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When it comes to transportation, Two Kinds does not depict any unreal images, like transforming of a man into a bug, which is the case with Kafkas Metamorphosis.…

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How can teenagers stay away from criminal activities? The US-Mexica border construction to control illegal immigration. As more and more heartbreaking tugs-of-war between biological and adoptive parents surface…

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Social, environmental and ethical factors in engineering design theory: a post positivist approach. 25 26 Based on their earlier four-c model of creativity, Beghetto Kaufman 27 28 proposed a typology…

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Conflict management strategies essay

conflict management strategies essay

This remark indicates that Lenore decided that she would avoid continuing in the argument. When Caroline begins to defend herself and her family, Lenore instantly backs away and pretends to forget what she had previously stated. Those involved are comfortable with the disagreement and agree to disagree. Here are some strategies you can use: Use conflict management techniques to develop your conflict awareness skills. Lenore was accusing Caroline of being a poor mother and having a poor daughter. It breaks down communication barriers. The event that triggers the conflict, is when Caroline s daughter runs right past Lenore and does not say hello. So, without having any feedback from SA and information about his possible availability, CSM had to escalate the issue to the SAs direct manager Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of the Company, who was based in Dubai. There is forward movement in communication, processes, and procedures. Regular activities are disrupted. The Wilmot Hocker Assessment Guide will be the basic foundation for this paper.

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The reason why there is a struggle over goals is because time is a scarce resource. I would ask his colleagues who work with him at the same location about his personal features, his approximate working schedule and his previous work experience, if by any chance they would have been aware. Before Lenore and Caroline engage in conflict, Lenore felt she was being shunned from the family. Caroline expresses the struggle in a rational state of mind. This particular case study lacks goal clarity. Caroline responds by saying, I can not buy what you are saying.

This is a normal response for children her age. As soon as System Administrator would have solved that particular Database problem, I would suggest him to have voice/video call or conflict management strategies essay at least message chat in order to collaborate on a plan for how to deal with such. The transactive goals that developed in this conflict happened while the conflict was taking place. She has restraints on her time to play with her friends. Lenore only discovers her goals during the course of the conflict. Identifying the central issue will keep you focused and prevent you from slipping into other matters. Caroline refuses to accept her mother s opinion and that leads into a struggle over power. People outside of the conflict are impacted. The grandmother does not understand the time restraints on Tara. On the other hand, Caroline wants her mother to realize that her grandchildren still love and respect her, even though they do not kiss and hug her every time they see her. Consider how you might respond to these reactions in a manner that promotes your goal and conflict resolution.

Conflict, management, strategies, essay

Since Caroline wants one thing and Lenore wants another, this leads into incompatible goals. This one to one communication could result in the two collaborating. During the conflict, Caroline was trying to save face. When Lenore said, Nonsense! Neither party specialized in any type of goal. Lenore s goal is to strive for higher power. When she is not playing tennis or going to school, she wants to spend her time with her friends. Even though Lenore feels neglected, she will only state a few of the reasons why she Feels a non-person in Caroline s life and her kid. After a while he finally responded to the messages with a note that he would soon have the issue fixed and that it is not worth paying so much attention. To resolve a conflict and achieve your conflict management strategies essay desired goal, you must be well-prepared for the interaction with the person you wish to address. French and Raven would describe this source of power as expertise. They are able to then come up with solutions and find an agreement (Weiss, 1997, para.

Although Caroline does not initiate the conflict management strategies essay conflict, she does not back down from conflict. Think about your relationship and history with the person and his or her communication style and general behavior patterns. Winning becomes the desired goal. She does not ignore her mother; instead, she communicates the message she understands her mother has a problem. This is the event that brought the conflict into mutual awareness.

Negative conflict has the potential to permanently disable a group (Engleberg, 2006,. In order to do so, she had to stick up to her mother. Identify what is at stake for the other person. She has a high concern for her needs, but she also has a high concern for her mother s needs. Her mother,however, wanted to still have control of Caroline and the way she raised her family. She only began to engage in conflict, when Tara ran past her and ignored her. Still, conflict management strategies essay the main strategy here would be collaboration and working on a plan of solving the problem and preventing it from happening in the future. He messaged to System Administrator by Skype, requesting him to check servers and to fix the issue before clients would have discovered the problem. If the grandmother would accept Tara withdrawing from the triangle, it would give Lenore and Caroline time to discuss their current relationship. Negative conflicts can lead to employees feeling as though they have lost sight of the teams goal because of constant bickering or arguing among team members.

By saying I can not buy what you are saying, Caroline is stating the metaphoric message that conflict is a product and can be bought if it is at the right price. Capozzpoli presents a similar approach where the first step is to explore the reasons for the disagreement (Capozzpoli, 1995, para. For example she says, We just have begun to realize that we are going to start looking out for our own needs-alone. Since Lenore is the mother of Caroline, she believes she has the wisdom, knowledge, and expertise on how a family should operate. Managing conflict is a skill that can be enhanced through thoughtful deliberation and practice. First of all, Lenore wants her grandchildren to kiss and hug her every time they see her. This generation of families is on a lot more hectic schedule. Both Caroline and Lenore want different things and this causes a struggle over goals. Team Solutions for Conflict Management, team Solutions for Conflict Management, when co workers form teams they will find that they disagree or need to find ways to express their differences (Engleberg, Wynn, 2006,. For example, when Caroline said, You brought me up to understand that I am my own person, her mother responded by saying, I hope I threw in some training sessions on respecting other people s authority. It is overwhelming to her that her daughter will not conform to what she says. This assignment will explain the goals of each individual and the messages they use to achieve them. Taking her age and the way she communicates into consideration, one can assume that she is a conservative and an old fashion type of lady.

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The sides of conflict are Client Support Manager and System Administrator. A currency that Caroline did not realize she had was her interpersonal linkage. Caroline can understand her daughter s actions a lot clearer then can Lenore. Since it is not known what exactly the retrospective goal is, one must assume that Caroline realized she should have handled the conflict differently. This will also help you anticipate potential reactions.

She is ignoring everything that Caroline has to say. To listen effectively, teammates must clear their minds and pay attention conflict management strategies essay to these nonverbal gestures (Weiss, 1997 para. The conflict was about who Lenore and Caroline are to each other. One of the other problems in the past that upsets her, is that she wants to feel a part of their lives. These conflicts challenge co workers and can lead to better results. This case study will include examples from the conversation in order to back up certain ideas. Groups who are committed to positive conflicts share similar principles such as members being able to disagree and still respect each other (Engleberg, 2006,. Caroline believes that there is nothing wrong with her family. Take care to communicate your concern in a clear, specific, and neutral way. If Lenore says that Caroline is not raising her family correctly, she better change something. This statement is implying that her needs must be meet first and foremost. When a valid point was made, her mother would find a way to change it around. Although we cant always control our exposure to conflict in our professional and personal lives, we can approach conflict management in a way that makes the difference between a positive and a negative outcome.

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However, Caroline feels Lenore should stop telling her what is best for her and her family. Conflicts are mostly associated with quarreling, fighting, anger, and hostility (Engleberg, Wynn, 2006,. When Caroline was younger, her mother was able to punish (coercion) her when she did not like her behavior. It creates a toxic environment. Paraphrasing the issue back to the other person can help to show that both individuals are getting closer to solving their differences. In the beginning stages of the conflict, Caroline s goal was to explain why her daughter did not say hello. When Lenore told Caroline that she is heading into fairly stormy waters, Lenore is using what is considered to be a negative metaphor. First of all, since Client Support Manager and Chief conflict management strategies essay Technician Officer were based in different countries, it made communication process more complicated CTO was apparently busy with some meetings and didnt respond to CSMs letter and messages right away. Tara and Lenore are at the top corners, while the grandmother is at the bottom corner. To my opinion, best choice in this case would be Collaborative or Principled Negotiation strategy. This type of conflict also results when groups engage in behaviors that create hostility and prevent achievement of the groups goal (Engleberg, Wynn, 2006,. He observes that nonverbal cues show 90 of what someone is saying.

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Lenore conflict management strategies essay stated that her husband and her feel like their a non-person in your life and your kids life. Keep these points in mind to create an effective strategy: Use I-messages rather than You-messages. These are exaggerations and rarely true. Lenore is overreacting and she should just let her be her own person. The strategy of Getting Help was not very efficient in this particular case for several reasons. Caroline is the exact opposite of Lenore. Lenore must understand and accept that Caroline s parenting style suits the lifestyle of the family. This strategy involves bringing in a third party to act as a conflict mediator. Think about possible reactions or responses the other person may have.

When Caroline said, Just because you re my mother does not mean that we have to think exactly the same, it showed Caroline was trying to clarify their relationship. She is highly concerned for her own needs and she really does not have a high concern for others. Conflict Management Workshop : The benefits of conflict management in the workplace. She serves as the bridge between Lenore and Tara. Take the Next Step, conflict is a part of our everyday lives, and that makes it difficult to avoid. Company develops and sells Mobile Roaming Analytics software and provides consulting services for Mobile Operators in many regions of the world. Before this incident, she did not have a plan on how to become a bigger influence in the family. Caroline is trying to move Lenore against her will. This feeling of being shunned, resulted in Lenore having a hostile attitude toward Caroline and her family. By understanding how to skillfully manage conflict, you can negate its negative effects and even have it work to your advantage. She became very defensive when Lenore said that she was not interested in their advice or in their decisions.

conflict management strategies essay

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The relationships between these 2 employees are also important and should be maintained on a friendly basis, in order to ensure efficient collaboration and problem solving, should the same situation occur in the future. Part II - How was the Conflict Managed? Assess how you are currently handling the situation. For example, people in Lenore s time were not so busy with Car pools, tennis games, and trips that we re really not crucial to any part of your life style. Major considerations behind the choice of the strategy by CSM were the following: getting an advice from CTO as from SAs direct manager, regarding further actions in this case; striving to prevent similar situations from happening in the future.

I ve never ever told you what to do or when to. There are both positive and negative conflicts. It is even mentioned in the case, that Lenore would drop everything when her parents came to visit her. Lenore could have mentioned that she thought her knowledge on raising families could benefit Caroline and would also help Lenore feel a part of the family. Since both employees work for the same Company, they are supposed to have mutual goals, aimed at achieving Companys benefit. Responding takes both the acknowledgement piece and combines it with the individuals thoughts (Weiss, 1997, para. This environment should be fairly neutral and let the other party/parties know that you want to find some type of resolution or agreement conflict management strategies essay to move forward. Lenore is a senior citizen, which would make her over sixty-years of age.

Additionally, I would try to involve Humor strategy during the discussion, in order to make the atmosphere friendlier. The quality of group decision making deteriorates when members are inflexible and not open to other points of view. She demands that Caroline and her children show her respect because of her age. Lenore uses an either/or approach. Individuals become rigid in their positions. She is using what is called a nonconsensual avoidance. Thus, in this situation I would have used a combination of 2 conflict management strategies: involving a Third Party and Principled Negotiation. Donald Weiss suggests a four step approach where teams listen, acknowledge, respond, and resolve their remaining differences (Weiss, July 1997, para. Who is Caroline to her mother?

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Besides, this type of the strategy was chosen because SA was not responsive or cooperating with CSM directly, that usually leads to involving a mediator. In that situation CTO had chosen so called "No Winners, No Losers" strategy, also known as avoidance (Masters, Albright, 2002). This first event lead s into a destructive spiral of more of Lenore s problems with Caroline and her family. Lenore and Caroline have a power imbalance. CEO, CFO and the rest of management is based in Dubai; client service specialists are based in Belgium; team of software conflict management strategies essay developers and technical staff are based in Denmark, sales managers are based in Ireland.

(1995 Teams must set their own goals, make decisions, and conflict management strategies essay solve problems (Temme, Katzel, 1995, para. Although this type of metaphoric image is not mentioned in the book, one must assume that this is an example of conflict as a product. Effectively managing conflict can enhance relationships, improve communication, and build trust. By the time, when CTO finally responded to the message and paid his attention to the problem, SA had fixed the problem and assured his manager that everything was under control and it was not worth worrying about. By being defensive, it limited her to only being able to respond back. He suggests in this phase that all team members step away when emotions are high and come back together later to discuss the disagreement. Lenore attempted to have Caroline be submissive and to agree with her by communicating with one-downs.

Even though this conflict took place, Caroline still does not know how the mother feels about the relationship. Be honest with yourself and others about how you propose to resolve the issue. The conflict management strategies essay problem is her mother and her can not clarify what they want. The mother expresses the struggle in an over-reacting and unrational state. One day when Client Support Manager came to office in the morning, he discovered that Companys software application, sold to customers and installed on the clients side, is not working properly because of the Database failure. When team members are given different options on how to handle their conflicts, many of those conflicts may become a learning experience where the team is able to grow and be more productive. So, the main problem here is unavailability of SA and violating him his direct responsibilities, as well as the working schedule, that caused technical problem, lead to client complaints and made CSM making excuses to clients for the problem that was out of his competency. Caroline was not aware of how her mother felt about their relationship. That was a relational goal.