Safety Council, 2010). Personal Descriptive * In a personal descriptive essay, the writer describes a person, place, thing or event, including a great deal of carefully chosen detail. Failure to Form Attachment The real term for failure to form attachments is privation; this means someone is unable to form any attachments to anyone. Whats astonishing to me is kids seem to all have cell phones by the time they get into middle school. To close, I would like to tell the audience that cell phones can be cell phones are not dangerous essay dangerous and you should not rely on it too much. This all makes sense to me, you are trying to multi-task and when you do that you are splitting your attention between two or more things, thus reducing your overall awareness.

Sensory impressions are important, so strive to scatter them throughout the essay. Unfortunately, people are also choosing the wrong time to be using their cell phones : while they are driving. In addition, convey the significance of the subject, otherwise there is no point to the essay. Therefore, you as a person can make it dangerous or not. In two different experiments, associate professor of psychology.